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July 31, 2009


Jean Eakin

hey Karla, I'm glad Sugarwings got some rest.I am used to seeing those big pretty eyes of hers wide open and raring to go. The picture of your son really showed his beautiful eyes which I am sure is where sugarwings got hers from. I bet the butterfly house was fascinating. great photos.
Have a good weekend,
jean in virginia


The photos are precious. Such beautiful butterflies and those sharks...wowzer.


We took our grand kids there last year, and really enjoyed it also....but we must of missed the sky tram!! bummer.

If you get a chance to go to the St Louis zoo, it is a nice one to, we took our grands this year, but just spent a half a day before our trip back to lawrence, so didn't see near all of it. Also a great place to visit in St Louis is City Museum, but sugar wings might be a little young for that yet........

the wild raspberry

your collages are wonderful and that photo by the sugar wing daddy is fantastic...she looks like an angel!
we spent all day yesterday at the kc zoo. it was the perfect weather and had so much fun.
i spent quite a bit of time at the topeka zoo during my college days. did i ever tell you that i went to washburn? love that school!
have a great weekend.

Alison Gibbs

Looks like a fun time was had at the zoo. I love the photo of Sugarwings crying - poor tired baby.


Karla, that boo boo face picture was just too sad...i'm glad you followed up with some happy face pictures...it looks like a wonderful day...the butterfly on Sugarwings dress picture is beautiful...LOVE your new millinery bloom packs...gorgeous!!!

Lee W.- As I See It

wow- she is getting SO BIG. Love the trip photos.


What a fun day with your family. I'm off to check out the new offerings in your shop. Hope you get your groove back!

Kathy in Chicago

My goodness she sure looks like you! NO! Not the whiney face one! The sweet, sweet one where she's looking at the butterfly! What a wonderful summer day for the entire family to enjoy. Sounds fabulous. Kathy in Chicago


I love the last photo of your granddaughter. What a great picture.

Impatient Cajun

Karen Young

Karla, I really enjoyed the pictures of your zoo adventure. I also like your new categories.


Andrea at Opulent Cottage

Oh, that baby! She is something else. My 15-year-old daughter saw your photos and said, "Mom, she looks like me!" No wonder I enjoy seeing the pictures you post of her so much - thanks, Karla!
Cheers, Andrea

Elaine L.

Those are the best pictures of Sugarwings that you've taken. They are prize winners for sure. You captured all her moods and expressions. It seems like she gets more and more precious everyday.

And . . . you have the most gorgeous sons!



I used to live in Omaha and moved the same year they broke ground for the aquarium. It looks like they have done a lot since then. One year we had our company picnic at the zoo and we had the jungle all to ourselves in the evening. It was great. That's when the tiny mice come out milling for food. I was afraid one was going to crawl up my leg.

Thanks for bringing back the fun memories!!!


LiLi M.

Now I can see that Sugarwings' beautiful blue eyes were inherited through her father. Well all good things come from your side, don't you agree ;-)? Have a swell weekend!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Love that Sugarwings with the butterfly wings!


I've been dying to go to the zoo! sugarwings is adorable! I love her meltdown picture!
have a great weekend!

Andrea - Faded Plains

Isn't the Omaha zoo great! Your photos look wonderful...and like the others said, I can see where Sugarwings gets her big beautiful eyes.


Hi Karla: Who else can look cute even crying? I just love that little Sugarwings and I can tell Grandma adores her. Your photos are so good. The one with the butterfly on her dress, WOW! Makes me miss Noah. Blessings, Martha


Looks like fun times...I LOVE that photo of Sugarwings looking at the butterfly on her dress!!


Haven't been here for a while. Lovely to see your little zootrip with little fairy. It was wonderful to read about your creative work, the struggle. I'm hoping to find time and peace to be creative soon. Hugs /linnea-maria

Elizabeth Shea

I am so glad you love "our" zoo. We have had yearly membership passes for 20 years and now my daughter has them with her kids. They go at least once every 2 weeks and I love to join in too. My Grandson's fav is the butterfly house and my granddaughter's is the carousel. The baby likes the outside penguins.
I love the bats in the "Kingdom of the Night". Love your pictures...

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

wow, karla, I just noticed SW is looking more and more like you everyday.... and her spirit shines thru in every picture!
xoxo, Tiffany


Awwwwww...Sweet Sugarwings must have been
tired. Poor little sweet girl. I'm glad
she cheered up and I love all of the
pictures. Karla, I really like the new
categories for your Boutique!!!



I love the pic of Sugarwings with the flutter-bye on her dress. If I were you, I would blow it up and frame that one - it's such a great photo!


The expressions that you captured on that beautiful little face are amazing! I love the zoo! It still does that to me!


I had to giggle...My daughter and I took a trip down memory lane and went to the LA zoo while on vacations...she was in the 2nd grade last time we went...now shes 27...and didn't even cry.lol.


Great pictures, sugarwings just keeps getting cuter and cuter!


I have heard amazing things about the Omaha Zoo, but haven't made it up there, yet. One of these days!

Sugarwings is adorable in the pictures! And her daddy is such a cutie, too!

I'm sorry to say I'm not a fan of the picture collages... they make the pictures too small and we can't see or appreciate the detail because they won't enlarge!


the pictures are great! But that one of her in the wagon made me laugh out loud in the car! Everyone wanted to see what was so funny! Glad she ended up happy and chasing the butterflies!


I hope you framed that picture with the butterfly practically in her skirt, it is gorgeous! Looks like so much fun!


Karla, Seems like you had a great time at the zoo.. Your pictures look so pretty.. I love the pictures of the butterflies and of course your little cutie!!!

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