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July 15, 2009



LMAO...oh, Karla...you are so funny...the cupcake hanging out of Andrea's nose...LOL...i know what you mean though, she really does have a way of making everything beautiful...i think your cupcakes are lovely...the girls will probably be eating them up so fast, they won't notice what you feel are their draw~backs anyway...have fun at crafting day!!!


Yummy - cupcakes taste good no matter what they look like (with a very few exceptions).
And pearls - what a wonderful memento of your Aunt Caroline. They are beautiful!



Oh Karla, you're way too hard on yourself! They look lovely and delicious to me! If someone made me cupcakes for a craft class I'd put them in my will!


I make cupcakes to not look professional... isn't that what it's all about? the cupcakes are lovely, smashing and delicious looking.



cupcakes are always yummi, they are gone so fast, i think we forget what they even looked like, i adore those little round garage sale frames, are they all gone, or are you going to list more, or maybe i will just win your giveaway, ha ha. have a wonderful week

LiLi M.

You know what: they all seem delicious to me, but you are right to be sure and try a few or more than a few :-D


I have the same problem with icing cupcakes. I solved it by piping icing on using a pastry bag and a large tip - looks professional everytime!


Those cupcake cuffs are amazing...uep...bought one of each!! I make faux cupcakes because it makes me cry when I spend all the time making them just to seee the frosting licked off!! LOL Thnaks for the site!!

Sea Witch

These look so good that I think you should ship one to me and I'll tell you if you succeeded or not. hahaha. Better yet, if you are going to ship one to me, ship me a half dozen so I can really do a proper taste test. The Sea Witch


Those look FABULOUS! I might have to make some tonight. Well...maybe this weekend....I love making cupcakes!


they look scrumptious to me...please don't try to put one in someone's nose ;)
have a fun crafting day

Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, to me, this cupcakes look beautiful! I could eat them all!! They are much prettier than any I have ever made :)

I LOVE those gift books!!!! They are so beautiful! What wonderful finds.

I hope you are having fun today :)



I am so happy for you that you actually received Aunt Caroline's pink pearls!!!!! She did promise them to you so it's good that she let her other family memebers know. I'm sure they look lovely on you. Thank you soooooo much for the special crow you made for me. I love the pink "hat" that you let her have from the sweet little doll you bought in Mt. Dora.

Jean Eakin

Karla , looks isn't everything. I have seen some beautiful cupcakes that tasted really bad, so as long as yours taste good , WHO CARES what they look like. I actually think yours looked pretty darn good by the way.
Jean in Virginia


Hi Karla, I think your cupcakes are pretty. Nothing wrong with them..look so yummy. Lovely pearls. Isnt it so nice to recieve something special from our relatives.My brother just passed away and he took alot of his share when my parents died. So his kids are helping his mom get rid of stuff. So I wound up with my moms 1937 griffin spice jars and holder. Kind of shabby. But I love them. They were prized possesion of my moms. Well Ive posted again and pictures of Hattie jane. If you want to take a peek when you get time. Love your blog and Sugarwings. Sally


Those cupcakes look fine & dandy to me! They're pretty, but they have that 'touch of love' that you seem to refer to as 'sloppy'.

I use a Dessert Decorator. (It just squeezes out the icing prettier than I can spread it - and I can put canned icing in it, not just homade.) Next time I get off my tookus and make some cuppy-cakes, I'll post on my blog & send ya a link. I'm not guaranteeing hang-out-of-your-nose pretty, but I like the results.


You are too funny!! ever heard of the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder...a hungry one! Pretty is as pretty does if it doesn't taste good it doesn't matter how beautiful it is! We KNOW yours taste good since you did the taste test so just have fun and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! wish I could be there to cut and paste with all of you. Hope you have a great day!


Karla, Those cupcakes look so yummy!!! I love strawberry cake with cream cheese icing..Those rose are just so sweet you decorated them with...Hope all is well..


Oh they were beautiful you are being to hard on yourself! Craft day was fun! I'll get my pics uploaded soon. I think Bethany and I will be out tues. we have more stuff for leandra and bethany was asking about your rocks :)


The cupcakes looks pretty good to me!! But you did remind me of a funny story that I'd forgotten waaaaaay back in my Brownies days.

Now first of all, you have to know, that my mother was an immagrant of Dutch and German decent. We NEVER had "margarine" in our house, let alone shortening. It was unheard of. We either baked/cooked with butter or Vegatable oil.

That being said, to earn a merit badge in Brownies, we had a cake decorating session. Each girl went home with the recipe and came equipped with their own decorators icing for the badge project. My mother, of course used BUTTER in my icing mix, which tasted divine, but couldn't even come close to doing "ribbons, roses and the likes."

Funny though, I tasted the other icing as it was shared with me, my mom's wasn't as pretty, but it tasted SO much better!!!

I've often thought that most of the foods that we REALLY love to eat can be pretty messy!!!

Still, your's looked lovely!!

Sheila R

The cupcakes looks yummy to me...

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I think your cupcakes look great! But then again I think all cupcakes look good.


I don't think I've ever met a homemade cupcake that I didn't like!

Of course I don't think I've ever met a fancy bakery cupcake that I didn't like either, but that is beside the point.

"Crafting in packs"....now that sounds interesting!


Your cupcakes are beautiful!!!


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, those cupcakes look great to me!

Tami B.

Oh my! I think your cupcakes look divine!

Jean Knee

I love cupcakes that look homemade. They look perfect.


I think the cupcakes look delicious! I'm in a cupcake mood -- must make a ton for Rick's birthday party. More manly cupcakes, I guess, but I'll pretty 'em up!

The pearls are lovely, Karla. Such a beautiful treasure for you.


Not only were the cupcakes pretty, they were tasty too--thanks for sharing them with us:)


Oh I misses so much. I won't be able to comment on everything (thus lessening my chances of wining one of your sweet give-a-ways)but wow such fun I am having reading along and trying to catch up.

andrea s.

You crack me up. Your cupakes are beautiful and so are all of your pictures!!! If you would like, I will hang one out of my nose and see how it looks then....I would do that for only you, Karla!

aubrey hall

Well, I think your cupcakes are absolutely adorable and I will emulate this idea at my daughters next tea party!!! She will LOVE these! :)


Hi Karla, from vancouver island ,again, Ithink your cupcakes look just fine!who wants perfect, its to hard to live up to .I made two kinds yesterday and they were delish.as I`m sure your were. I love your pix & stories ,I check every day, great stuff Lorraine

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