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July 22, 2009


Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! What a wonderful, fun filled, happy post! I am so glad Twinkle is back!! What a relief!

The bed for Sugarwings is just beautiful and so perfect for her! You did a wonderful job! And I LOVE that story!!!! It should be made into a book with your wonderful illustrations of Sugarwings! I would buy it in a heartbeat!

The aprons are gorgeous and I love each and every thing you have selected for the giveaway!

I think the paperdolls are wonderful!!!

Love ya,


I always enjoy your posts and thank goodness this was a happy one with twinks home safe and sound.


Karla, you HAVE to publish that story...it is SO sweet...and your illustrations would be the icing on the cake...i cannot even tell you how happy i was for you when you sent the email saying twinkle was found!!! i love that picture of Sugarwings...what a big happy smile she is wearing!!!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

The bed is adorable, you did a spectacular job of refinishing it!
So glad that Twinkle's is back and safe.
The paper dolls are so cute.

Cindy Is Crafty

Glad that the bed and mattress is finished and all is right in your world! Great pics!

Jessica Canham

Karla, the bed looks beautiful and Sugarwings certainly looks happy on it! That mattress looks sooo comfy and soft. The story to go with the bed is perfect for a little girl who doesn't want to go to bed.


Man you are a hard act to follow! how can any of us mere mortals, ever measure up to the job of Grandma, after you!?

I love the new bed and the bedtime story! How sweet! And the picture of twinkle on the bed is adorable! Wish I had a Grandma like you when I was little!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I think you could write the book on being a Grandma, Karla. Such a wonderful and sweet bedtime story, to tell dear Sugarwings in her gorgeous princess bed (no, $70 was not overpaying!). And Twinkle looks so happy to be back home. A true, fairytale ending!

Marietta Hoschak

So very glad your Twinkle is safe and sound. Have a wonderful week.


whew, i know that scared feeling, but what a happy ending!!!

Amy Thayer

What a great story! You should create illustrations to go along with the story. The bed is such special place for your very favorite person. It turned out amazing!


So glad Twinkle is no longer lost, but found. I always think dogs can smell there way back home, but I guess not, eh?

Your little Sugarwings truly does look just like a fairy!



I love the bed, it is just wonderful! So glad Twinks is back! I adore the paperdolls too!


I'm with the others. You need to put that into a book with your illustrations and send it to a publisher. All the proceeds could go into Sugarwings college fund. When I was little my grandmother would tell us to close our eyes tight and the first one to sleep whistle! It worked everytime!
I'm so glad Twinkle is home. The bed is adorable!!


PS I was glad to see that there were houses in the background of one of your pictures as I thought your house was completely in the country and she would be really lost with wild critters out there. Thanks for the wonderful person who saved her from harm.


Your story is great too! That fairy grand baby has the dream little girl childhood with you. :)

And thank goodness Twinkle is back...I knew exactly how you feel. We had a cat that was gone for 5 weeks before we were on our front porch and just happened to see him cross the street in front of us! He was skinny, but otherwise ok. Phew!

Also, I always read your blog and am always inspired by your wonderful antics!!

Alauar Parrish

Hello Karla; I am so happy your little Twinkle is ok what a sweetie. Love little sugarwings bedroom just beautiful.... OH and the story you made up for her,,,, oh my what a great child's book it would make.... I just loved it... I would buy it.... lol


jana johnson label

I'm glad you found your cute little dog...


The bed is wonderful! I dont know many little girls (and I work in a school) that wouldn't love it! Ssshhh dont tell anyone else about the giveaway, I know this is my month those treasures are mine!


I love aprons! I just wish I had one! LOL

BTW, I have given your blog an award at my site:


kana conger

The bed and cabinet look awesome! I love seeing Twinkle and Sugarwings on the bed and the story is great as well!


Aww, so happy you found your doggie!
Aprons! How fun!
The bed is beautiful. Lucky girl!


All I can think of is "who's been sleeping in my bed???"


What a sweet story! Yaaawwwn -- it almost put me to sleep.


Vicki Chrisman

Oh.. I'm SOOOO happy Twinkles in home!!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh Karla...I KNEW the bed was going to be just PRECIOUS!! I can tell how soft and fluffy it is with your sweet Sugarwings sitting on top ~ I'm so glad that you found your pup....it's a terrible feeling when they do that to you! Wonderful bedtime story too sweetie...makes me think that's where I need to be! xxoo, Dawn


that bed is gorgeous~ and that pup looks like a true pampered baby laying there...glad she is safe and sound.
an apron party sounds like perfection!
have a wonderful day

Sheila R

I am so glad Twinkle is safe and sound! Just look at Sugarwing's smile... it says it all!


ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh the bed is already fully transformed. Perfect - just perfect for Sugarwings (and little Twinkle :-) ). And I love the matching side table and dresser. And yup, I can see how soft and fluffy the mattress just by looking at Sugarwings sitting on it and the mattress just following those contours where she sat.

Now, there's no doubt that little fairy loves listening to that bedtime story - her very own bedtime story. I think it's so sweet. And it's just what you've done exactly on her new bed. :-)



I don't see the apron with the christmas balls??? :) twinkle looks so cute! That bed is so pretty somethings just need to be painted! love your story how cute would that be in with your paper dolls!

Debra Ganas

SOOO glad your precious doggie is safe. I spend my days making sure the kids have closed the gate. So my Jackie will not get out. It's funny because she always goes to visit two big dogs a few houses down. I hear their big woof, woof when she scoots under their fence. I cant see them but she can. lol

The story is wonderful. I can just see your illustration of a little fairy nest with blue bird feathers and fluffy down sticking out. You really do need to publish that.I would buy a copy or two myself.


Sugarwings' bed is adorable--it looks so cozy and Sugarwings looks mighty adorable too! Also, I have to say Twinkle looks quite regal laying on it:)
LOVE the paperdolls and the bedtime story--so very sweet!


Hi Karla, Twinkle looks adorable on Sugarwings new bed. I am sooooooo happy that
she is safe and at home and she sure does
look comfy. I'm sure she is very happy to
be back home and I KNOW you are happy too!!
I hope you were able to get some rest after
the stress. Sugarwings bed is absolutely
beautiful!!! She must be thrilled with it.
I love your story and you are such a
wonderful,special and sweet Grammy.

P.S. I love the sweet little bone china
dish. Precious!!


Yep, I'm with everyone else - you gotta publish that little story. At the least, you should make your own little "altered book" with your illustrations of that adorable child. Sugarwings must love you to pieces and she probably doesn't even realize how much yet. The bed is adorable, the sneak peak of the hutch is great and you are amazing. Love to read about your antics!!


Complete eye candy in this post! I need to start thinking about my Silver Bella apron!!!


Hi Karla!!
The bed is adorable.
I'm so happy Twinkles in home!!


Karla, this post is filled with great news and lots of pretties. Thank you for letting me know you found your Twinkle.

Sugarwings is such a lucky little princess to have you as her fairy grandmother.

Jean Eakin

Karla, I loved your story. The bed turned out so beautiful., just right for a a beautiful fairy princess(and Twinkles). Have a great day,
jean in virginia

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Karla, You need to write and illustrate the Fairy Princess Bed book. I would buy it and treasure it. What a sweet story for your sweet grand daughter.


I loved it when she stomped her tiny little fairy foot!

And I'm so glad to see Twinkle so very well cared for on the princess bed (and Sparkle, too!). I breathe a heavy sigh of relief and joy that Twinkle's story had a happy ending!


So glad that Twinkle is safe and sound!


Karla!!! Oh my heavens! Twinkle was lost??? I can only imagine how horrified you must have felt! Thank heavens she is now home safe and sound. I have cat bells on my yorkies so I can hear them. Trust me it helps! Coco escaped one time, and if it wasn't for her bells I would have not known where to look for her.
Karla, I have the BIGGEST smile on my face from your bedtime story. Your write so well, and it's dreamy and enduring. Sugarwings is the luckiest little girl to have you as her Grandma. Now please publish and illustrate that story so I can have a signed copy. ;)

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

that is the most perfect story and the most perfect princess nest for the most perfect fairy grandbaby!!!
xoxo, Tiffany

Alison Gibbs

What a cute bed for Sugarwings. Love the story too


Whew, thank goodness. I would have been an absolute wreck.
You work such magic on your furniture redo's. Everything in that little bedroom is just gorgeous. xo, suzy

Elaine L.

You need to illustrate this story and get it published. It's wonderful!



Hey Chickadee!
omg what a cute story! lol she is just too cute!!
Big mermaid hugs


Karen Young

Hi Karla, what a delightful fairy tale. I really think you should illustrate and get it published.

Hugs Karen


Well done Karla on the story. Happy happies.


I love the aprons! Your story is fabulous! You truly are a creative soul, you know.

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I appreciate all your big-hearted comments! While she was missing, I was so worried.

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