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July 16, 2009



i don't know if there is an etiquette involved here Karla...i think you are only adding to the memories created while you were at Jenn's, and i don't see a problem in that...the bird is cracking me up...love the hat...Laurie's studio looks wonderful...i bet you had a wonderful time there!!!


Oh, what a fun time! Yes, I would have expected margararitas, too -- but I think the artpart is more fun!

I don't see anything wrong with a bit of modification on something that is now yours (especially if you would use it all the more with the change) and if -- as you did -- attention is paid to the "intent." We alter everything. That's just what we do...


looks like you had a great time. I just cant really think of much that I would rather do then to hang out with friends creating something sweet!! well, except maybe going to the beach.. they are pretty much at the same level of favoriteness!!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla!

Oh I dont think you will have offended anyone! I think the girls will love anything you would do! You are so talented, how could they be offended? All the girls are so sweet that were there and you all had so much fun. I think it was wonderful to have made a journal!

Those dolls are sooo pretty!!!! I cant wait to check out your shop!

The crafting day looks just perfect, what a beautiful and inspiring place! I am so glad you had such a nice time!



Thank you Karla...what a lovely day to "tag along" with you...oh, that KC wasn't so far away :)

Wanted you to know I got the lovely buttons in the mail today...and I love them, from the pretty ribbon ties to the vintage paper wrapping and down to the very last button...so very lovely!


I'm sure the ladies won't mind I think when you are in a swap there is just a silent given know that you will almost expect the owner to create something. It's kindof like giving them a base to work on. A bit of inspiration :) Love your photos and I too was wondering where our drinks were...mojitos would have been great too! Looking forward to Tuesday I have a few goodies planned to make. So you just host and I'll cook! :)


When I see this lovely group of ladies that I met at your home last year, I want to be there too!!
We were in OK over the weekend, but it wasn't a leisure trip -- I couldn't help but think KS wasn't very far from us though!


love how your dolls turned out...so precious! Sounds like a fun day!

kana conger


Looks like you girls had a fun day and I really like your pretty page with personal touches! Your sissy will LOVE that bird...you always do a wonderful job of foofing and that bird looks great with the hat and glitter!


I don't know what those pages looked like before but they are beautiful now! I don't believe that an artist would be offended with you adding a little of your own touch to the pages.



Karla - I love what you did with the book. That was what it was for. I haven't started on mine yet, but I will be doing exactly as you did. Making it my own.

Have a great weekend.


It looked like such fun! I wish I could find a group like yours to all get together & craft. So much better when there are others to talk to & inspire each other. I too would have had a hard time staying on task in such wonderful surroundings. Thanks for sharing.

uffda in nebraska

Wish we had somewhere like this where I live. You have a lovely blog and I really enjoy reading it. [email protected]


How fun...and thank you for sharing your lovely adventures with us all! I'm off to check out the shop...


Karla! oh how thrilled I am to be able to open your blog again. i've missed you. Now I am going to pull up a seat, grab a cup of something to drink {where's my decaf mocah!?) and read all that I have missed these past weeks. By the way love that scrapbooking place. Oh yea!


Karla: I wish I lived closer to you, you are always doing something fun! That place looks so special. Crafting with friends is the best! Have a great weekend. Martha


That's it, I'm going to go re-arrange my withering lil' patio...and craft somethin' :)



You always make me giggle and smile with your own way of wanting to do things and I LOVE that about you. Every page of the journal is beautiful and special. I think it's wonderful that you've embellished it to your style & likeing. I LOOOVE your page. ;)
Looks like you had an amazing craft day with your friends. What a fabulous warm and welcoming invite. The crows are too cute in their froof hats, and the DOLLS!!! Oh dont get me started!!!!! hee! hee! Hugs! XO,Jenn


Hhhmmmm having your house number displayed like that and painted in fun colors! Yes,, something special awaits indeed :-)

Look at your smiles - what a fun gathering of creative minds. And I like your glittery bird! Her hat is just perfect for her :-)

Sua Reaney

What a lovely day and how very lucky you are to have found some craft sisters! I think your adding yourself to the beautiful journal is right and proper! I have seen some pictures of that beauty...oh, my! What a luscious piece of work!

The bird...especially after the foofing...is delightful.

I, too, love your blog.


Looks like you had an amazing day in an over the top creative home.....and your pieces are BEAUTIFUL !!! You mentioned your friends are from KC. We have a group of 10-12 traveling to KC next April to meet up with two from our group who have moved to Austin, TX. By any chance are you aware of homes in the KC area that are set up for scrapbooker/crafter sleep over getaways. We usually do three weekends a year here in Minnesota and have found some wonderful places, but this is our first "road trip". We're trying to avoid the hotel room scene (too steril, plus, we're into scrappin in our jammies). Thanks in advance if you have any info. Just found your blog and am going to have to go back through your past postings...don't want to miss anything !

LiLi M.

Hi Karla! looks like you had a great day again! I cannot imagine that anyone will be offended by your art on their art. It's an honor!
Have a great weekend!


I'm with you on the sitting outside with a cool beverage...but oh the fun of seeing someone else's vintagey things! Nice work too.


What a fun time, Karla! I wish I could be with you and learn at your side as your create. xox

Bobbi Mouzon

You told me that it was perfectly okay to add foof to the blue fairy mirror that I got from you, so how could you be wrong?The more the merrier! Your Friend, Bobbi


Hi Karla,
I love what you have done with our book, I would love to see if you added anything to the mushroom page...after I made it I couldn't figure out what I would do with it, if you used it email me a pic, pretty please! I'm off to see what you have listed in your shop, yay.


Your book was looking gorgeous -- I can't see how anyone would mind the changes. I would be so happy knowing it was used!

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