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July 28, 2009



Hi Karla- such fun hanging out on your blog for awhile. Please count me in and come on over to my place where I have a Give Away going too :)

the wild raspberry

oh of course i want in on the giveaway :)

i love your smiley guy magnifying glass...i'm glad that you have fun while you are working. doesn't it make life so enjoyable?!

i just got a brooch similar to yours ~ they are sooo pretty and sparkly. i'm drooling like a kid in a candy store.

have a wonderful day...


I always enjoy reading the list of treasures you give away.

Enjoy the zoo with Sugarwings!



If ya don't play, ya don't learn anything new! That's what I say!

Love to be entered in the drawing!



Great paintings. I'm looking forward to seeing them all!


Well, you did crate something. A "something" that reminds me of the animation iRobots LOL. He's a character in itself.

ohhhhh you've started painting something for the story. Look at fairy grandmother! I know how much you adore Sugarwings, but this I can say, she is very blessed to have such a fairy grandmother like you! She truly is.


(Your friend's porch where it is overlooking the stream is a lovely place to hang out and relax - which I'm sure you did :-) )

LiLi M.

Have fun at the zoo! That book is going to be so special! Have a lovely day!

(pick me, pick me, pick me...:-D)


Hi Karla, I love the book paintings!
Adorable!!! I also love all of the sweet
items that you have chosen for your give
away! Please, Please add me to the
WONDERFUL July giveaway! : )
Enjoy your day with Sweet Sugarwings.

Just a quick question on the corn that
you froze for the upcoming holidays.
Did you slightly pre-freeze them before
putting them in the freezer bags? I
tried to do this one time and they were
mushy. I didn't pre-freeze.


Kerryanne English

The watercolor paintings are beautiful Karla and I look forward to seeing all the paintings for the book when complete.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Your book is going to be so special. Can't wait to see its introduction to the world. Your giveaway becomes more and more enticing every day. I would welcome it with open squeals of delight. Blessings. Ellie

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I am SO intrigued by that painting, Karla. Looks beautiful!

Queen of Fifty Cents

Oooh, buttons! Count me in on the drawing. And that sounds like a very productive work schedule to me--ease up on yourself!


I'd love to be entered. Have fun at the zoo! I can't wait to see more of your illustrations for the story.

Kathy in Chicago

I can't wait to see that book all finished! An adorable story and to see it illustrated will be fun. My grandmother painted a book illustrating Peter and the Wolf for my daughter. She's now 23 and considers it one of her most precious possessions! Please share when you're finished. - Kathy in Chicago


those paintings are beautiful! I must have missed something...I didn't know you were working on a book!
I certainly found out how hard it is to do anything creative with a little one around! Have a great time at the zoo!


Karla, I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I hope you and Sugarwings have a delightful time at the zoo!



Oh my, oh my - I love your stuff already! - just got my little order of earrings and shell flowers. Enter me please!


The paintings for the book are awesome! I think you should try to have it published! It's a darling story and the pictures are adorable.


YOur face cracks me up! Have a fun little adventure! I can only imagine Sugarwings and all those animals!

Judi Storm

Oh I Love our zoo! I hope the polar bears are very playful for you. They should be the weather has been so great. The farmers market in the "Old Market" is a good sat. morning thing to do. The lady with the freash baked homemade pies would be my first stop:) Enjoy the "O". Judi formally from South O, now from the thriving metropolis of Wahoo,Ne.

Lolly Busey

The book will be priceless. What a gift you have. Have fun at the zoo.


What a perfect giveaway! I love it!


I'm eager to hear more about the grumpy fairy! And I love your opening photo! Yes, that may be why you don't get things done, but who cares!

Have fun at the zoo!


Karla, i am so happy to hear that you are going ahead with publishing your book!!! the illustrations are looking so cute:) please tell me i didn't hear you say that you never get anything done...i must have read that wrong...you do more projects than anyone i know...i wish i had half of your energy...and a quarter of your creative juices...


Your paintings are a delight!

Dawn Gahan

Karla, lovin' all this! Please count me in. (And if you get a chance, stop by . . . I'm doing a givewaway that ends this Friday!)

The Gahan Girls

Jean Eakin

Karla, I adore the bluebird of happiness. What a sweet book it will be. Your goodies in your giveaway are looking good. You have a fun time at the zoo with sugarwings,
jean in Virginia

Deborah  Woodrow

Wow ! You're an awesome painter ! I love everything you do, or make, and I love your ideas. No wonder you can't get anything done, if I were 1/2 as talented as you, I would spend my days creating, too !
Deborah Woodrow


Ohhh~ I can't remember if I entered this month's giveaway(menopause) ;-), so I'm doing it just in case!!


I'm excited to see the book.

Anna Rosa

Hi Karla,
I can't wait to see the finished paintings and read your Grumpy Fairy story.
Oh, I just had to add my name to this gorgeous giveaway.
Anna Rosa

Nancy Stone

Karla: Your book is going to be delightful. I am so glad that you are doing it.

Cindy Is Crafty

Karla, I love your paintings. They are great!

Jean Knee

Oh I love giveaways. It must be so exciting working on your own book. I can't draw or paint at all!


Hi Karla, Oh, I am so glad you decided to do your book! What a wonderful treasure and keepsake for little sugarwings! You are so talented and the sweetest grammie ever! You have really found some sweet treasures for your giveaway, so fun! Enjoy your trip to the zoo!
Milli (sashagirl on flickr)

kana conger


I LOVE the 2 paintings for your book, especially the blue bird!


Pick me! Pick me! Love your workshop. The colors are very soothing.

Thanks for letting me visit.


Wanda Contreras

Hi Karla,
Beautiful drawings!!! The book will be incredible. Great giveaay. Enjoy the ZOO.
best regards,
Wanda Contreras

lisa mcilvain

Oh Karla,
I would love win this. It looks awesome!


Karla, I vote that you pick me for this give way. I needed it! Bad!


What wonderful treasures you have found for the giveaway! karen....


You don't get anything done??!!??

I am always tired after reading your blog!

You get more done in a day than I do in week....ok, a month.

Love the paintings---the book will be great!


I'm so happy that you are writing and illustrating your book. It will mean so much to Sugarwings; especially as she gets older.



hello :) your pictures are amazing! i would love a chance to win your Garage Sale PRIZE Pack. so many neat treasures. thank you,


hi karla!

how wonderful and whimsical!

i would love for you to see my latest post because i think you will discover a wonderful shop!

i would love to be entered into your drawing. so fun!


Janice In Missouri

I really enjoy your pictures posted. anyway I would love to be entered in the drawing for the giveaway.
Good Luck to Me


OH, for the cuteness of the snippets! I love your creativity!

aubrey hall

Your drawings are precious! I need an illustrator for my book!!!!:)


As usual, I'm impressed with your ambition. Looks like a great start on the book.

Elaine L.

I'm really excited about your book!



Have fun at the zoo its going to be a gorgeous day for it! Can't wait to see the book it looks adorable!!


Oh, yes, yes, enter me in the giveaway! Hope I'm not late to the party.

Love the book illustrations.


I love your artwork Karla.

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, Your work is so pretty. I love reading your post and seeing what you are up to.


I am shaking my head up and down agreeing with you about how that first picture came about! Have fun at the zoo. happy happies.

Karen Young

Karla, from the little bits you are showing us of your illustrations, they look fantastic. I look forward to seeing them when your are finished.

I hope you all had a wonderful time at the zoo with Sugarwings. Everything is better through the eyes of a child.

Hugs karen

Susan Reaney

Those book illustrations are so dreamy, Karla. Yum...I love the colors!

Reading backwards here. Love the zoo pics...you captured it all! The ups and downs and beauty of Sugarwings in the butterfly house!

I don't notice your mistakes. I am too busy noticng mine!


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