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July 01, 2009


Heather ~ Pretty Petals

glad you had a little fun along the way! the hats! oh my

Vicki Chrisman

What a beautiful post Karla!

Cindy Is Crafty

A little trick I always practiced when travelling was to mail my purchases back home. Now with the flat rate priority boxes it is a lot cheaper to do so. And, the best part, they will be waiting for you when you arrive. :O)

Love the little ladies, especially AFTER the makeover!

LiLi M.

Congrats to Becca! Lucky girl! I was in Florida too, but I never found one inch of what so ever wallpaper, mmmm perhaps we shouldn't have stayed in Kissimee. Quite an experience, though no vintage wallpaper...


Your doll rescue is beautiful. I get so much inspiration from your projects. I now look at EVERYTHING with a different eye!



Karla, you are a stinker...do you ever NOT find hats...now that would be a surprise...Randy has beautiful children...hee hee...i like how you used the focal color for those pics, very nice...those little dolls are cute too, of course i esp like the wee lass in pink...i'm glad you found some happy things too on your trip...hugs!!!


ps: don't even get me started on the fact that you found wallpaper too...

kana conger


You are the wonderful vintage make over artist....I love the "new" old dolls! I am heading to Florida on Saturday to see my parents in Ormond Beach. I hear them talk about Mt. Dora, so it must not be too far away. Then I am off to Orlando on Tue for a big track meet with my daughter. Wish I could find pretty hats in Fl...you did well.

Rose Brier Studio

You have improved those dolls a thousand-fold! I tend to see dolls and think creepy, but yours really look nice -- AFTER the fixes! My BFF lives in FL and I realize it's time for us to do another antique road trip around her state! Nice to know there are still finds there.


Yes, I know just how you feel -- some things, like your damsels in distress -- just need to be a priority! How fun! I'm jealous of your wallpaper find!


I watch every month to see if my name pops up! :) What a delightful surprise that it really did this month!! I am a happy winner!!
Those dolls look lovely w/o their monkey arms -- I think they are pleased with their makeover!
Your brother's faeree garden is charming!


Oh such lovlies you found!! I'm green with envy about the wallpaper ... I search for it constantly here and have only found it twice. How sad is that?! Oh boy trouble is we need some good vintage shops around here. Oh well. Congrats to the winner girl of June's fabulous prize {I'm green about that too}. *wink*


I think your niece and nephews are adorable! And that little garden! Randy has a real knack for creating magicical spaces! So sweet!
The doll makeover is so cute! It's always way more fun and inspiring to work on new stuff....especially if you just got it home and can't wait to get started!

Karen Young

Great eye candy, your photos are excellent.


Elaine L.

It's nice that you are content at at peace about your aunt. When you have a nice service, it makes a big difference.

You did a remarkable job with the dolls, especially the one you painted!


Kerryanne English

Glad to hear you managed a little bit of fun and family catch up time on the trip to Florida Karla. Those pooches are darling too.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


i think i saw those girls on the show "what NOT to wear"....great makeover ladies.


Beautiful lovelies!!! I do hope you will be bringing these to SB Vendor night!

Nancy Stone

Karla, You are a wonderful fairy godmother!


Hi, Karla,

I'm trying to catch up from my Paris trip and reading backwards. I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Caroline -- she was a lucky woman to have you in your life. And I'm glad you found some joy in your trip (and that the hat whispering skills are still in good form!)

Will probably not comment on each post, but promise to go through them all to see what fun things I have missed!)

Andrea Villarreal

I am in love with that dachshunds face. I am glad to hear the funeral was lovely. Thank god you rescued those dolls! They would have spent the rest of their weird little lives in the shop in with no one to love them;)


I got quite a laugh out of the dolls. My Auntie and Uncle used to travel in their motor home and she had a whole row of those dolls - yes, in their original condition!


Christina Jackson

Such a sweet place! Thanks for the visit!! :) I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more fairies to add to our collections!


Freda Butler

I live in Chicago in the summer and we have a home in Mt. Dora that we built 10 years ago. At that time Mt. dora had far more antique shops. Sadly they have found they could not afford to pay the rents that keep rising. They are being forced out plus ebay has hurt them a lot.

There is one antique mart on Highland St. which is downtown but a few blocks to the east. Also Renningers flea market is on every weekend with 3 Extravaganza weekends in Nov. Jan. & Feb.

It is a lovely town but too commercial now.


Susan Reaney

What a haul! I cannot believe you got that wallpaper for so little. Do I understand you are an SB vendor? Are you bringing it to sell or will it be on your Etsy site. And hats? With flowers



P.S. I was amazed at the picture of your aunt in her nineties and loved the younger picture of her. She was lovely.

Alison Gibbs

Sounds like a great trip and hearing such wonderful things about Aunt Caroline was wonderful.

laura dellaporta

next time you are down in Florida come visit...you always have a place. xoxo laura


Sometimes you make me laugh right out loud! Monkey-arms! Honestly though, shortening them made a world of difference--and your other makeover tricks turned them into some real sweeties:)


I love how the gnome is lying beneath the leaves. Way cute :-)

Oh and have to say, everybody would love to have you as fairy godmother cause you can definitely turn something into a swan :-) Oh how happy those new fairies must have felt. New dresses, new wings, and lovely hats too. Yes, they sure are happy and glad that you have found them.


picasa is the best so easy to use! love the puppy pics and how you fancied up the girls they are so cute!


So sorry to hear about your Aunt Caroline, she lived to such an amazing age. God bless her - Rachaelxo

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