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July 20, 2009



Oh Karla I know Twinkle is like one of your kids. I hope you find her soon. Prayers are coming your way. Thankfully she has tags so hopefully some kind hearted peerson will call. My heart goes out to you.Keep the faith!

kathy lowry

Karl - oh sorry - Praying - and keeping my fingers crossed -- I have a little lovey myself -- and understand how you must be feeling -- BLessings - Kathy - ga


Oh Karla - i feel like my heart skipped a beat reading this. Please let us know as soon as you hear something!


My heart is just breaking for you. I will say prayers she is found.


oh gosh karla.. I hope you find her first thing today. I'm saying a little prayer that you do!

Cami @ Creating Myself

My heart literally sank when I got to the part when you told us Twinks was missing. I'm so sorry Karla...will send up lots of positive vibes that you find her.


My thoughts are with you.........Jo


Oh Karla! I hope she turns up as soon as can be.

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh Karla, I am wishing and praying and crossing everything I own hoping your find your precious pup...I am sure you feel quite ill without her...she will come back..
Kiss Noises Linda


Oh no, Karla. I felt my throat swell with tears when I read this. Please let Twinkle be okay.

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Oh Karla, Just thinking about the possibility of loosing my "LADY" makes me ill......my heart is breaking for you and Sugarwings.

I'm sending HOMECOMING thoughts your way.

Best Wishes,

Holly Abston

Oh Karla, I'm so sorry. Praying for you.

Mandi Pike

Prayers for Twinkles safe return...


Oh nooo...I do hope she turns up SOON! Thinking of you:)


Oh no! I will be thinking and praying for you today too. I hope she is home soon, such a cute Dorothy and Toto should never be seperated.


Oh, no!!!! I really hope she comes back on her own or you hear something very very soon! I can't imagine what I'd be going through in your place!


Oh Karla...I'm so sorry! Sending some prayers that she will turn up safe and sound...and soon!


Karla, i am so sorry to hear that your little twinkle is missing...how terrible and sad...i will be praying that you find her soon...i don't want anyone to have to give Miss Sugarwings any bad news!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Thayer

Oh no! There is hope that she will return. My cat disappeared once for weeks and that's not like him! He likes to eat every couple of hours, haha(he's fat) Then a few weeks later there he was...sitting on my porch like nothing had ever happened. I hope your baby returns sooner than later!


Karla, so sorry to hear the news of your sweet little dog missing, I sure do hope you find her safe and sound today... positive thoughts sent your way.
Hugs, Diane

Nerissa Alford

I'm praying for all of you. I hope she arrives home safely. {{hugs}}

kasey at thriftylittleblog

I noticed this post because of the walkway and adorable pictures, but then I read about your dog! I'm crossing my fingers for you that there will be good news!

Karen Young

Oh Karla, how sad. I will definately be praying that little Twinks is found. Please post when you find her

Hugs karen

Penny Plum

Add my prayers to the growing list of others posted here. It is always such a terrible thing when our fur children go missing.

m i c h e l l e

Oh Karla! My heart just started sinking as I read about Twinkle! But then the good news...so so so happy for you that she is safe!


Oh, phew! Just about to leave you a comment about my pet-come-home story to make you feel better. We all love a happy ending. And honestly - little Dorothy there? - can she get any cuter?

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

oh my GOSH Karla.... I was so scared when I read that... I am SO SO happy that your sweet little Twinkle is safe and sound. I bet your heart is just SO relieved.

Give that little Twinkle a kiss from me... xoxo


YAY! I'm so glad that she's safe!

There's no place like home...there's no place like home. :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Oh, my gosh, Karla - what a scare with Twinkle! So relieved she's back home safe and sound with you, where she belongs.


Oh, Karla,
I was so relieved when I got to the end of your post and she was already home!

Karen Valentine

Oh I'm so glad little Twinkles is back home! I'm also really happy to add you to the guest list for the WBC party. Would you do me me a HUGE favor and add the party poster to your blog? I'd love to have some of your Typepad buddies come over and visit!

Thanks so much! See you on Friday!

Rochelle Gaukel

Wow...as I was reading your post my heart fell to my stomach because I know what it feels like to lose a pet for even an hour....I can't imagine what you went through. So glad that Twinkles is back home!! :)


Karla, I thought about losin our lil pudge and my heart hurt, I am soo glad that you found her and that your grand bebe never had to know. Twinkles is lucky to be in such a loving home :) Rose


So happy to hear that Twinkles is back home! I guess no more bunny chasing for her!...Jo

LiLi M.

Pfffff what a relief! I was having a stomach ache already when I read this and luckily I could read the pink part immediately afterwards. But I can imagine your fear. Thanks for your tip on the silver cutlery, yes I need that, a girl shouldn't eat from a plastic fork! Have a nice day, though I can understand that you are a wreck. Give Twinkle an extra hug from me.


Oh gosh Karla....I'm sitting here with the tears starting to come, and then, I get to the end and everything's ok! Whew! Thank goodness!


Thank goodness you found your little doggie! Little dorothy is so adorable! xo Andrea


Oh I am so glad for the Happy Ending! So glad she is home safe.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh my gosh Karla! How scary! I am so relieved that Twinkle is back!!! My heart was racing til the end of the post! I LOVE my animals so much and if they ever were missing I dont know what I would do!

Sugarwings is soooo darn cute as Dorothy! And Twinkle looks just like Toto! How perfect to make a yellow brick road! Love it :)



so glad to hear the update! PHEW! I know you didn't get any sleep last night!

Nancy Stone

So glad to hear that there was a happy ending to your story.

Andrea Villarreal

I am so glad I read this after your edit!!! Just a couple of months ago I found two westies playing in traffic. After an hour of phone calls I got them home safe and sound. The lady was so happy to have them home she started to cry on the phone with me. She was on vacation!! I would have died if I was gone and my dogs got out. I hope her boyfriend's son didn't get in too much trouble, he was supposed to be watching them. I think she was seeing red!!



i've been out of commission since last week and just read about your sweet doggy.....so glad she's home safe and sound!!



Oh Gosh! I am so glad you got her back! I hate to have scares like that! karen...


THANK GOODNESS!!! Your friend, Bobbi

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

I am so glad they found her! SW looks adorable!

two crazy crafters

I'm so glad Twinkle is home! Thanks for sharing the good news. Twyla


Yay, Twinkle is home. There's no place like it especially with a yellow brick road leading there!


Oh Karla, my heart just broke when I first
read about Twinkle!! I know the feeling!!
Thank goodness that she is alright and safe
and is home. Whew......
This happened to one of our sweet dogs years
ago and he was gone for a week! It was
during 4th of July and I think the fireworks
scared him so much that he took off while
my in-laws were watching him and somehow,
he made it to a municipal center through
the woods some five miles away. Thankfully,
we had put calls in at our vet, the sheriff
department and flyers were put out. Someone
found him in the parking lot of the municipal center and called the police and
we had our sweet baby dog home. SOOOO
Please hug Twinkle for me! I am so glad
she is home.

Many Hugs,

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

YAAAAY!!!!! So glad your little Twink is home safe and sound. I showed your original post to my husband this morning.....the two of us have felt so sad all day long, wondering if there was any word. Thrilled at the good news.



Karla-I'm sorry you had to go through that! I'm glad she is safe and back at home...Our boxer,Sami, is our third kid! Glad everything is ok!


Thank Goodness for that edit! My heart was dropping as I was reading about the missing Twinkle! At least we've had wonderful unseasonably reasonable (sorry, just liked the way those two words looked together) weather for her adventure!

Sheri and Sophee~a

You scared me...then I read the whole post!
What a relief to find the pup...yes,those furry little boogers take a hold of your heart. :)

Laurie S

So glad your story today had a happy ending!!! For "Toto", there's no place like home!


Whew! I was so happy to get to the bottom of that post and see the pink part!

Give little Twinkle an extra doggie treat or two from me!

Vicki Chrisman

Oh my gosh Karla.. that post was so emotional for me. I was reading to intencly, and just feeling sick that she was not home safe tonight.. THEN I read the update.... AHHHHHH now I can sleep.
If Aly or Molly was missing , I would be beside myself! SO SO glad twinkles is HOME!!

Rachel Velder

What a relief! I am so glad that she is safely home, I couldn't imagine!

Melissa Burford

I'm so glad Twinkle is home and safe. I was almost in tears reading this post...I've had my dog disappear before and it isn't easy. Sugarwings is adorable as Dorothy and I love the yellow brick road.


You had me scared to death! I read all your posts and saw all Twinkles puppies and feel like she is one of my own. I'm so glad she got home safe!


Alison Gibbs

Karla thank goodness Twinkle/Toto is home. I was getting so worried the more I read. Then in big pink print - Twinkle is safe!!

Kathy in Chicago

Must've been those evil flying monkeys. I'm so glad Twinks is safe at home. What a scare!
Today will be much, much better! - Kathy in Chicago


Oh my goodness, Karla, I was just reading your post and my heart went to my throat! Oh no, Twinks missing! I was enormously relieved to read your update. I am so happy that Twinks has been found! I'm sorry you had to go through what must have been a terrible day and night waiting for some news.



I'm so glad your furbaby is home safe and sound! Thank you for posting the update at the end of the post

Jodie (everything vintage)

Hi Karla...
I'm so glad to hear Twinkle is home safely! And I'm glad I just visited today to read the whole story because I would have been soooo worried right along with you if I'd have known she was missing! Our little puppies are like children, I don't know what I'd do if something would happen to mine...it's my worst (well almost) nightmare!
Thank goodness you didn't have to spill the bad news beans to Sugar Wings!


Oh my gosh, I am so glad Twinkle came home. I know how devastating it is to loose a pet and think the worse!

And I love your yellow brick road! You rock!


Love the little yellow brick path! Bethany is so excited to see you today she loves playing at the cottage! I almost called and drove up to help look for twinkle, I can't imagine loosing Annie we would be a mess! So glad she is safe and home!


As I was reading and then got to the part about Twinkles missing, I felt so sad and wondered if she had been stolen. I am so glad you got her back! I guess she had a little adventure, didn't she?


Oh my goodness...my heart was breaking at the thought of your missing Twinks!...what joy to have immediately read you have her home! can't possible imagine your having to tell your precious sugar wings that Toto Twinks was gone...so happy to hear it was unnecessary!


Hi Karla!
Oh my gosh...
My heart is just breaking for you.

C. Flanigan

Yeah! I am so happy that she is back safe and sound with the family that loves her. I'm sure you gave her a nice treat and then a scolding! :)


Karla, I'm so happy you got her back..That had to be a nightmare for you...
Your little Sugarwings looks adorable as Dorthy...


My heart was breaking. I'm so glad Twinkle is back safe and sound. You're right -- they are family. What a huge relief.

(And Ms. Sugarwings is getting tall!)


I was in tears here until I read the update!! I am so glad she is home and safe!! WOOHOO!


Hi Karla :)

I'm so happy to hear that Twinkle is back! I know how hard it is when our furry babies get out.

The pictures of Sugarwings with her Toto are darling :)

Thank you for your visit!


Milli Wagoner

Oh my goodness, what a scare!!! I am so glad twinkle is back home safe and sound!!! You were lucky to get her back! My heart is skipping just thinking about the worry you went through and the possibility of having to tell little sugarwings her puppy was gone. Thank God that precious puppy is back home with her family!!!
Our son (he's 21) lost his 7 month old golden retriever puppy 2 weeks ago, the dog was in his back yard when he left for out-of-town work and we were to go feed it until our son returned, well the puppy got out of the gate and wasn't seen for a week. We were so sad and knew it would just break our son's heart, we waited until the day before he came home from work to tell him the news. We had called the shelters and vets, no "Maddie"! The day after he returned from work, he got a call from the shelter and Maddie was safe, but had a different collar on! So, I know how you felt losing little Twinkle!
Thank God it turned out good! Now, go give that puppy a nice little treat,haha!!!

Jean Eakin

Karla, my heart just about stopped whern I read that Twinks was missing and I was so releived that you found her. It is terrifying when you don't know where they are or what happened to them. Give her an extra kiss for me.
Jean in virginia


Oh gosh I am so glad that this story has a happy ending. Those are some very loong hours waiting and praying for the safe return of our 4 legged children.


i began this blog passage with an oh goodness!!! and finished it with a THANK GOODNESS!!! there could be NO OTHER result with all the love out there at home and in blogdom...prayers and well wishes going up...for sweet twinkle/toto....


OHHHH I was so happy to see the big pink font with the good news! I am thrilled that Toto is safe! What a beautiful post and your little Dorothy is just precious. The yellow brick road she plays on is so special. Happy days...

Irma's Rose Cottage

Soooo glad Twinkle is safe and sound and back home. I know what you must have gone through. The meter man left our gate open one day and we searched for our little one all night long and TTG we did find her.

Hugs :)



We're all so happy Twinkle is home safe and sound. What a heart stopper. I'm always afraid I'll lose my dog, I've added my phone number to one of her tags.

We really are attached to our furry friends :)

Rose Brier Studio

I'm so glad for you, Sugarwings and your whole family that Twinks was found and returned to you. It is so scary when pets disappear, I'm glad she's back and safe!


My goodness,Karla, I was enjoying the "yellow brick road" part & then saw that Twinkles was missing - oh, my! I'm so happy you got her back safe and sound! It was such a relief to see that big pink message at the end!

I've been clearing up some of my "piles of stuff" & sent you a newspaper clipping today about one of the original Munchkins who lives near here. Not many left now.

Jane - Jacksonville


Welcome home, Twinkles! :)
When I read she'd gone awol my heart stopped! What an awful thing!
But I am so relieved to hear that she is safe at home again, right where she should be. Phew!

Deborah  Woodrow

Karla! What a scare ! Glad your dog is home safe. God answers prayer.
And little sugarwings, is such a doll !
Precious is not the word !
That yellow brick road trail is adorable.
Deborah Woodrow


You really are transforming your home into a friendly fairy forest. The yellow brick road is just a wonderful addition. Where do you think we can find sparkly red shoes? LOL Sugarwings is so so happy.

And glad to hear that Toto . . . I mean Twinkle is found. They really do become part of the family - such adorable pups. I guess the fun of chasing just went overboard. Or, maybe a wicked witch made him lost his way. And just like any fairytale story - it's always a happy ending :-)


kana conger


I am so happy that twinks is safely back with you! The horror of her being gone, I can only imagine. Thanks to the good samaritan that returned her.


Lord, put a scare in me that Twinkle was lost! I can imagine how you feel. I watch my little dog like a "hawk" cause I know some are watching him! We have hawks here. I would just die if one got him or he was lost. SOOOOO glad she is back!!!!!!


Oh my gosh, Karla! I was dying as I was reading this and thrilled when I saw those big, beautiful pink words saying that Twinkle was safe. I could not imagine what you went through. I would still be stressing about it!!

On a lighter, brighter note . . . Sugarwings is oh so precious! She looks like she is getting much taller in these pictures. She makes a beautiful Dorothy, and Twinkle, of course, is the perfect Toto.

I am glad everyone is safe and sound!!

Karen Young

Karla, I'm so happy that you found Twinks. What a horrible scarry time for all of you.

Hugs karen


OH~my~gosh....I am late to visit and was about to burst into tears when I saw the update at the end! Praise God!! I have had this happen with a bad ending several times and know EXACTLY what you went thru!! I am so glad to hear she is back home safe now!!

Daisy Cottage

Thank God!
Oh Karla, I just now read this and I'm so glad that Twinkle is safe and home!
PLEASE give her a hug for me... she is so special.

LOVE to you and your family!


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