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July 18, 2009



Wow, cool stuff! Love the outdoor dining set....and that hutch is to die for!

And you are such a good grandma to little sugarwings! I don't know where you get the energy!

kana conger

I love all of your new finds! The cabinet will be great once you are done with it. My fav is the "2 shadows"....just precious!!


Wow! Those are some amazing finds! I love that cabinet.


wow wow wow

Irma's Rose Cottage

Ooooh! What great finds! I just love the patio table and chairs.

Hugs :)



Oh my goodness ~ that would have been the best sale ever !! What a fun time it looks like you had ~


Hi Karla, you find the greatest treasures
and have the best sales to go to! I wish
my area had treasures like this! I have
to tell you....the flying monkeys were not
my favorite thing when I watched the Wizard
of Oz as a child.....(scared me). lol
Sugarwings is soooooo brave!! :)


Nerissa Alford

you got some good finds :) lucky you! that last picture is just precious!


What a great sale and what a sweet little partner to take with you. I haven't had to play a flying monkey yet, but I make a great witch!


Great stuff!!


Melissa Burford

I love the shadow picture, so adorable. Hope you didn't have to do too much heavy lifting. Big hugs!


Wow!! What a fantastic sale. Great job, your new pieces are lovely. No way could you have passed them up.

LiLi M.

Who is shipping stuff from France to Paris eh? I'd better contact them to ship back some of that cheap Kansas stuff! Great finds again! Too bad there isn't a clip of the flying monkey, but wait till Sugarwings has her cell phone (and her own blog. Hahaha!) Have a great Sunday!


great finds and I'm impressed that you fixed them all up the same day as you bought them. Youre ambitious!
now take it easy today!


Karla, you say the cutest things...i always get a smile visiting with you...flapping monkey wings...or non~flapping i guess i should say...LOL...LOVE your garage sale finds...the hutch is SO fabulous!!! it looks great with it's fresh paint:)

Kathy in Chicago

Tiring day, I know - BUT - it looked like so much FUN!!! Loved the table and chairs. LOVED that hutch/cabinet!! Wow! I can not wait to see it with all of your stuff and gussied up with vintage wallpaper. Please do take a pic for us, won't you? Best part of this post, that photo of your silhouettes/shadows. You need to paint that. It's simply charming of the both of you. - Kathy in Chicago

Linda K. Kelly

It is time we "met" Karla!........I just live down the way in Merriam and just started my blog a month ago. Hope you will visit. Love all your sharing!
Linda K.


Tracy M.

Hey I could use that cabinet in my kitchen if you decide you don't need it, tee hee.
Great finds.
Have a great week!
Tracy M.

Karen Young

Great finds Karla, Love the glass fruit.

Hugs Karen


Karla, I love your new things. I can't wait to see your cabinet full of all of your pretties.

You are training Sugarwings in the right steps. ;-)

Marietta Hoschak

The outdoor patio set is lovely...Have a better day today.

Jennifer Conway

Wow! What great finds!! That hutch is wonderful.....and so is the patio set!! Glad to hear they arrived home safe and sound! Just last night we were driving on the highway and the pick-up truck in front of us lost some of his patio furniture out the back. Luckily it missed us (and everyone else)! Can't wait to see more of your beautiful treasures! *smiles* ~Jen

Deborah  Woodrow

Karla :
Wow ! Love your new garage sale finds ! I would have snagged them too. You did a great job painting them. That patio set is beautiful! But not as beautiful as that little shadow, right beside you.
She is just so beautiful and pretty, and blessed to have you as a grandma.
Hope to see pics of your other treasures soon.
Deborah Woodrow

Jean Knee

that shadow picture is just darling


Thanks for stopping by...I always enjoy peeking in on you. You make a big grin come to my face...delightful sense of humor. So refreshing! Little Miss Sugarwings {I'm guessing she's the boss in your relationship?} is so adorable. Love the stories you share about her.

A speedy recovery to your monkey wings,



What a great post! I enjoyed reading about your adventure and the things you found are awesome!

I love that picture of you and your shadow. SO cute.

Hope you are doing well today!


Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh my gosh Karla!! You are soooo lucky!! An all shabby chic sale?? WOW!! That table and chairs are so beautiful! Everything is beautiful! I love the pink rose in the top picture too :)

Love the picture of you and your shadow too :) She is so cute :)


Orphaned Decor

Hi there,
I love reading your blog...and Oh my goodness....look at all that goodness for less than $100.00! It is all gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing! Leslie

Alauar Parrish

Wow what beautiful patio set,love it... and your cabinets are so pretty... you should did make a great haul... good thing you sweet little sugarwings was up early...lol

Have a great week.


Cindy Is Crafty

Wowzer, Karla, what a score! Lucky ducky! Here is hoping the grandbaby takes it easy on you!

Bobbi Mouzon

Sweet Karla...I hope that, even as we speak, you are not on Flying Monkey duty! That's the sort of thing I do and then. muscles aching, I think, "How OLD are you???" But the giggles are well worth it! Love the wrought iron. I bought some similar new pieces last year from JCPenney, still in boxes in the garage, awaiting the Magic Moment when the deck is finished. (2014???) Sigh. It is black, though, in keeping with the blue house, white trim with black wrought iron accents, a very 50's home. Your Friend, Bobbi


You did great! Love both of the furniture buys. I think you did need them both as you found a place for them right away. Sometimes when something "speaks" to you if you don't take it home you are sorry. I've been there a few times and finally started listening...... Hope you and Sugarwings have a pleasant evening!


I love those kind of sales! Good job! Flying monkey, huh? I will have to try that with Noah! Blessings, Martha


Your finds are awesome, but it's that last pic that is AWESOME!!! Happy happies.


That was a great $35 find and I know it will look fabulous once you have put your touch to it! xo, suzy


Hi again Karla, I also wanted to tell you
how much I love seeing Twinkles pic! I
hope she is doing well. I think the
shadow pic of you and Sugarwings is adorable!



love the dining set...well...that's where it would go in my place...bringing the outside in for a garden kitchen!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

and love the shadow pic!!! have to try that...if i can get sirr maxx to hold still long enough! may be just a blurrrrrr...of a shadow...and he would be grown a bit by the time he got back...


That table and chairs looks perfect! Wow you found some great things! See you tomorrow!

Gretchen Gerg


That table is fabulous and it looks like it just belonged there. The cupboard looks great too. I need to come to Kansas to garage sale.



The glass fruit is so neat! What a great find!

Sheila R

You always find the best stuff! Just love what you did with the cupboard!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

so glad to find out twinkles is home safe and sound! I am loving catchingup on what you have been doing lately. SW look sdarling in her dorthy costume, and I love the table and chair set! Glad to see you are enjoying your summer!
xoxo, Tiffany


Hi Karla ,we have awesome garage sales on Vancouver Island you would enjoy them as we do ..lots of real goodies, I love them .My whole house is garage sale deco. My husband calls it early salvation army!!! Lorraine

andrea s.

Can I just tell you how much I love your blog, Karla? It is pretty and entertaining all at once. I am LMAO at the FLying Monkey!
And that is some beautiful furniture you found at the garage sale!!!

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