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August 02, 2009



what a darling makeover you did on that baby Karla...she looks so much cuter now, and i love how you solved the problem of the missing carriage wheels, very clever!!! love that crochet box, never saw one of those before...it must be beyond aggravating to not be able to edit your posts...i change mine a lot before i hit publish...what is up with that typepad?


You are so very creative! I love how you took these original items and put your own special touch on them.

All I can say is "WOW!"


Karla, these things are all just adorable! You are so creative....


Your re-done items are absolutely adorable! You have a magic touch!! LindaSonia

LiLi M.

I am always amazed what you manage to do; Sugarwings around or not! These are some very nice make overs again! Congrats to Cathy from Chicago, lucky girl! Oh and I never blame you nor typepad when I see something oddly written in your blog, I always think it's my lack of knowlegde of english!! You can write anything you want!! Have a great Sunday, what is left of it...here it is already Monday and already quarter to one (am), and I am not done yet...


Wow your did a marvelous job on the makeover. I'm impressed. Hope you had fun at the lake.

Kathy in Chicago

Holy Cow! I AM a lucky girl! I've never won a blog giveaway before. What an absolute thrill! Thanks, Karla. And I love, love, love what you did with that baby and the carriage. It's just adorable. Very clever with the wheels there. Great idea. I'd love to be lazing around out on a boat. Sounds divine. Thanks again! - Kathy in Chicago


love the Grammy 911! cute baby in that little carriage!
Your post did come out right after all...it says play doh! Glad she is still enjoying that fun activity!
I used "the new" typepad tonight...it worked good and no more freezing up....I had a problem with that a long time ago but it seems to have stopped!
Enjoy the weather......I'm trying to soak up all of summer that I can.....no hot weather complaints from me!

Rose Brier Studio

I love how you took the sad doll & carriage and made them so wonderful. I may have to start getting out to yard sales for stuff to froof and fluff!


I love your quick fixes. The little baby doll is so sweet. I hope your trip to the lake was fun and relaxing.


People hate typepad; people hate blogspot. What's a blogger to do?

I have blogspot so I'm not sure if you can do what I've been doing but I think you can. I compose my posts in Microsoft Live Writer -- a free download program that communicates with your blog. You do everthing in Live Writer and then it posts to your blog. You can even go back and fix it after it has been posted.

I hope that helps with your frustration.


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Love your little foofing projects, Karla, especially the little baby doll. I use typepad and have never had a problem with editing as much as I want - perhaps you should email those customer service people over there ask if there's a problem with your particular account, and can they fix this truly annoying problem?


Hi Karla, Oh the baby and carriage are so sweet!! You made such an improvement on every item! I'm just amazed at how MUCH you accomplish! And even when you have HELP! ha. Isn't it great to be a HERO to these little ones? Have a great week. Linda


What darling little things you embellish! You've inspired me to grab snippets of time and see what I can accomplish on the the little doo-dads around my house! ;-)


You're brilliant to save those "fluff up" projects for when you're home with Sugarwings! What wonderful memories she'll have of playing in your studio...it's a lot of fun to watch from this side of the computer, too. I love that dressform lady, and you really improved the little doll! Enjoyed your trip to the zoo, too! I've heard similar things about Typepad. I sure hope they fix it, soon!

Sheila R

Just love that I am not the only one that has computer problems! I love your crow and flower together.


Hi Karla,

As always everything is charming. I was having the locking up problem for awhile, but now it's gone. While I did have it though, my son recommended that I use the browser, Firefox. I didn't have any locking up problems at all while using it. You might want to give it a try. It's a pretty simple download, and gives you another brower option, without changing anything else. Hope it helps.

Karen Young

Oh Karla, I love what you did with the little doll and her carriage. You do have a special talent making beautiful items.
Hugs Karen


First of all, Karla, I love every single thing you foofed up here and I am incredibly impressed that you did these things with Sugarwings in the house!! You are a true artist!

Why don't you use Blogger? You can create a ton of posts and just not post until you're ready. You can edit, switch out pix, all sorts of stuff. It would probably be a real pain to switch, but I could NEVER not be able to edit or fix errors. Your blog is always beautiful, though, in my opinion!!


Hi Karla, I love your little doll and the
carriage. So cute! I like how the eyes
open and close and her new little outfit
is precious.


Sheri and Sophee~a

Karla....I love the baby and carriage, you sure know how to rescue things. The button wheels are the best :)

Stop by my blog and see what I found at the salvation army.....I bet you would do something wonderful with it!

hope | paper relics

what fun projects!

As for typepad - do you use a PC or a MAC? and what do you use for a browser? Email me the answers and I can give some troubleshooting adivce (if you want some that is!) :)


Happies to Kathy in Chicago. Karla, thank you for sharing You!!!


That baby doll is so sweet! I'm planning on hitting some antique shops on the way home maybe I'll find some treasures :) I so know what you mean about getting things done it's hard with littles. Good thing to get her into it early she'll be crafting with us in no time!


The dress form is a beauty! :-) oh and Karla, my fave is that baby in the carriage. You just cared for it and made her so pretty and all the more adorable!

And to have Sugarwings dancing with flowers in your stdio . . . ahhhhhh to be carefree :-)


(The Zoo looks like a fun place to be. The giant aquarium reminds me of Ocean park here. You can see different kinds of fish swimming on the sides in on top of you! :-) )


lol...love the pics and blog entry...and funny how no matter how you spell things...everyone gets what you mean!


Dear Grandma 911: Just wanted to tell you, Super Grandma would be a better name. When I have Noah, that is all I do, and afterwards I need a nap! Martha

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