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September 18, 2009



GET OUT!!!! I WON?!?!?! Holy crap, (now imagine a short, chunky girl hopping up and down and twirling around all excited, screaming I WON, I WON!!!!) I cannot believe it, WOOHOO!!! Karla...thank ya, thank ya. I told you I always thought you were gonna be sweet, :)))

LiLi M.

Hey Karla, what a different type writer letter, I love it! That book looks cute too, please show us the one he is making with your trinkets and vintage wallpaper and stuff when it's ready. Congrats to Angela! Have a great weekend! And remember: getting comments is the cherry on the cake!

Jessica Canham

How cool that someone is using your vintage stuff for a kid's book! I know a four year old boy who would love a firetruck book and will have to keep an eye out for it.

Don't feel bad about not commenting b/c of Google reader, I'm the same way. I have soooo many blogs I skim through on GR. But I do read and enjoy every post of yours! Especially the puppy and Sugarwings photos. :)

Heather A.

Hi Karla!!! I want to buy one of your crown ribbons - where can I find them at? You know me and crowns... what's a bella to do, right? :)

Deborah Woodrow

Karla :
Love all your new lovely creations !
The tile actually looks quite nice, like you matched it perfectly ! :)
The French Ephemera Medallions are Lovely !
Still enjoying my Ink Bottle, with lovely Buttons and trims ! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !


You sure can get a LOT into a post, Karla! That's interesting about doing the drywall. I think you should definitely give Twinkle a medal. She looks so regal in that photo & she's sitting up straight like she's waiting for the award ceremony!
Jane - Jacksonville


I found you via Daisy Cottage. I almost got lost in your blog because the items you photograph pulled me into nostalgia mode and I just roamed around quite happily...almost forgot to leave this comment for the giveaway!

Thanks for the dive into something other than a day's drudgery.

Karla Nathan

TypePad HTML EmailWhat a nice thing to say, thanks so much! And I appreciate you taking the time to make a comment.

Karla Nathan

TypePad HTML EmailThanks, Heather! I haven't listed them anywhere yet, but they are for sale for $10 if you'd like one, you can send pay pal. They are very "bella" aren't they?

Kerryanne English

I'm back in blogland and just catching up on all your news - you always have sooo much going on.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Sweet Karla, I LOVE my customized prize ribbon! Thanks so much!

kana conger

You are a very busy and diverse woman....drywall to ribbon and bling! I love reading about all of your stories.


Love the office color you painted! And although the floor may not have been what you picked out, it looks great!!


Morning again from Canada Karla..I love thise little crowns where can I buy one? Ihave an American address in Desert Hot Springs ...any easier to sent there, instead of Canada? Lorraine


Karla, your crown ribbons are adorable!!!

Freda Butler

Hi Karla

My grandaughter's favorite author when she was little was Kevin Henkes. She loved Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse plus all the others he wrote. I bought all of his for her and when she would stay over we would always read a few of them.

Take a look at your library. I think Sugarwings would really like them.




Karla, for some odd reason I can't read your text at all! It's a bunch of gobbledy gook jumbled up letters! I'm sad! Your photos look great, though, as usual! I've been reading blogs all evening, so I'm not sure why yours isn't showing up all of the sudden! Hopefully things will look right later on. What is odd, is that I can read all of the comments just fine, I just can't assemble the text in the post.


Maybe your family is just blessed with luck! I love that drywall technique. Now I need to figure out where I can use it!


oh Karla....you have done it again:)I love the madalions...and the ribbons, and the charms and the tag book..and...and...!


you've got an amazing decorating talent. Bad luck with the floor not being exactly the right one that you wanted - I've done that kind of thing so many times before - but at least it looks nice :o)

Enid Blyton is my favourite children's author. I'm still a fan, and if I ever find time again, will be re reading all of my 'Malory Towers' and 'St Clare's' series of books. I'm so glad I collected them and kept them, now my Humbug will be able to read them in order when she's old enough. I've also got almost the entire collection of the 'Famous 5' books, I think I'm missing one, so must get it. Thing is, I know exactly why I love Enid Blyton books so much, yes the stories are fab, but it's the food descriptions I just love! Whenever I read about the midnight feasts with 'thick slabs of chocolate cake, pork pie, bars of chocolate and lashings of ginger beer', I have to go and make myself a snack of similar nature! Perhaps it's just as well that I don't have time to pick them up again yet, not good for my waistline!


I am glad I forced you to splurge on the french magazine!! I LOVE what you did with it!!
xoxo, Tiffany


totally nuts about the tag book you made to give a way. (Bless your heart!!) and Wow that card you made for Melissa to match the jewlery: hello! I love it. your mind works in beautiful ways and your heart is soooo generous. and for broches ... so fun. I too go searching for them and wear them on sweaters and jackets. I even put them on my zipper pulls sometimes - just for a little bling instead of a boring zipper.


Hi Karla,
You need to show us what Mr. Johnson did with all the pretties he used for his book. Millie also lost her rhinestone charm I had on her collar. Like mother , like daughter I guess. Great post, thank you for a glimpse into life at Karla's cottage. :)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my gosh Karla! So much in one post! I love children's books and I will definitely want to see Mr Johnson;s book when it is available. How lucky Sugarwings is that she gets her book straight from the author himself. As for the office floor. I think it looks great with the wall color. Maybe it will turn out to be a happy accident.


Your crown ribbons are so lovely!
I may have to try that wall texture in my home office when it is time to paint. The walls currently have a smooth and slightly bumpy texture and it drives me nuts. I think someone once tried to do a stucco effect on the upper part of the walls and it didnt go well.

Karla Neese

Your "sports" medals have me curious so I'm researching them. I know that the military did used to (don't know if they still do) give out medals in different colors based on rank. I'll let you know what I find out.


Sugarwing's little pink dress in the above post was to die for! And that ice cream looked yummy! GUESS WHAT? My friend who I showed the wallpaper book and other goodies I'd recently bought from you remembered how giddy I was and shopped your store for my birthday presents! My birthday was this weekend, and I got the most wonderful ephemera! When I opened it, I said, "Wow, this looks like something Karla would do (the wrapping)" ... and it WAS! :)


what a sweet post!!! i'm never disappointed visiting...


Love the medallions!!!

Andrea - Faded Plains

Your prize ribbon are beautiful...and the hand drawn initials make it even more so.

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