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September 21, 2009



I am so in love with that bottle! Gorgeous!


Oooo I like the lamp!! And, of course, Sugarwings is her usual darling self :) Happy Monday!!!

:) T


Morning Karla Ilove the lamp, I remake old lamps & recover the shades in vintage fabric,& sell them in resale 7& antique stores , so that one really appeals Lorraine in Canada..


What a lovely lamp, I love that picture of sugarwings jumping :) Dawn of the Feathered Nest, said you can never have too many buttons, cause she who dies with the most buttons wins...I thought that was rather poinant and made me feel better when I realized that I have alot lol The guilt of buying that huge jar just vanished :) Rose

Andrea Villarreal

I swear your granddaughter gets cuter everyday:) Love the little bottle. I wanted your feathered wreath so bad. I loved it!!!


Karla, the picture of sugarwings jumping with joy eating her ice cream cone is SO cute...you need to make a collage out of it...

Beth Leintz

The halls don't just deck themselves, you know- sometimes you just crack me up.

When the auctioneer got over to the spot in the furniture where all the lamps were, he said "I don't know where all these shades came from- they seem to be multipling"


Oh...what a lovely blog you have...just found you and so glad I did! I adore your images..your lamp is lovely!


Hi Karla,

What lovely pictures again, especially of sugarwings. The one on where she's jumping/walking I immediately got that song in my head of The wizard of oz.........'can you feel a brand new day'. She's so joyful, she could play right into a musical!
Have a great day!

Sheila R

Can't wait to see what you have in store for vendor night at SB! Less than 2 months now! Yippee!!!


I love your lamp and your little cauldrons are cute. You always take such beautiful pictures of sugarwings....she always looks so pretty and happy. She could be a child model ! Nice to see a child that will have so many great memories to look back on.
:o) Sue

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Have fun decking your little halls, Karla. p.s. ice cream and Sugarwings just go together, naturally - look at that smile!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla!! The lamp is beautiful! I love that picture of Sugarwings standing there!! What a beautiful picture!

The pumpkin topped bottle is soooo cute!!!! I love it :)

Mary Green

Those little cauldrons are so cute! You're so creative!


What fun! And that marble lamp was a great find! Cute idea about button cauldrons!


you could not have said no to the lamp! Bargain!

Sugarwings is just so beautiful. Such a fabulous age too :o)


Angelina Mast

Your Granddaughter is a DOLL!! everything you touch becomes so beautiful!


you are a busy button of a bee! but it looks like you are having the best time ever! a fun read.

happy fall



Im giggling over your post. I too can get carried away bidding on auctions. All sense of being rational flies out the window. Glad you were able to show some restraint. ;) Sugarwings is too stinking adorable with her ice cream cone! ;) Love your glitter pumpkin bottle. Im probably going to make one Halloween item and than get busy on SB stuff. Cant believe it's almost around the corner. ;) Hugs! XO,Jenn

Elaine L.

The second picture of Sugarwings is a real winner. I love it!

How is she liking preschool?


Heather ~ Pretty Petals

ohhh I love auctions too! LOVE the lamp ;)

xoxo Heather

Jean Knee

that pumpkin bottle is so sweet. Did you carve the pumpkin?


The lamp sure looks really heavy :-) I think it'll be enough too to carry? LOL

YOu've posted about the yellow brick road and Sugarwings but this particular picture of her smiling and jumping/walking is what reminds me most of that scene :-)



Dear Karla,

I found your lovely blog quite by accident, checking one of my regular twitter posts, checking their favorite blogs then found yours! I have been back three different times today!!! You have such beautiful, inspiring ideas. I haven't done any crafting in forever, obsessed about work and bills and chores. But I put it all down today and took out some scissors and a frame and framed a picture of my daughter when she was little. She's 20 now so I think its time! Then I decorated the frame with bits of this and that and put it up and I am thrilled! Your life looks lovely and Sugarwings is completely adorable and Twinkle's story inspired us to get our Brody's tags replaced (he thanks you).
So please continue your beautiful work and I hope it brings you joy.
All the best!

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