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September 25, 2009



Oh, Karla, I am SO glad she is home! I could not STAND it if my puppies were gone for even a few minutes! You poor thing!

Deborah Woodrow

AAAwww Karla :
That made me cry.......
God is good. Prayers are answered.
Enjoy your little fluffy baby.

Yoli Kalkofen from Apron of the Month Club

Karla, praise to God and the good samaritan for bringing her home. Pets are part of the family. I bet she is just as happy to be home too.


Oh my gosh, Karla! That must've totally stressed you out. I am so glad Twinks is okay. Things can happen so quickly. Thank goodness this turned out positive.

Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love the picture of it. So welcoming!

sherry goodloe

Oooooh, I am so glad this post had a happy ending! And glad that Twinkle is back home safe and sound. :)

PS LOVE the red door!

Joanne  Kennedy

Oh thank goodness she is home and safe. I was so sad as I was reading this post. I just knew she was going to be gone forever. She is so sweet that if someone found her I could see them keeping her.

I have tags on my dog but I also have chips put in them so if anything like what happened with your sweetie happens I'm hoping they scan her and call me up.

I'm soooooo happy she is home safe. Maybe you could make a donation to the shelter that found her and kept her well taken care of.

There are so many lost and unwanted dogs and cats that I'm sure they could use any little thing you could offer.


Natasha Burns

OMG you gave me a heart attack! I thought from your title you meant she was gone as in, up to doggy heaven! Thank goodness you got her back. We lost Ernie once when he was a puppy. Greg left the front gate open and he thought the dog was inside with me, and I thought he had the gate closed and the dog was with him. We searched (for 3 hours in pouring rain, on Christmas day) for him, and found him down at the beach, soaked and having a ball. We've got him microchipped, so that even if he doesn't have his collar on (which he never does do), any vet can scan him and voila, our contact details come up. Thankfully we found him and have never had to use the microchip. Give Twinkle a huge cuddle from me xo


Love Love Love all the photos of your little sweetheart. I already knew it was a happy ending before I read the post (from FB)...and yet, I cried anyway...how is that?


Oh my gosh I feel horrible we kept opening and closing the door!!! I'm so glad she was found. I didn't even notice her tag either that day. We will be more careful next craft day :) When we want to leave the door open we put a baby gate in the door. Just an idea for the fall if you like to smell the outdoors. I'm so glad she is home safe! Take care Shawn

Elisa Day

Oh you scared me there for a while. I was worried your dog was gone. I am som happy to hear that she back and safe.


I would have had a heart attack! Microchipping is a good thing. xo, suzy

Sheila R

Oh, Karla my heart aches for you as years ago we lost our beloved Pom for a couple days. We posted signs and then an anonymous neighbor called on another one and said they had what appeared to be our dog. Needless to say we walked down to the house and asked and Sherman came back to us to live out the rest of his life.

Give Twinks a big hug!


Oh Karla .... Millie ran off a few weeks ago when Jordan had her out to go to the bathroom. He chased her through the woods behind our house and called me at work crying because he couldn't hear her bell you left on her. To make a long story short, he found her crouched under a tree scared because she couldn't find her way to him. I had her micro chipped in May for just in case. She's like her mommy...likes to chase the rabbits, squirrels, or anything that will run. I'm glad you found her and that she is home safe and sound.I have to say, I was soo worried as I read your post.Thank God for happy endings.


Karla, i am so glad this was a happy ending...i got so nervous when i saw the post title and twinks pic on google reader...


Oh, my heart was in my throat when I was reading this . . . so happy that Twinkie is found. Poor little girl -- more adventure than she'd bargained for when she went after a bunny!


Gosh, I got so scared as I was rading your post, but thank goodness there was a happy ending....Hope SugarWings wasn't aware of it all....
So glad Twinkle is ok.

Cami @ Creating Myself

You scared me to death! Thank goodness you found her! Tags are good but have you thought about micro-chipping? It's a very, very simple procedure & I think can be done w/ a local anesthetic. I had my Rudy done when I had him neutered though so I'm not positive.

kathy lowry

Oh so glad you found her -- she is a darling -- I just posted a pic of my 13 yr old sweet baby dog -- Truly part of our family -- Hope I can have more years with him -- Only 10 lbs -- so I know how you feel -- just a baby _Kathy - ga

Lori Oles

OH....I am so glad you found her!


My heart stopped. It just stopped. Hallelujah, you found her! You did just what I would have done. Beat myself up and then go out and buy every contraption available to keep it from happening again! A friend of mine recently told me, "I'm going to let you beat yourself up for about 5 more minutes, but then you have to realize these things happen and get over it!" I KNOW that guilt feeling. You are a wonderful doggie "Mom". These things kinds of things happen to everyone. You're such a sweetie, Karla. It all turned out okay. One of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs - Breathe in, breathe out, move on.... Huge hugs to you from Kathy in Chicago (who suffers guilt daily about just almost everything ;o)


Oh Karla...
I'm so glad that Twinks is back. You had me in tears reading your story. Yes, a collar and tag is SO important, but, when you leave them home alone (inside), please be sure to take the collar off. We lost our precious Roxy by a freak accident - she actually "hung" herself by her collar, so I am such an advocate of not leaving them home alone with collars! Talk about guilt! Sorry for the morbid story, but I always want to get the information out there.
Looking forward to seeing you soon at Silver Bella!


I'm crying happy tears. Thank God she is home. Your friend, Bobbi


I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I saw the piture. I couldn't read the text fast enough. I'm so glad that she is ok. I know how much she means to you. So happy for the happy ending!


Oh, Karla, I have no idea what you must have been going through the past few days! I'm so relieved Twinkle is back home and I know she's happy to be back with her very caring doggie mom :)


I am so happy this story had a happy ending…



So sorry Karla, that must have been horrible for you. I glad you had a happy ending. Blessings to you and Twinkle. Martha

Vicki Chrisman

OH.. so glad is all worked out and Twinkles is HOME!


Oh Karla, when I read the title of your post and starting reading, I was so worried you were going to say that she was gone forever. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo happy that you found her and she is home safe and sound. My mom and dad live in the country and have an underground fence that keeps the dogs in a certain area of their property. Don't know if it's something that would work well for you guys? So, glad she is home!!



Elaine L.

I'm so glad all came out well! whew!


Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla, how scared you must have been!! I feel so bad. But I am so glad you were able to get her back safely!! I dont kow what I would do without my doggies, so I know how you must have felt!!!!
Love ya,

Southern Lady's Vintage

Awwww...... I am so glad that the story had a happy ending though!


I met you over at Cammi's & saw the story of Twinks being lost. I let Ms Reba out in the front yard all the time. Shame on us!!!! Thanks for making me rethink this habit. And I am so glad your story ended with a happy ending. Have a wonderful weekend.


I'm sooooo glad you found her! I know how you feel about her just by reading your blogs. I had my dogs collars off a while back because their jingles were waking us up at night. Then two of mine got out and didn't come back. My co-worker told me, they will be find you have your name and number on their tags. Yes I did, but I didn't have their collars on. I felt sooo bad. Both of these dogs were rescued from the street after living at around the High School for 6 months, so I felt like a bad Mommy. Glad for you and Twinks to be reunited, and we know that your Fairy Grand Baby would be upset also. Hugs


I am so happy that you got your furry child back! I thought at first that she was in heaven! I still wonder what happened to my little dog, SweetPea, who disappeared when I was a little girl(several years ago!lol). Some things stay with you forever! I am so glad your story has a happy ending, Karla!


I just finished giving Trixie a bath and read this post. They look like sisters, but Trix has a darker back.
I'm so glad she's back. Trix is my little baby doll and I just love her. Yorkies have the sweetest personalities.
Sharing your joy.

Rose Brier Studio

Karla, I'm so glad Twinkle was found. I was so worried this post was going to have a bad ending! Even tho I have never met her, your pictures and posts about her (and her puppies) make me care about her alot. I'm so glad she's not gone!


So glad you found here ... and guess what??? I got my package from you today... The little chickens are soooooo cute!! Hugs to you..

Marietta Hoschak

So glad she is home safe.... I love happy endings....


I haven't been to your blog before but I like it a lot. I am so glad that you found Twinkle. The post was so sad I almost quit reading it. I am glad I stayed and got to read the happy ending.
I drive everyone in my household crazy with telling everyone shut the doors, don't let the dogs out, don't let the cats out. It can happen in just a split second. Your post reminds me to remain careful about making sure they have their tags on.



Thank goodness you got your little "fur baby" back! I have been known to wander all over the neighborhood looking for MIA cats. They always show up again without any help from me! Thank you so much for producing such a beautiful blog! I warmly invite you to visit me at any time at my blog!
Hugs, Gwyn


I am so glad you found her, again. I was really afraid while I was reading this that the worst had happened. Hug her close she is such a sweetie :)


I know how that feels -- it's happened to me many before. I'm so happy Twinkle's back home! Good for you on getting a new tag! Did you write, "I'm not lost, I live here" on it? ;)


So happy you found her. I thought your story was going to be bad- because of the title-whew...she's so tiny, I know my fat cats are larger than her!! Funny thing, I don't let them out because we live in the country too, I always fear a big old owl, will come flying over and scoop them up!! My hubs thinks I'm paranoid--I think not.

Andrea - Faded Plains

I'm so happy to hear you found Twinkle. I was worried while reading your post that you weren't able to find her...so glad that this had a happy ending.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

Hi Karla. I just visited your blog and can't tell you how thrilled I was to see that you have your fur baby back!!!!! How wonderful!!!!!! I was sick to my stomach the whole time my babies were gone and it was only for 18 hours. I'm so glad you have a happy ending to your story, too!! : ) Take care and God bless.

~ Wendy

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla!!!! Oh my heavens!!! I am freaking out for you!!! THANK HEAVENS Twinkle is HOME safe and sound!!! You know...I have TWO yorkies and they are my babies!! I tell hubby all the time if anything ever happend to my girls I would just DIE!!! Soo...when I read you post and see what's been going on in your world my heart just dropped! I cant imagine the panic and grief you must have felt having lost her. I am SOOO relieved that she is home!!! Guess what??? I dont have tags for my girls believe it or not, and Im always telling myself I MUST get them tags. Well, after reading your post I am getting them tags THIS WEEK! Give Twinkle a big hug from me. Glad this has a happy end! :) XOXO,Jenn

Karen - The Graphics Fairy

Hi Karla,
You poor thing, what an ordeal!!! It's so heart wrenching when our little fur babies go missing like that. A couple of months ago I thought I had lost my dear Corgi. It turned out my stepson had taken him for a ride in his car (and lost track of time), normally he doesn't even say hello to my dog so I never even guessed he would have taken him somewhere. I was so panicked, I drove all around the area handing out business cards to everyone that I ran into, asking them to call me if they found him. Thankfully one neighbor had seen my stepson drive off with him. Huge relief! Anyway, I know how you felt and I'm so glad Twinkle is back home safe and sound again!


Beautiful photos, Karla. And I join others in being grateful and relieved she's back where she belongs.


Hon, don't beat yourself up over this. This has happened to us with cats twice. Animals, as loving and wonderful as they are, can be sneaky little buggers! God obviously thinks that Twinks belongs with you, just needed a little adventure! And maybe the whole time Twinks was clicking her little paws together saying "There's no place like home! Arf!" :)


I'm so glad your puppy came back home! I've had that happen before and it was just terrible! But I'm glad everything's ok now, and you've shared an important message with us all about having an updated tag- your story has saved others from having this happen to them, too!

Mitzi Curi

Nothing like a "lost dog" post to generate oodles of comments! I guess that shows how much we love our pets, and feel for someone that has lost a family member. I'm so glad everything turned out OK. I'm off to check my dog's tags right now!

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