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September 24, 2009



Miss Sugarwings (oops - Dorothy!) is just SO beautiful!!! I'm glad the two of you dressed up for the occasion! It just makes it that much more special!!! Oh - it all sounds such fun!!!


your night out with your own little Dorothy sounds so charming Karla!!!

lions loins!!! LOL!!!

Bunny Rose Cottage

What a beautiful post Karla!! I am so glad you were able to go see this with your sweet fairy princess!! What wonderful memories :) And I love that the two of you dressed up!! It makes the memory even better :)


What an enchanting time you all had. I love the picture of you and Sugarwings - you are both so beautiful.



You two looked just darling! And I am sure is was a fantastic evening (:
Hugs, Diane


What a wonderful experience for lil Dorothy...oh and you of course :) Rose


I believe that there is no place like home!
I'm proud to be from Kansas, both the state and the school. If I'm not mistaken the Wizard of Oz was written either in Lawrence or Topeka. Frank Baum was a traveling sales-man. My daughter has loved that movie since she was as little as Sugarwings and knows all the dialogue from the movie by heart. (PS. she'll be 40 in Dec) You two looked adorable. Although you are a lot more attactive than wicked witch!! I bought a pair of sparkly red shoes at a garage sale several years ago just to remind me of HOME! Thanks for bringing back great memories.


What a wonderful Grandma you are...such a sweet post and Sugarwings look so cute as Dorothy...and you were brave to do the dress up too....you both look adorable..

Deborah Woodrow

OMG ! Karla you're a trip ! I laughed so much, with you talking about the Lions Loins !
Glad your evening went nicely. Sugarwings is more than adorable !
Is such a beautiful Movie, its one of my favorites ! So ahead if its time.
Enjoying seeing all your new creations.
You have a lovely family. Glad this comment thing is easier to use now.

Nerissa Alford

I just love the first picture of the 2 of you! What a wonderful event to go to. I think it would be kinda cool to see the movie on the big screen. Thanks for sharing - I always enjoy your stories.


So fun! How neat to see with with a little 'un. This wasn't the "Sing-along" version with the words on the screen, was it? I have always wanted to go to that one after attending the SingAlong Sound of Music, which was almost too much fun for words! Love the hat and shoes!


You know, there's an annual Oz Fest complete with actual Munchkins near me every year. (Not too far from L. Frank Baum's home town or birthplace or something ... I'm fuzzy on details) But you could come, and then we could shop!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

How adorable!!! You both looked the part, and what precious memories!!! I still remember whem my grandma used to take me to the circus and to the opera, so I am sure she will treasure those memories!!!


you two looked so cute ..good day with your Sugar wings love it ..she will always remember that day Lorraine


OMGoodness!!!!! Karla you are adoreable!! I love that you dressed up with Sugarwings. You both look fabulous!! Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies - what a neat event for everyone.

Sheila R

You guys look adorable! What priceless memories made!


Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Your little Sugarwings is just how I imagine Dorothy to be!!
BTW---your blog is a very, very inspiring place to visit.
Happy day!


Hi Karla,
What a cute post!! LOVE your outfit and
Sugarwings too!! I too, am laughing
about the Lion's loins. : ) : ) : )
I ALWAYS look forward to reading your Blog.

P.S. Where did you get your striped stockings? love them!


karla, I am nominating you for grnama of the year award, and if one doesn't exist, I am going to create one just for you!
xoxo, Tiffany

Rose Brier Studio

How wonderful you could share The Wizard of Oz with Sugarwings that way!

I love that movie! My girl was Dorothy in a "college for kids" program when she was 11, which just adds another layer of love to it! Every time it rains I'm glad I'm not the wicked witch, but she's got some great lines! oops, didn't mean to go on so.
btw - love your socks!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

You both look absolutely wonderful!! Your socks are the best!! : )

~ Wendy


How adorable the two of you are! I can just imagine the crowd that Sugarwings drew!!! You are such a fun grammy!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


'Dorothy' is adorable and you look pretty cute too--love your stockings!


How absolutely divine! She just gets prettier and prettier by the day - love her Dorothy dress and shoes and hair and her lovely grandmother dressing up! Precious! Rachaelxo

Elaine L.

Sugarwings is so adorable. She reminds me so much of my daughter, who loved to pretend to be different characters in her story books.

How wonderful to share such special times.



How Fun! I can't believe you were the only ones to dress up. But you were both so cute! I would love to see that on the big screen, my kids were watching it just the other day. Now I have to take a closer look at the lion!


Hooray for you for dressing up for the movie! I bet you and "Dorothy" were the talk of the town! I am sure there were others who would have loved to have dressed up...maybe next time they will have the courage, the heart, and the wisdom...to fully enjoy the wonders of OZ!...Well done!!!

Sea Witch

What a memorable evening at the theater you and sugarwings (I mean Dorothy) had. I love when we dress up and actually go out on the town with our joy. Sea Witch


what a great thing to do! I'd love to see it on the big screen! I'd be afraid that I'd be saying the dialog right along with the actors. I've seen this movie probably over 100 times.......my daughter was obsessed with it as a little girl!
How fun that you dressed up for it! LOVE your stockings by the way!
There truly is no place like home!


Oh what a wonderful photo of the two of you! I LOVE that you dress up with her. I do the same with Humbug. In fact, it wasn't until I'd sat down again the other day that I realised I'd answered the door not once but twice with her little tiara on my head. Proof that this is normal occurance here, is that my postman and next door neighbour didn't even flinch at the sight of me wearing a childs tiara on my head! ha ha ha! They didn't even mention it or give me a look of 'are you totally bonkers'. just accepted it and went on their way :O)

I love your previous post too. The craft that you thought you hadn't done very well looked totally fab to me.
It's always such a treat to visit you. If I am off the computer for a little while, it's so nice to surf in here and find a couple of your posts. Always lots to read about and gorgeous piccies to look at.

Have a lovely weekend :o) x

Jean Eakin

Karla, what a fun time for you all. I always loved the wizard of oz. It was a great movie, one you never tired of seeing , no matter how many times you watched it with your kids. I was enjoying catching up on your past posts. Sugarwings is so photogenic, she's a sweetie.
You have a great weekend.
jean in Virginia

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

Oh Karla. I'm so sorry your dog is missing!! How long has he/she been gone? Say a prayer to St. Anthony. It worked for me. Please let me know when he/she comes home. : )

~ Wendy


Priceless! My favorite movie of all time, although Sugarwings makes a better Dorothy...


Hi Karla.
It looks like you ladies had a great time at the theatre. I love both of your outfits and shoes. I espically like your stockings! LOL! That show is one of my all time faves. My cutie patootie Neve, won't watch it because she is scared of the witch. She is the same with the witch in Snow White but I am hoping in a year or two we'll be able to watch both. I am looking forward to the snuggle time! I agree with you...that's the best thing of all.
I was reading your earlier post from last week and I was happy to see you were putting down the exact same flooring from Home Depot that we used in our bathroom. I love it. We are so pleased with it that we are laying it down in our hallway as well.
Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say hi!
Have a great weekend!


I think you must be the coolest grandmother ever!! I love your dress up days. Lisa


Love the shoe pic of you two,glad you have twinks back. Happy happies.


You must be the grandmother of the year! How adorable that you and sugarwings dressed up for the movie! She is just going to have the best memories ever.
And as for losing twinkles... stuff happens.. you know youre a good doggie mom.. we all goof up now and then.. and thank goodness you have her back and took precautions to let that never happen again! Thats what makes you a good doggie mom!
have a great weekend!


My heavens your post has made me miss Kansas... (I know... I have the OZarks...what is up with me! LOL) Wizzard of Oz was my all time favorite movie. The kids and I watched it on TV every year for YEARS. I will continue that tradition with MY grandbabies....
have a good fall,


Fun, fun, fun! There's nothing like seeing an older movie on the big screen! That movie has so much history to the making of it, too! It's such a classic. I have visited the Oz museum in Wamego a couple of times -- we love it there! Thanks for posting photos of Dorothy - she's precious in blue checks!


How sad it is that no one dressed up. My town has a theater in the downtown area left over from when everyone was buidling theaters with an Egyptian theme. It's a beautifully restored old theater.

But I digress. Periodically the do a showing of the Wizard of Oz and just about everyone dresses up! I was out of town so I don't know if they showed it this weekend. I would have loved to go!



miss you and sugar wings. looked yesterday for items for the fairy berry trail. having
difficulty opening your photo album but will figure it out. love sandy

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