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September 30, 2009



Congrats to you and Twinkle! :)

Cami @ Creating Myself

Who better to be crowned Queen of the Ball than Twinkle? Thanks for pointing me in that direction Karla...left a comment for a good cause.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh is Twinkle ever cute in her scarf!! I love that she is by a bike! And the scarf is just so pretty :) Congratulations Twinkle :)

Daisy Cottage

Congratulations Little Twinkle.... YOU are a STAR! And your Mommy is one of the brightest ones of all!!! We love you both!

Kim & Maggie


twinks is a superhero. I am so glad she is home. And you are NOT a bad doggie mommy.
xoxo, Tiffany


Yay Twinkle! you look totally Fabulous...You are a great Mama I love the tag. Wow can't beleive tomorrow is October already!! Hugs Grace

Alice W.

Twinkle looks adorable in her scarf and congrats to her for winning First Place! She sure deserves it!!! ;) Hugs to her from Renoir...


Congratulations Twinkle!!!
Karla, I love the pics of her and what a
wonderful photo of Sugarwings and the
pumpkin blossom. So sweet.
You are right....this month did fly by
so fast. Chilly weather is here to stay..
I think.



Karla - Thanks for participating in the Pet Parade!! I love Twinkle and his scarf! The creativity everyone has shown on the scarves and with their blogs has been amazing!!
Thank you, Jenn


Congratulations Twinkles! I even showed my hubby the picture...adorable! I hope they raise even more money! Need to go back and make a donation now that I think of it!
ps.Thanks for stopping by... I'll be back to visit!


OH my that first photo is soooo fun. Cute little Twinkle and such a fun bike with a basket of flowers. Girl your style is so fun.


Twinkle is such a star!!! Rachaelxo


Awwwwww! She's so photogenic. It's no surprise she won first place. Congratulations, Twinkle!


congrats on your win girls!!!


ok I will post another comment and hope and hope that i might win one of your lovely gifts. If not i will have a Twinkles , she is absolutely adorable.


Twinkle's a winner alright--love her fancy scarf...and her rainbow safety tag:)


congratulations Twinkle!

Happy October! (yes, September seemed to whizz by)


She is ADORABLE!!! A well-deserved honor!

SusanG and Lucy (who weighs about 10 times as much as Twinkle)

Joy Campbell

Karla..congrats! Love Twinkles scarf....and such a cute pic with the bike. Come on over to my site and check out my little Duchess and her scarf, and don't forget to leave comment so we can earn more money for pets



I think Twinkle looks darling and what a great cause. I will check out the parade and donate, I support animals any way I can. I gave you an award today, I know you must get these a lot but I really do admire your work so I picked you. Lisa


Twinkle looks soooo cute! What a fun idea to have a see-through layer with the petals/logo beneath. And the new tag is a perfect match to the bright love you have for her.

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