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October 24, 2009



Wow Karla, Everything you do is so beautiful! The book is adorable, Twinkle looks lovely in the flowers but I am especially in love with the pictures of the dresses in the garden! The effects are wonderful! In the one picture of the dress with the ghostly effect it almost looks as if you have a little fairy trapped in the birdcage...very cool!
Thank you so much for the lovely inspiration!

Bunny Rose Cottage

KARLA!!! The books are amazing!! Will you please sign mine????

I LOVE those gowns!! I want that white frothy one :)

Twinkle, your a doll, I love ya!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, it is my order under my husband's name, Chad Ockert. I wold be honored to have you sign my book!
Thank you sweetie!

Grace P

Those books are amazing! and ahhahaha that cute doggie will pose with anything you girls put on it! lol Too cute Grace


your books look great Karla. Congrats on getting them finished. and your puppy, though cute as heck, looks like she would rather not dress up for halloween! I do plan on dressing my kittens up for a quick photo shoot. Maybe I will do that tomorrow!
have a great sunday!


I just spent some time catching up on your blog, I've been busy with my Trade Days sale. So many pretties to see! Did I miss out on all the Grumpy Fairy books? I didn't see any in the shop, if so will you list more? Lisa

Beth Leintz

Thanks for the help with the dresses- that was the perfect background. Fun day! I'm glad you got the Grumpy Fairy glittered and can cross it off your list- now if you could just get "clean boat" to magically fall off the list.


Hi Karla,
I hope all is better for you today.
I ordered your sweet book and would love
to have you sign it for me.
Twinkle looks so cute!!



Congratulations Ms. Sugar Wings! I can't wait to get my copy. I just bought one but I would love to have it signed! I didn't see a place for special instructions so I'll ask here. My Grandaughter Lexi is going to be thrilled!! It's really beautiful and I just love the illistrations. Your going to be famous!! Hope you sell lots. Peace

LiLi M.

Whow these prom gowns just look spectaculaair! And you could almost fill a calender with the lovely photos! Your book turned out terrific, but you must be glad that it's finished. Mmm I'm not considering putting those fancy glasses on the market hehehe, have a great Sunday!


I love the background setting for the prom dresses that go on ebay. We have six lovely gowns just hanging in our attic. Good luck to the sellar! :)

Janice Watts

Karla, I would love one of your books, and live just down the road from you, is there any way I can just meet you and buy one without going thru your on-line shop? Are you going to be selling them anywhere in town? Thanks janice


Glad you found someone else to do the books. I thought they were adorable! I'll have to get one for Bethany stocking! I posted some pics on my blog of the fairie trail. Can you tell I'm a bit behind :)


Hi Karla!!
Everything is fantastic!
The magical book, my girl wants to have it, she this learning english.Only it is 7 years old ,and it reads much.



Your book is darling! I wish I had a tiny one to give one to. The ghostly photo of the prom dress is the coolest thing ever. Just think of the tale you could weave about that one. :) I don't often coment but I do love visiting your blog.


How wonderful! I know you've been working on this book for some time! And, your post below about Silver Bella just kills me...I wish I could be there but since it's not going to happen, I'm just so happy to see photos! Your trees are delicious!

Rochelle Gaukel

Love those gowns and love the pictures of the pooch! :) Congratulations on your book!


you and Beth always have the most interesting blog titles!!!! Gorgeous books, gorgeous dresses and especially gorgeous SUPERMODEL Twink! I love her, such a personality! Hope your Bookie is better:) Rachaelxo


Karla, you look so cute in the pic where you are surrounded by all of your books...glad that all finally worked out for you and they are finished...the pics of Beth's gowns are stunning!!! wow, that white one...is just breath~taking!!!


That looks so darling!! Congratulations on getting the books completed, that's a major triumph! Will you be taking Sugarwing's copy with you on the Florida trip?

The dresses are so pretty it almost makes me wish I was a social girly girl. Dresses are only a little fun to dress up in unless you have somewhere to go and show off in it.


Congrats! The book looks awesome! I'm off to order one for my favorite little girl!
Too bad I can't order one of those gowns too...but I don't think it would look too good wrapped around my thigh......if it would even fit that!


I don't think it's possible to make Twinkle look menacing. All of the pictures look just magical today.


That vampire spook action looks quite neat! Congratulations on the books! They look amazing! How exciting!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

You look so wonderful in your beautiful studio with all of your Grumpy Fairy books, Karla!


Congrats on the first printing of your book! I am sure it will be the first of many to come. You and Beth always seem to have such fun. Aren't best friends just the greatest? Have a great week!


Hey Karla, this is a 3 part comment! #1: Thank you for introducing us to Picasa, Loving it!!!! #2: I want to come and play with you guys! I have a whole pile of 1950s wedding dresses that would sell in a minute with your magic touch and...#3: We love you. So there. Your friend, Bobbi

hope | paper relics

I really love that photo of you surrounded by books! and the book looks wonderful!! xo

Irma's Rose Cottage

Congrats on your book! They look sooooc colorful.
Love the pics of the dresses and the ghostly one is really beautiful.

Irma :)


Wow Karla now that's some studio! Love the prom dress photos - looks like you had some fun. I'm off to check out The Grumpy Fairy


Me again! Did I miss something? Where can we order the book? I looked at your Etsy, but didn't see anything?!



Many giggle and kudos on a patient pet! Congratulations on The Grumpy Fairy! Finally!

sugarwing's mama

I want a gown!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

Your book turned out fabulous! I can't wait to get my hands on one! And the prom dresses....ahhh, luscious!
xoxo, Tiffany


such frothy goodness!!! we will say we knew you when...and you may say...who? lol....the book looks wonderful!!!


Its just so beautiful, nice work!

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