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October 16, 2009


Natasha Burns

pure genius! thanks for the tips, who would ever have thought of ironing a doll's dress on a light bulb? you're so clever Karla!


cute dolls!!!

i have used the flower petal trick on some of my nekkid girls...i love how that looks!!!

Cami @ Creating Myself

Thansk for the tips Karla! Love the lightbulb ironing trick & also the flower petals used as clothing.

Bunny Rose Cottage

LOVE this Karla!! Thank you so much for the tips!


lovely tutorial. Loving that lightbulb idea! I recently revamped a doll to use as our Christmas Tree angel this year. She's not vintage (just vintage style, from one of my favourite shops). The end result was fine, but not as good as I'd have liked. I want to say it was fun, but it was more frustrating than anything else! Patience is not my strong point!!!!!!

Well, have a lovely weekend. Ooh, I see rain on my window pane, bliss!



Did you have any trouble finding some extra flowers.lol. You have the best stash to choose from. I didn't know about the lightbulb. I'll have to give that a try. Your dolls look great! Have a wonderful weekend

Karen Young

Great tutorial Karla, you do have wonderful tips and ideas. Love the light bulb ironing.

thank you


Beth Leintz

Glue as dolly hair gel- that's a good idea


I love tutorials. The light bulb idea is pure genius! Love it!! - Kathy in Chicago

Gerry Hook

Hmmm, guess I am going to have to go out shopping at Frenchie's Antiques who seems to always have dollies. Now that I know they can be altered {and with glue] a couple may have to come live with me :oD
Thanks for the great tips.
Inspiration and Motivation ! ! ! !


the dolls are adorable! I might think about using some of that glue when I'm having a bad hair day.....and ironing on a light bulb has opened up a whole new world for me! It's all very clever and looks authentic!
I found a vintage naked kewpie doll the other day and bought it! Now I don't know what to do with her!

Sherry Williams

I love the dolls! I have so many that need a day at the spa! Such a great idea about the light bulb! It's nice to learn something new!!!
See ya soon!
Hugs, Sherry

Rose Brier Studio

You totally transformed that doll. (sometimes I find old dolls a leetle bit creepy, but you really made this one charming). I love the lightbulb ironing trick. I bet it would work on other small things that need ironing. Thanks!

Please enter me in the Grumpy Fairy give-away. I would love a copy of the book!


Karla: Your doll is so cute. You are so talented.


adorable! I have some old dolls that were my Aunt's......now....where did I put them? ha....the flower petals for skirts are SOOOO cute! you are SUCH an inspiration....NEVER stop this blog please! :D

Niesz Vintage Home

Oh Karla! She's beautiful!
And looks very refreshed.

I love the cute flower petal fairy dress, too.
hmmmmm...I think I could use a day at that spa of yours. LOL

Kimberly :)


Your makeovers are beautiful!!!



Cute and simple tutorial. I like that the instructions require household items anyone can get access.


She's a new woman!! Thanks for a fabulous tutorial!

Dede Warren

I have two sweet old dollies that are in need of some sprucing up, so they (and I) thank you for sharing all this great info! You are quite the handy one!

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