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November 09, 2009



Have a good time and stay safe! Sugarwings will love her littlewaterpark I am sure. Oh, and by the way....sell a lot!!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! I hope you have a wonderful trip and the best time ever at Silver Bella! I love the shirt and apron!! So adorable. And I am so excited for you to have Sugarwings coming along! How cute she will be in her beautiful new outfit! I LOVE those hats! How sweet of her to send them to you! And I absolutely adore the tiara!!!!!


Have fun Karla!


Karla, your bella outfit is adorable!!! how sweet that everyone is coming to help you set up your vendor table, that is what would freak me out the most...trying to get set up before the stampede comes through...the tiara you made is SO SO SO gorgeous, i just love it!!! your gift from Stephenie is beautiful:) what a sweet gift!!!


Hi Karla,

I love your Silver Bella outfit!! The shirt is so sweet
and happy to read that Sugarwings will be going with you.
That will make Silver Bella extra special. She will look
just adorable in her new outfit. Your gifts are gorgeous.
Have a wonderful and safe trip.



Have a wonderful time. We'll be looking forward to your return.



That tiara is just awesome!

Gerry Hook

Well, the time has come to put your pre-planning into action.
Sounds like your trip is organized, your transportion arranged, and you will have your wonderful companionship while 'working'.
Love your blog

Cathy Kizerian

Can't wait to read about your Silver Bella trip! And to see Sugarwings in her new outfit! Have a fun and safe trip. Hugs, Cathy


I hope it's a super successful trip! I know it will be fun! Hugs!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Your outfit is adorable! Have fun take lots of pictures.

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

Good Luck and have so much fun!!!

Suz Reaney


I can't wait to see you in your shirt.

I have to tell you, I am excited beyond belief at winning your trims for last month. I am just psyched!

it will be so nice to meet you in person...I love the tiara and the shirt is just a MAJOR WOW!!!

Will be thinking of you during your travels. I am taking the plane for that very reason. I do hope the weather cooperates!


Have a WONDERFUL time at Silver Bella! Your top and apron are adorable!!


I love your Silver Bella outfit!
Your gifts are gorgeous.

Beth Leintz

"leaves room to expand for boobs"<----is a good thing.

I'm looking forward to my breakfast with Ms Sugarwings- it will be almost like breakfast with Snow White or Cinderalla

Alison Gibbs

Karla what fun you will have


Cracked me up...the expand for boobs.lol. What fun you gals will have! Love those roses!!


Love your apron outfit, love sugarwings outfit and love that your family are going with you! Enjoy! Rachaelxo

Elaine L.

From those of us who are addicted to your blog, "thank-you" for preposting.

The T with jeans and an apron sounds really cute. Sugarwings is going to be an adorable hit!



it's always so lovely to visit here, you have such an interesting life! :o)

now, I have not forgotten about your book. I've been doing all of my Christmas shopping and am now spent out! So, when you have a chance (no rush, I know you are busy), would you let me know how much the book would cost + postage to England, so I can order one at the start of January, if you have any left.

Thank you! :o)

have fun at Silver Bella, love the outfit you've put together, and everyone should wear a tiara. My little girl and I often have tiara days, which is great until I answer the door still wearing mine!!! xxx


Oh, Silver Bella is upon us! How exciting! I, too, think Sugarwings needs a tiara! And I think I need to make one! It's lovely!!


You two will be gorgeous together! Hope you have alot of fun! This is my birthday month so I gotta win this one!
hugs! karen....


Morning Karla ...have fun ..love your t-shirt...cant wait till you get back & we hear about your adventure...Lorraine


you are such a GREAT Grandmother! some day...I'll have my own grandchildren, and you are SUCH an inspiration with all the fun things you do....and how magical you make everything......you are really an AMAZING lady...:D deb from MAINE..:D


Omigosh! I cant wait to meet Sugarwings!!! What a treat!!! Love your shirt! You are going to look FAB in your cute shirt and tiara!!! Cant wait to see you tomorrow!!! XO,Jenn

Freda Butler

It is great that you all are going to be able to go. Sugarwings will be tghe hit of silver Bella. Remember to bring a few things home. Have a great time as I am sure you will.




Oh, Karla, have a wonderful time at Silver Bella & sell lot of your beautiful things! What fun that Sugar Wings gets to go with you! Love both your outfits!

Thank you so much for my beautiful prize package of goodies for my paper doll - arrived safely today! Love it! Now I'll get busy dressing my dollie.

Jane - Jacksonville


Have a great time and best wishes on your sales!


Have a wonderful, snow-free time!

That tiara rocks!


I like to spend the pre-dawn hours surfing the Web. Today I came across your wonderful blog. Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Andrea - Faded Plains

So looking forward to seeing your table at Silver Bella...you always have the cutest stuff.

Cami @ Creating Myself

Oh, you're gonna have so much fun!!! And you look as cute as Sugarwings in your T & apron...how wonderful that she gets to come too. Good luck w/ your sales!


you are so funny, i love your shirt and apron, how cute you will be


Enjoy yourself at Silver Bella, and in your shirt and apron you'll be the belle of the bellas!!!


Oh, such a fun trip to Silver Bella! I dream of going one day! Love the shirt you made and Sugarwings outfit is darling! Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see all the pictures and read about all the fun!
Milli (sashagirl on flickr)


Lovin the apron! I would also love to receive anything in your giveaway (if I don't buy everything you have at Silver Bella). I just get to go to the vendor night but I am still so excited! See you there! uffda_68787@yahoo.com


Aw, thanks for including a picture and mentioning me!

Can't wait to hear all about Silver Bella with Sugarwings!


Hope you had a great vendor night!! I almost came up but we decided to start finishing the basement. That little dress is adorable! That is something you can put in her hope chest it's so cute! Which hotel and waterpark are you speaking of? Hope there is a craft day soon, my belly is hungry for a potluck :) take care shawn


Cute apron! The blue ribbon reminds me of Dorthy, for some reason, and the rose accents on it of her ruby slippers. Definitely want to see complete pictures of you with tiara and apron both!

Hope that you have a delightful time making Sugarwing's eyes sparkle when you swap stories about Silver Bella and the water park. Especially if you are both wearing crowns as you do.

Safe travels!

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