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November 19, 2009



I can see why you all were GaGa at the wallpaper place. Kind of a kin to going into a button store.....Looks like it was really fun and you would have to stick to your budget. WOW!
I love Kansas City. The only bab thing about it is that it snows! I think I am allergic to cold weather or I'd want to move back!
Glad that you had such a nice evening!

Hope @ The Queen Of Re

Their faces are priceless.

LiLi M.

Too bad that Beth is on a vintage wallpaper diet...do you think I could go with you instead ;-)? I just wonder you didn't buy that much different wallpaper but how many rolls did you score, I won't tell anyone else of course!


Oh, I wish I had known that Wicked was in KC... I would have loved to go! We were in the Power and Light district earlier this year when we went to see Phantom and then JC Superstar. It is awesome! LOVE the wallpaper!


Beautiful papers are so inspiring! I have seen homes in The old part of Texas that were covered in those papers to this day! Hugs, Diane


Karla...can I add to your movie list? I love the British Colonial furnishings in Out of Africa and Karen/Meryl's romantic dresses and hats. The scene where she sells all of her lovely things always strikes me as so sad. Happy ironing and glittering!

Beth Leintz

Oh yes, I'd love to go to Wallpaper Heaven just to talk paper. I'm sure Marilyn has great stories - I'd love to hear how she got all that wallpaper!

I loved Far from Heaven- that would be worth watching again just for the visuals. Another Julianne Moore house that I liked was her 50's California style house in The Hours.

Suz Reaney

Yummy, Karla!

Are you going to be selling any of that wallpaper in your Boutique?

Vintage Whimsy

Oh my goodness! I think I would die if I ever walked into a place with that much vintage goodness! Seriously! I wish I had known about this place last year when I drove across the country and was in both Iowa AND Nebraska! I certainly would've made a pit-stop! Oh well, at least now I have a good excuse to take another road trip, right?! lol

Karen - The Graphics Fairy

Heavenly indeed! I want to move in that wallpaper shop!!

Natasha Burns

OMG I am cracking up at their faces! I think that's what we did last year at wallpaper heaven, right?

Wicked - oh the costumes are so spectacular aren't they!!!


the amount of wallpaper must be overwhelming!


You look in your element like Bell did in the castle library. She read stories in black and white, while your eyes sparkle at the tales unfolded (or unrolled, in this case) in colorful hue.

Warning about he musical "Wicked". The music is very addicting. If someone near you has a copy, expect that you'll be borrowing it a lot until you realize you might as well buy a copy of your own. (Can you tell that is exactly what happened to me?)

Of all the people I know, you would be perfect for traveling around by bubble! The sheer happy thoughts would speed you on your way.

Hope you enjoyed reliving the memories of Silver Bella as you sorted and prepared your scores of goodies.

Suzanne Duda

Oh what a fun day that wss! Thank you so much for taking me, and I can't wait to buy one of your paper packs...I'll help you offset the cost so we can go again next year!!! LOVED spending time with you at Silver Bella...I could stay up all night laughing! xo suzanne

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