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November 27, 2009


Thespoena McLaughlin

I love those ornaments, so pretty and just the right amount of vintage. Honestly I don't know why someone wouldn't like a giveaway. Phooey to them, and happy holidays!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Those ornaments are so pretty Karla! It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I made two dinners yesterday, one for yesterday and one for tonight. I love not having to cook tonight, lol! Congratulations to the lucky winners of your giveaways!!!

LiLi M.

Those dresses are adorable Karla! I once made them for a swap but you inspire me to do that again! Congrats to the winners of the give aways! Just do as you please Karla, I wouldn't mind to win something here nor anywhere! No prizes won't keep me away from commenting though! Have a great weekend!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Very cute!


Those ornaments are adorable. What a fun way to spend the holiday enjoying the company you have around and not stressing about anything.

Gerry Hook

These dollie dresses are just the most precious tree decorations. Who wouldn't just love these.
You must be the most efficient Thanksgiving cook I know. To have turkey soup made and in the frig before day is done is unbelievable.
And as far as the Giveways so popular on blogs lately - we all know it's a phase we're going through. What the next new wave to hit - - - who knows what it'll be.
Keep on bloggin'

Brenda Kula

I can just imagine all that little Sugarwings is learning from her very talented grandma. She must be in hog heaven with these paper doll ornaments! Any little girl would be. They are precious!

Kris Pare

OMG! those are adorable Karla! Thank you for sharing :)


Darling dresses! I love your giveaways and am so glad you weren't influenced to quit them!


Karla, thank YOU for making your blog such a fun place to visit! (give-aways or not!)


Oh Karla, I looove these! I have a few projects to finish up here, but, after those, these may be a great ornaments for my little girl's room!


the dollie ornaments are so darling..giveaways are fun..take care..

Kathy Bozeman

I love your tradition of doing 'pretty stuff' while you wait for the turkey...tell us your trick to be able to do this! Do you use old Christmas cards to do the doll dresses? Could you, as tree ornaments?

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hey sweetie!!! I just LOVE your new profile photo ~ you're GORGEOUS!!! As for giveaways, I think you are precious for hosting yours so regularly....it shows your generous heart Karla ~ I love the dresses as ornaments too!! hugs and love, Dawn


Karla, your dresses are adorable...they are all so different and unique...the possibilities are endless!!! congrats to your winners!!! OMG, someone thinks there are too many giveaways...and they don't like them? what is not to like about the giveaway...i think it shows an appreciation for your readers and a sharing heart...i am with you Karla, i LOVE the giveaway...i don't have very many personally...but i don't have oodles of things to gift, or i surely would...


The dress ornaments are so adorable, did Sugarwings make one too?

i am gld you are continuing with your giveaways, and I love rading your blog and just adore when you post about Sugarwings and think she is such a beautiful little girl....
hugs, Brenda


Karla...cannot get my credit card to work on paypal...will mail a check...it is Canadian is that ok? if you have any paypal hints let me know...Lorraine

Aimee Boschet

My Daughter would love those! They are so pretty...

Happy Holidays!

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board

Miss Karla, we like you too!! hehehe!! I just so enjoy hearing about Sugarwings and seeing all your pretties! It is my joy to come read you blog. The fact that I won one of your giveaways didn't hurt either!! hehehe!


I love your laid back cooking, creating way of thinking for Thanksgiving! Hope you had a great day. Loving the doll dress Christmas tree creations.


sparkly and pretty! I love it :o)


Oh Karla what sweet dresses. I love that you all get some crafting in on Thanksgiving. I keep a pot ready to start soup in too. It makes leftovers sooo easy.

Glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

sherry goodloe

Happy Holidays Karla! Simply LOVE your little vintage wallpaper dresses. The colors, the glitter, the paper doilies. Yes, these are wonderful!


Hi there!
Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment, because now I can get to know you!
These little dresses are so clever and so sweet!
I too, had a low keyed Thanksgiving- which was just fine, except that the turkey cooked quite a bit faster than expected, so that pushed everything into high gear!
What a nice idea to do some crafty work while waiting.
See you again!


Good Morning Karla...the cheque is in the mail!!!thank you for your patience...willtry to find out about the paypal thing ..I would like to order more stuff..Lorraine

Niesz Vintage Home

Oh, those little dresses are too adorable!!
Love them!
Kimberly :)


Just adore these handmade ornaments. What a beautiful tutorial. Thank you for posting. Thank you for your compliments on my post. Be sure to click on "Follow" & "Subscribe" on the right-hand column so that you can get quick, hot off-the-press updates.


Glad to hear Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success!

Our household just (as in a couple hours ago) got another load of leftovers from parents we ate Thanksgiving with, including Turkey soup. A bin that looked like enough to last for months. Eep!

Hope you know, too, how thankful I am that you are willing to take time away from all the pretty things you have to play with to write blog posts and share some sparkle of your life.


Hi Karla.
Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for having the giveaway.
Congrats to the lucky winners!
Karla, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Your dress ornaments are very pretty!
Thanks again for letting us read all your posts.
I, for one, really enjoy them.

Sammy  Girl

Karla --
Just a quick post to say "we love you, too!!" I don't think any of us come for the giveaways, but love to see what you are doing ... and how Sugarwings is growing! This is such a great post that captures it all ... grandkids, pretty bits, and GLITTER!! who could want anything else!! Just sayin' .....
Have a super week!

Betty :)


No one is more for a shameless hawking of wares than I am! Nice!

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