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November 05, 2009



My sister and I keep it in the family if we no longer want something that is an heirloom we offer it to our children if they don't want it we offer it to each other or our nieces and nephews that way it stays in the family. Seems like someone always want whatever it is


It's so sad when the passing of a loved one is cause for discord in a family. In the end, stuff is just stuff - but so sweet to have as a remembrance. I have a few things my grandmother gave me over the years and I think of her when I see them, and am thankful for her.



Love the picture on the close of this post, family love. ox, Diane

Suz Reaney

That last picture just makes me want to cry, Karla. It all continues on, the good and the bad. Do those hands belong to little Sugarwings?


The trims look so pretty! That is so sweet of you Karla to share some of these!

Dawn Gahan

Isn't it poignant that the treasures of Aunt Caroline are ones that all of us, your readers, see as more than just what they are. Her life will live on in these simple fabric trims.

Prayers for you,

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla, this is a beautiful post. Thank you for keeping the drawing open and for sharing your precious momentos with all of us. When I saw the picture of Sugarwings hand in yours, I started to cry. My children's hands always make me cry. They are so beautiful, tiny and innocent. They always tug at my heartstrings.


what an amazing women she was, i read down a post, isn't it funny how you didn't know her until your thirties, but how much alike you are, the same taste, jewerly making, maybe its heritary...what great memories you have, and what a lucky women to have lived so long and with sooooo much love!

LiLi M.

It was exactly the same way with me, a huge difference between the days after the death of my mother and the death of my father. With me the uggliness that I saw then caused a wound that just cannot heal, though I rather not think about it. Great that you end this post so positive, that photo is gorgeous!


I think it's just amazing that little bits of this and that can evoke such memories of those we have loved. What a tribute to your aunt. I also have a granddaughter the age of Sugarwings and love the way you chronicle her growth on your blog.


"Losing a person you care about is hard enough. Dealing with ugliness at that time is devastating." This line made me wince, because it is so true. Death is a painful enough separator. Let's hope we don't lose any friends, and especially have to deal with ugliness at the same time, while both are alive for death comes too quickly as it is. I guess I'm trying to say I hope dearest family/friends can be cherished while alive and remembered fondly when separated.

Whose hands are in that last picture? Is it you and Sugarwings? They look dreamy, ethereal. May you continue to feel that serenity of happy memories in this contemplative period, and the warmth of love from all of us here.


One of the pros and cons in life is being an only child. One deals with all those decisions independently and that's pretty tough. But when it comes time to settle things, you don't have to go back and have the arguments, the "mom always liked you best" discussions or the "I want that, no I do!" issues. Ugliness is so hard to deal with when all is well, much less when in grief.

This post is so moving, so very thoughtful. And the photograph is priceless. Damn, you're good. Many hugs coming your way.

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

It is amazing how families can rip at each other at such times. We went through it with my great aunt's children when she passed and it was so hard. My sis and I are so grateful that we love and get along!! No infighting when our parents go. Beautiful picture at the end!!


I feel sad that my mother didn't enjoy antiques or dishes or anything....so when her mother died....she didn't take anything of her mothers to remember her by..her sister in law took most of the things..........I was very young.....and she never thought ahead......:( I am much more like my Mom's sister......who loved china and crystal...she she was nice enough to leave them to me.....and I treasure them VERY much.....:D You are SO lucky to have such a nice family....who enjoys all that neat stuff!....:D deb from Maine...:D

Southern Lady's Vintage

Beautiful trims Karla and so nice of you to share.

Southern Lady's Vintage

Oh...also meant to say that I love your new blog look!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Momentos and memories go hand in hand !

Elaine L.

Awwwwww, that little hand melts my heart.



beautiful post Karla:) i love that last little hands picture, SO sweet it is!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Beautiful post, Karla.

Sea Witch

Your Aunt Caroline will live on through her lovely trims sprinkled throughout. Love the final photo of the tiny hand...so much promise in it. Sea Witch

Freda Butler

The hands should be framed and put in some of your artwork. They are just beautiful It shows the progress of life.




I was so touched to read about the keepsakes you were able to receive from your aunt. Just two weeks ago I was rummaging through the basement of my grandma's house after her funeral, along with my parents and aunt, and my brother and my cousin. We found a few treasures, too, but the real treasure was Grandma's life and the intangible things she left us. It's very bittersweet, isn't it?


That's such a beautiful post and your aunt was a beautiful woman. A good life well-lived. I'm so glad you all were able to sort things out without disagreements. It's so hard, as you say, to have family discord along with the grieving.

Jane - Jacksonville


It's funny how sometimes stuff is just "stuff" and other times it's a gift. My father's things were kept from us, long ugly story, and the only thing I have is his canvas laundry bag from the service. When I move to my big house, I'm going to display it somehow in the laundry room. HUGS- Lee


Your Aunt Caroline's home in Florida is just beautiful. I love the look of the spanish moss hanging from the trees. I can't believe all the craft supplies your aunt had. The trims are gorgeous.

Wish I could go to Silver Bella. Your tables are going to be stunning and I so wish I could see all the lovelies and shop till I dropped! Good luck. I'm sure it will go very well.

Tracy Suzanne

It's such a shame when families split up because of a death. My sister and I lost our Mother and our Father 14 months apart when I was only 26 and she was 31. It was devasting but I don't know what I would have done without my sister. I thank God that we have never argued over those things.
It sounds like your cousin and you got along very well. I pray that the Lord continues to bless and strenghten you.

Thank you for sharing your blessing of ribbon with us.

Hugs...Tracy :)


You have such a lovely heart, Karla. It still hurts me that I never received anything from my paternal grandmother's estate - not so much as a photograph. You are blessed to have a legacy of generosity in your family.

Alison Gibbs

Karla a beautiful post

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