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November 18, 2009



Karla, your little Sugarwings looks like she was having a great time being your helper!!! your table is stunning!!! yes, that doll does look a good bit like Jenn, how cute:) i love Beth's apron, i can tell she is her own person...good for her!!!


All the Bellas look wonderfully happy together!


Bunny Rose Cottage

What a group of gorgeous girls you all are!!! Your table looks beautiful Karla! Sugarwings is a doll!!! How sweet of your son to give you a massage! And I love that your family made the drive to help you! What sweeties!! The doll looks just like Jenn!! How cute!


I wish I could just crawl through the screen into your booth! Beautiful!!!

LiLi M.

Sugarwings has entered a new stage again, I think she has grown again. I adore the photo of the two of you, you both look so happy and you probably are at that moment, holding the most precious in the world in your arms, you'll never get bored with that (she will!). Your son should have done that, but I'm affraid that a lot of ladies spent their pocketmoney not on your vintage stuff, if he had done so!! Beth looks great in her apron too, I love how she manages to have a great apron, but still have her own style, mmm I should tell her that. Did you buy anything yourself? I think if I should ever go to Silver Bella I just need a vendor table to protect myself from buying too much!

Sheri and Sophee~a

Your booth looked amazing....one day I would love to attend this event and meet all of you gals.

So sweet, that Miss Sugarwings got to be a part of it too :)


Wow! It looks like it was just fabulous! I think it is great that your family was able to join you for this fun event!


Your booth was beautiful as ussual! I always love seeing your posts around the time of Silver Bella! The pictures are so pretty! One of these days I'm gonna make it there!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

I can't believe I am home and not with you girls still!! I loved seeing you again, and I think your gremlin theroy about me just might be true. Thank you and Carol so much for hosting the glitter lounge, I had a blast. And remember you can't ever wash your scarf!!!
xoxo, Tiffany


Karla, your vendor booth looked DIVINE! I totally wish I spent more time shopping. Your little Sugarwings is absolutely precious! What a special treat to have your family there. Glitter lounge Rocked! The pink champagne and cupcakes were a perfect hit! You and Carol are an amazing team!!! Last but not least...thank you for my Southern Belle doll. I cherish and adore her. Much like you. :) XOXO,Jenn

Deborah Woodrow

Karla, you are indeed BLESSED ! I wish I could have been there, I have NEVER been to any of those classes or shows.
I hope someday, soon I'll get to go.
I know that when I do, I'll be walking around with my jaw on the floor, repeating oohs and aahs, and wows , all night long !
I have no craft buddies, out here in NOWHEREVILLE: "Ordway, Colorado". I feel like I'm in a GREEN ACRES MOVIE ! LOL !
So, I rely on my blog friends, like you, and others, to inspire me, and keep me going, and creating !
Little sugarwings, looks so happy, and precious, if I were you, I'd get that pic framed ! Take Care.
Deborah Woodrow
Ordway, Colorado

Alison Gibbs

What fun to have your family there too


I wish I could have been there to shower some attention on Baby Bella! I feel as if I know her! What a treat - Sugarwings and her daddy for massaging!

Mary Green

Your displays were even more beautiful in person!

Andrea S.

what a great weekend Karla!
I was thrilled to get to meet Sugarwings in person. SO sweet. She's an Interenet celebrity! LOL

Andrea Villarreal

How wonderful that you had your family there! And Sugarwings is like a little star isn't she:) I bet she was just adored!!
Your booth looked awesome. I am planning on going next year. Just the shopping alone looks worth the plane ride:) Off to peak in the shops...


KNOCK OUT! Looks amazing -- and such fun!

Natasha Burns

What fun! I miss you guys! I so wish I was there again :) xo


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Hugs from Michigan - Diane

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