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November 22, 2009


Sandy McAllister

This is my first visit. I found you at Beyond the Picket Fence and glad I did. You have lovely things to see and to stir the creative juices. Thank you for sharing the furniture tutorial and the spray primer. Hope you had a great trip.

Sandy McAllister

That trim is really pretty. I'm always looking to improve my stash. Right now I'm working on birds with lace trims for feathers. Hope they work out the way I've planned.


Hi Karla
I love all the beautiful things you make. You are so amazingly creative. Such a lot of travel this year too. Wow!

Rochelle Gaukel

I hear ya....it's nice to get away, but I love being cozy at home doing my own thing amongst my own surroundings. But, I believe the time we are away in some other place, country, etc. meeting new people, seeing new things, eating different cuisine, enriches our lives and lets us appreciate what we have at home too!
Happy Thanksgiving and happy creating!
:) Rochelle

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I love to travel but like you ,there are tricks in keeping the cost down a bit.This year was incredible ...as most other years..hehe..Love it!
What I love love love is that sweet little bird,I have gorgeous paper that would look wonderful.Its so pretty!
Thanks for posting a picture of it.


Adore your Bella projects. They turned out so....well....BeLLa! And the bird ~ precious! I rather like your studio photo here. Refreshingly real. Just like Santa's workshop. The Creative Minds sign would make a great t-shirt or ball cap too! Giving that some serious thought! ~ Angela


Thank you for the travel tips! I've thought about the SW or other airline card -- we're crazy not to do that. I do love traveling, not much of a fan of flying these days, though! I loved your projects, especially the doll in the cone -- she looks like Rapunzel!


It was nice meeting you in Omaha even though we just had a moment. I knew there was another Karla and to think another midwestern Karla at that! You have beautiful pictures!


Don't forget about all of those trips to the airport too! (Matter of fact I think I saw you friday morning...were you heading home from the airport? :) Can't wait to see the treat cupboard and your projects are gorgeous!


I think it sounds like great fun! Love your birdie!


I love all your projects. Especially the things made with old wallpaper!


You have been quite the traveler this year!
Just when I was feeling awful about not cleaning my house for 2 weeks straight...and having rolls of wallpaper and glitter trails laying all over the place....you show us your "unfinished" "to do" projects! Now I feel better!
Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather here in Virginia this weekend!


Hello Karla...love all your beautifull projects...your talent is so evident!!! Travel is cool....I have just spent 3 days travelling from my really home on (rainy )Vancouver Island to our little place in southern Calif ..love it here ..now I can order some things with out paying so much postage ...&customs...Lorraine

Nerissa Alford

what a beautiful post! I LOVE the studio shots - it shows how much fun you're having. And all of your silver bella projects are just gorgeous.

Safe travels & Happy Thanksgiving
Thank you for the travel tips, as well!


Love those frequent flyer miles! Have fun and a blessed Thanksgiving.



Hey hey Karla, glad you had such a good time at Silver Bella. Being cosy is good. Happy happies.


Karla, your SB projects are so pretty...i'm glad you showed a close up of the bird, i was trying to figure out what she was made of...she does look like she was a lot of work, but well worth it as she is so darn cute!!!


I am surfing around reading blogs while I have my morning coffee and came across your wonderful blog. How on earth do you get any crafting done at all with all the traveling you do? I haven't been anywhere this year and I still can't find time to finish all my projects!

Gerry Hook

Ahh, a roomful of creations


I love your blog...all these projects inspire me...I don't know what to start first...thanks! Susan


Whew! That is alot of traveling, but I'm sure you've enjoyed it. You are so right about the painful part is leaving. I, too, am fine once I am there.

Love your treasures you made at Silver Bella. Just beautiful. I hope to get there soon.


Kim Caldwell

Oh Miss Karla - every time I read one of your posts and see the pictures I just want to move in!! So gorgeous and fabulous. I had the honor of seeing your bird in person and all I can say is WOW! I also just realized I didn't buy one of your bottle brush trees for my collection this year -- must get on over to your shop!!

Hugs, Kim


Even your messes are beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the pretty things you created in Omaha. Thank you so much for your visit.
Oh yes...and Mr. Wonderful is just that!


what divine projects. Absolutely gorgeous.

I am with you about staying at home. I'm not much of a traveller really, though I do miss my little jaunts to London. I don't really fancy taking my little 3 yr old Humbug with me just yet, though she wants to go (nothing with me putting the idea in her head, I promise!). Trouble is, I like to spend all day in Harrods, she'll want to spend all day in Hamley's!!!

wishing you a good trip, and a safe journey. xx

Sheila R

I just love your bird!! I still have to finish my little guy. I am glad I took the class but it was more difficult than I thought it would be.


Hey Karla!
As always, when I get to your blog I find myself going back to some of your previous posts, not because I didn't read them when they were first posted, but because I enjoy your blog so much.
I love looking at your artwork and really enjoy seeing what you have been busy with.
As always, thanks for sharing with all of us fellow bloggers.
Have a great trip and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I haven't been farther than an hour from town in months. I could fly free too because my SIL is a flight attendant. Why don't I? Because I'm afraid to fly. Maybe one of these days I'll conquer that and fly to Omaha for Silver Bella. Your projects from it are so beautiful!


I love your studio! Makes me want to come over and play! Fly safe, I wish I could, I am so terrified of flying I feel I may never get out of washington state! I would love to go to sb and so many other things~ Oh maybe someday~I would have to be knocked out probably and then someone can just wheel me on the plane!

LiLi M.

Our Santa always brings chocolate characters, always the first character of your first name , so I should get an L, you a K etc. I think I'll ask for 'Creative minds are seldom tidy' in chocolate this year, thanks for inspiration!


Karla, I am wondering where you get your non-vintage bottle brush trees. Can you get those at a craft store? I just LOVE them!


Sooooooo love your bottle brush trees. I have seen your vendor table at SB & it looked divine! Sounds like all of you had a marvelous time. My friend Joanna Lewis brought back all the details & I got to see her swap gifts. Amamzing experience for all of you. Enjoy your travels. I know it's hard to leave the nest but, once there on location... what fun too. Happy Thanksgiving.~Charlene


Hi Karla, thank you so much for visiting my blog. You are so very talented! I will definitely be visiting again. :)

Freda Butler

Karla you made me tired also reading your year's travel but now is the time in your life when you should do as much as you can. The house will wait and welcome you back in whatever state it is in. Enjoy your life and it seems to me that you do so good for you.



Suz Reaney


I so get the flying thing. My husband travels constantly and I almost always go with him. I am really ready for winter...and not going anywhere!

I love your mess. I am getting ready for a jewelry show and bead in bed, Every time we get out of bed, you hear this "ping, ping" as the beads fly off us!

I walked out of vendor night with a sack of about three things. Not because I didn't want anything but because I wanted everything! I wish I could go back...but there is next year and I will. I just love those trees!

Your bird turned out beautifully. I heard many people talk about how hard it was but the results are so gorgeous. You can be really proud of that!!!


And she's off!

For being a homebody, I think you've done more trips in a year than I'd have any desire to do in a decade. But it sure is fun to hear about all your adventures! It helps feel like I've been traveling too while getting to sleep in my own bed.

Travel safe, have crazy fun, then please share stories of your adventures home and abroad when you return. ;->


1..I love that sign...I think I need to paint one for my bebe art studio..err maybe at the entrance to every room in my house! lol I also LOVED the picture of your studio in use, that must be what an artists Nirvana looks like :)
2..I loved all your Bella projects!
3..I so love all the lil peeks into your home :)
4..Thank you so much for your sweet comments. sorry you couldn't post it on my blog, I am not sure why that happened, but reading your comment made my heart smile and I really do love that cabinet with all those lil drawers now :) Besos, Rose

Mitzi Curi

Karla, I have so much to say I don't know where to begin.....I love my wallpaper I purchased from you. Do you have special privileges with the USPS? I think my package arrived about three hours after I ordered it (lol). Your most recent blog post is so fabulous. I'm going to force my husband to take a good look at the pic of your craft room with all of the beautiful clutter. He thinks my craft room should be neat and tidy, but I keep reminding him that I need the visual inspiration of all of my gathered goodies before I can get in the creative mode. Lastly, your finished projects are so gorgeous! Someday I hope to take a class from Anna Corba. She's my hero!!

Daisy Cottage

Hi Karla!

I'm just stopping by to say and wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! And of course I always leave after visiting you with a smile on my face and a whole lot of inspiration!

You rock girlfriend!



Go while you can, girl! Enjoy all those trips! Thanks for showing us pics of your creative space.

Thespoena McLaughlin

I adore your blog. So much candy for the eyes to feast on! LOVE your creative space. I'm adding a link to you on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

"Cultivate the knack of thinking in a creative, anything is possible way."
-Michael Larsen


Yikes! I'm loving it all, Karla! And you HAVE been on the go! Have a great time in VA!

Jean Eakin

Karla, It always makes me tired to read all you do and all the trips you've taken. I know what you mean about being a homebody but I too enjoy trips once I am there, its just getting ready to go that is a big pain. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and enjoy your trip.
jean in Virginia


Wow - how very blessed you are to have been able to travel so much. And I too love home so much that I totally understand how leaving is hard to do. Friend I must say I am so happy to see your mess. My studio is currently such a mess that I have moved into the dining room. My husband bless his heart shakes his head and tries to accept me, messes and all. I can't help it, my mind is too busy to be organized and creative all at once. 'Tis the season!

Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving!! {and a few prayers for safe travels too ... then hurry back and tell us all about it.} xo


I'm with you on the pros and cons of traveling so much. It's great to have your own adventures and to tag along on business trips, but the pull of things undone at home grows strong. After resolving this year NOT to travel so much, I did anyway, and now I feel that strong urge to reclaim my nesting space. So I wish you happy settling back in and happy holidays!

Jennifer Hayslip

You just amaze me Karla!!! You never slow down! I love that about you. If not busy with multi-tasking a million projects than your busy keeping the roads hot. :) All of your creations turned out stunning. I love the tussie from Anna's class. Sooo pretty!!! Have a wonderful trip to VA, and soon you will be able to "hunker down" for the winter and cozy up your home with all your amazing projects. Miss you! Hugs!!! XO,Jenn


every time I read your blog....I smile......deb from Maine..:D


Searching thru google images I found your blog , this crafty work room looks like sooo much fun. Had to laugh at your sign about not being tidy.... I am a santamaker and my workroom/studio(doesn't that sound soo much better) is a disaster area. I'm going to put a sign up that reads: Creativity is Messy! Besides the craftiness, I am drooling over your yorkie babies. Have one tiny 4lb. 13yr. old gorgeous Duchess.

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