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November 03, 2009


Mitzi Curi

What lovely things your Aunt Caroline treasured. You certainly will appreciate them in the way they should be appreciated! I also wanted to comment on the gorgeous exterior shot of your Aunt's home. That Spanish moss is so beautiful!

Suz Reaney

I remember this picture and story so well,Karla. It came from the days in which I was a mere "lurker." I love her house, too, and her many beautiful things. She looks so elegant. I would love to win something in memory of this beautiful woman.

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

You are so lucky to have known her and spent time with her. I am sure she is looking down thrilled youa re willing to share some of what she loved with people who will love it as much as she did!


What a sweet post! This reminds me of my aunt who I got to know in my adulthood and then took care of until she passed away...We are lucky we got to know them!
I would love to be entered in the drawing. thanks! karen...


The older I get the more sentimental I am. What a treasure to have inherited such beautiful and memorable items. Enjoy your remembrances!

LiLi M.

That is a great way to remember aunt Caroline through a bundle of old trims. I think I would love to be remembered that way too, maybe with a few (vintage of course) buttons on top!

Sheila R

What lovely sentimental treasures to remind you of your aunt! And how generous of you to share!


It is so wonderful that you see these "treasures" as love objects from your aunt. To some people this would have ended up in the trash. You see the history and craftmanship that went into each and every morsel. Thank goodness for people like you for recognize the beauty in found objects otherwise our past would be swept down the drain. I'm sure that each and every time you use a piece of it Aunt Caroline will come to mind and her love will go with that new treasure you have created.


I don't know why I am crying. I guess because when my Grandma passed away the feeling in her house was so different. The woman I have admired and loved my whole life was gone, her home...a place of peace and complete joy growing up...was now so uncomfortable. Her husband (not my mother's father) did not want any of us there and has never given anyone anything of their mothers. You are so blessed to just spend that time in her home and looking through the things she loved. What treasures in her home and how amazing that your tastes and hobbies overlap. I wish the sweet feelings you had of being near her things could have been our experience also. Sorry I have gone on and on:-)


I can almost feel the feeling you felt while there...You always share the most wonderful stories....all the pictures are awesome and I love that vintage table-spread and I think it looks great on the bed.....You Aunt Caroline sounds like such a Wonderful and Kind-hearted Lady...I would be honored to own just one piece of her vintage trim.........


that is such a beautiful story and tears filled my eyes. So beautiful that family was also so very generous to open the house like that. It is not heard of. All the treasures wow just beautiful. You must feel so proud and heart filled with joy that you know you came from a long line of very talented artistic people. Thank you for sharing all your talent and love for all things beautiful and for this wonderful giveaway. Whomever wins will be very lucky! Hugs Grace


Karla, i still cannot believe that your great aunt Caroline is 100 years old in that picture...she is just lovely...that is so wonderful that you have some of her supplies to play with now...and that tablecloth!!! oh my gosh!!! it is so gorgeous, and what a piece of history...your cousin was so sweet to share with you!!!

Karen Young

Karla, what a lovely post. It is so nice that you have some beautiful objects to remember her. The table cloth is exceptional. You will always think of her as you use some of her supplies.

Hugs Karen

Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, this is such a beautiful touching post. How amazing to find out how much you and your great aunt had in common! Everything you received is so beautiful! She had so many wonderful things and what talent! That tablecloth is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! The love and history in that piece is overwhelming! The lace and supplies are perfect!! SO sweet of your cousin to be so generous also. I love that couch too!!! Just to die for!


Oh, Karla, this is just the most warm and loving post--I'm such a softie for sentimental things! I'm glad your visit to Florida was meaningful and special:)
And, oh my, is that tablecloth ever GORGEOUS!!


Karla, What a wonderful post. I believe when our loved ones leave us, the memories and things they leave behind help to keep them close in our hearts. I can so relate when you say: "Every time I wear it, I'll be feeling the love and the history wrapped up in it." Every time I play my guitar, I remember my grandpa and the loving hands that taught me how to play my first chord. And when I bundle up on the couch with my favorite pink hand crocheted afghan that my Great Grandma Esther made for me when I was five I can still picture watching her hands work her magic and the smile she had when she presented me with her lovely gift. I absolutely love that table cloth - its certainly will be a family heirloom as time goes on. Hugs,

Karla Nathan


What a touching post. I remember all the cards from last year's story of you and your dear aunt. What warms my heart is the idea that our family resemblances carry through not just in looks but in personality and tastes too. I love seeing that in my own family and it was nice to hear about it in yours.


Lovely stories, lovely remembrances...what fun to enjoy the things she loved, she would get a kick out of it, I'm sure. I hope when I'm gone, someone will "get me" and love my treasures, too!


Oh Karla

What a lovely tribute to your wonderful Auntie! I'm sure that she is smiling down from heaven knowing how much you treasure her memories and her wonderful treasures.

Please include me in the giveaway. Can't wait to get my book!


If you're interested, I'm having a giveaway too!


What lovely generous people you and your family members are!


What a bittersweet time for you. I am sure she would be proud of all you create using her treasures indeed.


Wow! She obviously was an artist! Just look at those wonderful trims and vials of glitter! That table cloth is stunning! What a wonderful piece to remember her by!


What a beautiful post. That bed covering/table cloth made of parachute silk is simply amazing. So much of history is wrapped up in individual lives.
I would love to be included in this giveaway. It will be an honor for the person who wins to have these treasures.



Karla..what a lovely tribute to your aunt...what awesome treasures...how nice to have things people we loved ,leave their energy on their beloved possesions...it is one of the reasons I love preowned things..Lorraine


what a beautiful story...I have some things from my grandmother that she made and that I cherish. I think of her every time I look at them.


Thank for sharing this story. I am drooling over those trims (oh the red ones!) and that table cloth. How wonderful that you have such a rich history. See you in a week!


What a treasure hunt! I remember doing the same thing at my great-grandmother's house. I was only a teenager but I still have some of the trims I saved (I was a weird teenager!)


So many pretty things, and what great memories! Your family must have something in your DNA (or maybe glitter in your veins...) And the parachute-silk tablecloth! Loved this post, Karla.

stacy watson

how wonderful!! i am so glad you were able to chose your remberences. such memories


What a great post and tribute - I love the tablecloth I think it looks nice on the bed!


What a beautiful post, Karla. It's so fun that you and your great aunt Caroline had so much in common....it's always interesting to find out where we get our love for certain things.
The table cloth of your great grandmother's is stunning! What a wonderful treasure to have. And knowing the history behind such an exquisite piece makes it even more special. I love the way you have it displayed.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Bittersweet is the word.
I too have some things from my Maternal grandmother whom I never did get to know and they mean the world to me, I wonder if she knows that where ever she is....
You have some lovely things.
Great post!


I'm so glad that you go to keep some items that belonged to your belove aunt. I have very few things from my family. I managed to get a few things that were my mother's after she passed. They mean so much to me. I was an only child and expected to inherit everything. Just before she died my step sisters appeared (after a 30 year absence) and sold everything at an auction then sold the house.

Cathy Kizerian

What a wonderful post and tribute to your great aunt Caroline. Doesn't it give you chills when you realize how much is passed through genetics - like the love of a certain color or style or of certain things.... How lucky you ARE (not were, but ARE) to have an lovely female relative like that. And it's so generous of you to share. Hugs, Cathy


What a lovely little post. Isn't it funny how the simplest things bring the sweetest memories? You really do have a treasure there.


What a wonderful post Karla, Its so nice that your family are sentimental and generous. I could weep when I think back over the years of the treasures my mother and nana had but then threw them away when they were too old, they were not sentimental at all.... I am though, in thier opinion Im just a hoarder...nope...the older the better I say! cherish your treasures and enjoy making something beautiful with the trims...Caroline would be so proud of you.
Best Regards

Gerry Hook

Isn't it amazing how similar tastes span the generations?
You've posted a lovely memory for us to dream upon.



What beautiful sentiments you share about your beloved aunt. How amazing it must be to feel so connected through your love of art and creativity. I am the tigger of my family, I am the only one who is considered creative or crafty. Your words about that connection just stood out to me and I wonder what that feels like. Thank you for sharing your treasures.

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, What a blessing with all the materials you got. But the most important of all is how you will remember her.
Her beauty- her giving- and each time you see somthing of hers, good thoughts will come to you.
Always, Janice


What an amazing and beautiful collection of memories from a cherished woman. That crocheted tablecloth is especially amazing! The work put into it is mind-boggling. May you enjoy an equal number of hours in happy memories using all those crafting supplies.


how exciting it is to get to use some of those beautiful trims that you know Caroline adored too! You have so many things to keep her memory alive Karla!
The necklaces are beautiful! But the history behind them is what makes them more special!


Beautiful treasures Karla , I have a collection of laces my daughters grandmother in law gave to me , they are such a precious keepsake to me I would never want to use them . The tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous. Donna

Linda K

What an endearing family you have! And how wonderful to be able to bring back treasures that most connected you to your Aunt. How I would love to play with some of the goodies! I know you will make so many wonderful things with them for a long time to come.


Karla how it makes my heart smile to read how much you love your family :) I love how you shared so many of your aunts loves and how her generousity has passed on to you...I am glad you have some treasures that when you look at them will bring back such beautiful memories for you of your loved ones, Rose


Karla I think both of you were blessed to have each other and I know your Aunt would be so happy that you will cherish her treasures and I would love to help you do that! haha.

Jennifer Hayslip

Awwww....what a beautiful post Karla!!! Bittersweet, but loving and sentimental. The tablecloth is amazing!!! WOW??? WWI parachutes. Incredible! It's so wonderful to know that you have inherited so much of your aunts likes and similarities. What a special bond you two had. Fabulous memories and beautiful keepsakes!!! XOXO,Jenn


Hi Karla,
I can't think of anything better than to know that the treasures that were your Aunts are so much a treasure to you also. That must make her very happy. I know that's exactly how I would want it when it is my time to let go of the Earthly treasures I have collected, rather than see them thrown away. You will do amazing things with every little bit she left you and that will make her and you smile. It is all so beautiful! She was blessed to have you for a caring and loving neice. Love your new blog design! Linda


oh Karla! Caroline is so adorable!!! And looks like she had good taste too! I am glad to see the treasures you'll have to remember her with , especially that beautiful tablecloth! That is really priceless, just like her! xoxo Andrea


What a lovely story, and how wonderful to see a woman's lifestyle choices validated by another generation.


I'm sure she was smiling knowing how much you will love and enjoy her beautiful things...and beautiful they most certainly are!!

:) T


Dear Karla,
Thank you for this post. Lovely treasures from
your sweet Great Aunt. The tablecloth is absolutely
beautiful and your picture of her home and the hanging
spanish moss is just so special and wonderful.


kana conger

What a lovely time you must have had, although bittersweet. You have some wonderful things to remember her by and I hope that when you see her things that are now yours, you will smile at the memory of her!


What a wonderful legacy! None of my ancestors had much to leave, but what few things I have, I do treasure. Thanks for sharing and letting us be a part of remembrance.


I'm so happy for you for all the neat stuff you can now treasure! You deserve it, for all the happiness you bring your readers.........:D

Zita - Mlle Magpie

How neat that you're part of such a creative family, Karla. I think that is the coolest thing. That tablecloth looks SO gorgeous in your bedroom - it looks perfect there! And that jewellery is very beautiful.

Sea Witch

What a lovely post and what a beautiful lady your Caroline is. The tablecloth, which looks lovely as a bedspread topper is exquisite. I adore that parachute silk was used, what a gem. I would have gone crazy over all of the trims myself. I adore needlework items and trims, ribbons and emblishments are a personal favorite. What fun you had and what wonderful memories you will keep. Sea Witch

kathy lowry

Karla how lovely - I remember your post last year of your Aunt's birthday - the joy on her face was delightful -- How wonderful to be connected in so many ways -- The artistic element is seen throughout your family - Continued blessings _ Kathy - ga ♥

Debra Ganas

From the beautiful shot of the front of Aunt Caroline's House to that last picture of her on her 100th birthday, this post was a wonderful "picture" of a beautiful lady.

I know you and all of Aunt Caroline's realtive's will always treasure her memories.

I had a Aunt Helene that also gave things to me while she was living. I treasure those things. I have heard it said, "Do your giving while your living, so you're knowing where it's a going." I think we could all learn from that.


I would be honored to receive anything from Aunt Caroline.

Andrea Villarreal

How lucky you are to have known such an amazing lady. Everythng you got looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see how you use it all:)


What a time you had! I love the photo of the house with all of that dripping moss. Just gorgeous. So, basically you've found out that you are genetically geared to love pink, old things, and lots and lots of craft scraps and trims. How very cool is that?


Valarie Kraft

How lucky Aunt Caroline was to have someone who appreciated all of the beautiful bits and pieces that she collected. Not everyone would have seen the beauty in all of those trims. I hope you have a lovely day.


Karla, what a beautiful home that photo is grand! And such a great family to share her wonderful things with everyone. She sounds like she was quite a lady your Great Auntie. Oh I would be honored to win her sweet treats. Count me in. Hugs & Kisses, Diane


Oh Gosh I am genuinely upset - I remember well your post about your Aunt's 100th and was very touched. So my heartfelt sympathy. All the best to you.


What a special lady your Aunt Caroline must have been! I would be thrilled to receive a few of her treasures.
Looking forward to seeing you at Silver Bella next week!


Oh, Karla, that tablecloth is such a treasure. And what a provenance. That will be a gift for your family for generations to come.

I remember making a card for your Aunt Caroline -- finding an image that looked like the photo you showed us, imagining this wonderful woman. You clearly were kindred spirits, weren't you. I don't believe she was generous in deed, but generous in heart as well and what a gift to have had her in your life. Of course, please enter me.


Oh WOW! What lovely treasures. I can't believe you are willing to part those amazing trims, but I would be honored to receive them and promise to use them with great care if you happen to select me. I know how much you must miss your aunt, so I wish you all the best at this most difficult time. Hope you are enjoying Mt. Dora. If you get a chance, have dinner at the Goblin Restaurant. It is DIVINE!!

Lisa Sheets

What a lovely box of things from your aunt..And how about the property and the moss hanging from the trees...soooo cool Lisa

Freda Butler

It is amazing how talent will appear in one person in the family and re-appear in another era. I think I would have loved your aunt who enjoyed her collections and did not feel guilty having it. You are very fortunate to have had someone like this in your family.

Is this the lady who lived in Howey In The Hills?



Tammy Sprinkle

What a wonderful story. How neat to find that your family has many similar interests and taste. I love that Caroline was as generous as your aunt. How special to have her table cloth. It is beautiful! Your aunt must have been thrilled by the outpouring of love from blogland. Loved the crown. ;D
The trims you brought home are fantastic and I would love to win some. I love using them in my art work.

Michele O'Connor Dunn

Oh my - where to start - between your post and the comments there is just so much ...add to that my daughter's name is Caroline in honor of her grandfather Charles who passed away many years before her birth. How wonderful of you to honor your Caroline's generous spirit (which clearly is a family trait!)by sharing with us.

Joanna {sweet finds}

hi Karla, I am sorry to hear about your Aunt Caroline. But it's nice to know that she lived a full & wonderful life! Reading stories like this always makes me wish I had a closer relationship with my Aunts.

See you soon, Joanna


Crafting is definitely in your gene pool. Such lovely, lovely trims and that tablecloth, ahhhh. xo, suzy

Laurie S.

Thanks for sharing, it is so interesting to hear about all the interests and tastes you had in common with your aunt. I am happy for you that your late aunt and your cousin are so generous as that does not always happen in families after a death. I am glad your cousin has an appreciation for all of your aunt's things, to some people it might just be old junk - heaven forbid!

Laurie S.

Tracy Suzanne

Hi Karla. I'm very sorry to hear about your Aunt Caroline. It sounds like she had many years and from the looks of her in the 100th birthday picture she looked very happy and vibrant.

It's so funny how you come across new people and it seems destined to be. I was just looking up papered birdhouses on yahoo and you were the first one I clicked onto. I love yours and at that point had to come check out your blog. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of your Aunts house was that looks like Jacksonville. Then I saw Florida and I thought isn't that funny but it could be anywhere in Florida. I then told me doesn't that look like a house in Jacksonville? Imagine my surprise when I saw the beach pictures and you talking about Jacksonville. Oh, I guess I should explain that I live in Jacksonville. It just seems so weird that I found you and Jacksonville just by clicking yahoo. Small world. I don't know where your Aunt but again it's a small world. Sorry to make the post so long. I know you'll cherish the memories of your Aunt.

I'll be following your blog and hope to get to know you better. Please stop by mine and visit sometime at http://cottonpickincute.blogspot.com. I'm also hosting a giveaway be sure and enter.

Oh' also if your cousin hasn't had the sale yet. I'd love to go to it if you can tell me where and when.

Have a wonderful day...Tracy :)


I would love to win some lovely trims....what a wonderful collection of cards she treasured!



I am glad that you guys had a good time with Aunt Carolines belongings. So, what's the longest you've sat going through the trims and such?

Elaine L.

This is a wonderful story. It must have been hard knowing that she is no longer in the house and that it will soon be gone from the family, but I guess you do have your memories.

Those trims are wonderful! How nice of you to share, I'm not sure I could let go of any of them.



How lovely to have all of those trims to use in your art and craft work, I am sure she will be looking down on you and feeling very happy that they are being used. The tablecloth is a beautiful heirloom with an amazing story! God bless your Great Aunt Caroline - Rachaelxo


Sweet Karla...LOVE that tablecloth! And so many other lovely things. I am glad that it was a sad but joyful day for you, with the work I do, I hear such horror stories....we recently cleaned out my gandmother-in-laws apartment (she is in our nursing home) and it was a sweet experience. You have to be grateful for moments like that...your friend, Bobbi


What a wonderful lady and a wonderful post!!! Loved walking down memory lane with you!!!

Jodie (everything vintage)

What a beautiful story Karla! But what's even more beautiful is how Aunt Carolyn is IN you as you are still sharing the love!
What a treasure, both her and the beauty she's left behind.

See you in a few days!!!!


What a lovely post...isn't it amazing the ties of family that we have? I was given a few bits of my paternal grandma's items and I LOVE them. Looking forward to seeing you next week!


what an emotional time that must have been. Great trims, amazing tablecloth!


what treasures we have in those that go before us! Fun to find we are so like family memebers.......

Kerryanne English

What a touching and beautiful post Karla. It made me feel some of your grief and also awe for this wonderfully creative woman.

I guess some things are genetic and you obviously inherited her generous spirit and creativity gene too.

Gorgeous tablecloth!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Southern Lady's Vintage

Such a lovely post Karla.


When my husbands grandma passed, we stayed in her home to get the are of and some other things like what you took care of. It felt so strange being there with her things and not having her there to hand you the dish cloth and tell you to clean something or to want to show you the latest papers she was working on and so forth. It was an odd experience, however one I'll never forget.
Take care Karla.


Hi Karla.
It's hard losing someone that you are fond of. My sympathy to you and your family. What beautiful pieces your Aunt Caroline had. I am sure that you will remember something special about her every time you use a bit of trim or see the glass birds that I am sure will have a special place of honour in your home. The tablecloth is just beautiful. I would be tempted to use it as a bed spread topper as in your picture. It really is a georgeous piece.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Nerissa Alford

Karla, Such a sweet post in honor of your aunt. Thank you for sharing the memories & photos with us.

Andrea S.

what a wonderful tribute post, Karla.
{and that table cloth is exceptional!}


Oh Karla, I'm finally able to get back on to visit my Typepad bloggers. I have been reading all these posts I've missed. I'm sorry to hear about your wonderful Aunt. How wonderful to have had such a connection with her. Have fun at Silver Bella

Sharon Chapman

What a wonderful post.The picture of your beautiful Aunt just shows her kindness. Her treasures are so wonderful. I know that you will love them as much as she did.Sharon


How lovely a giveaway. I am honored

Sher Sison Miller

You are so blessed to have shared part of your aunt's 100 years with her. I can only imagine the history and stories she passed on to you.


Beautiful, just beautiful. I love the things you chose from your aunt's home to remember her by, and how they helped you find yourself in them, too. I would be thrilled to have a remembrance of her (the trims! heaven!)

Pinkie Denise

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman.....
She love beutiful things too


What a wonderful tribute to your aunt!! And what delicious things she left to you. She was indeed your kindred spirit.

Alison Gibbs

Oh sweet aunt caroline. I so loved making her birthday card. She would be so happy that you have some of her treasures to play with

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