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November 20, 2009



I always love the pictures of your studio so much. That isn't a room but a whole house. How on earth are you able to create in there. I would just sit and admire all the pretty things.


I need to get things cleaned up over here! I will be leaving Monday for Oregon to visit my Sister and Family. Have a great Thanksgiving Karla. Hugs, Diane

Bunny Rose Cottage

What a dreamy post Karla! Your treat cabinet looks so beautiful. I love the wallpaper you chose. All of your silver bella treats are so pretty! I too dream of living in a cottage like that and collect cottage and garden scenes!! I cant wait to see the wallpaper you bought!!!

Gerry Hook

I have a really good candidate for a china cabinet EXCEPT I do know the DH would not go along with painting our teak china cabinet. Doubt it would look that great what with all the linseed oil and teak oil finish from years of saturation sessions.
Perhaps a shopping trip would do better???


i am in love with your studio, even cluttered its gorgeous!!!

Suz Reaney

This is so much fun to see your home and Silver Bella and how it all blends together for you. I am so glad you mentioned Beth because I wanted to write her a note and was on her blog the other night...got lost reading it...and then could not remember the name of it!

I am drooling for some wallpaper just now. I considered the trip but decided it would be too much. Did I tell you my MIL just threw away about ten rolls? I told her that was all I wanted...she didn't get it. I am trying to let go...

Your posts are always so genuine and so fun! Thanks for the gift of your blog!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

You are so lucky to find such fun pieces then redo them to suit you.
I would of been terrified to bid on such a big piece your so brave! LOL!
Love your room your so lucky to have it!!!
All of our extra rooms are spoken for, what I would give for a room of my own...
I got lucky too as a friend gave me books and books of wallpaper ohhhh soooo pretty... now what to do with it all.
I saw a bird in one of your silverbella pictures it was made with some wallpaper... any chance of seeing it again I would love to see it.... was so pretty!!


I bought a beautiful china cabinet when i first left school...(a little while ago now :) ) but in a very frantic moment let it go to my daughters school. It was ever so sweet with turned legs..a real little gem...and times like visiting your blog miss it..your room looks just sensational..oh so dreamy..i would never want to leave...and the little bunch of trims would work well with my stitchery somewhere....great son you have....happy day :)

Beth Leintz

I will always think of it as "the crying cabinet", and I admit, I thought it was ugly, but you really turned trash into treasure.

The wallpaper in the treat cabinet is perfect- that's one of my favorites.


Karla, I enjoyed sharing a SB class with you, and watching how quickly you work (which additionally slowed me down :). All your painted surfaces are so lovely, and what a treat is a "treat" cabinet. Some day I will get to vintage wallpaper heaven!


Detours can be so much fun -- the studio looks grat! Good to finally be able to check back with you. Glad SB was wonderful! Won't comment individually on the posts below just because after a week of non-blog and crisis, I can go through quicker, but trust me -- I'm loving every one (especially the wallpaper post!)


I would love to spend time in your room. In fact I don't think I would ever leave!!! Beautiful job with the new wallpaper choice. Loooooove it.

glitter and roses

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

I LOVE the cabinet where it is now Karla!!! It takes center stage and deserves it so! I've had those auction moments myself...I SO know that feeling of "what in the world am I going to do now!!!" But it all works together for good. You're so endearing to me Karla because you are REAL. Just like mentioning if it's good enough it's good! As long as it looks fine, why worry, right?? You truly are precious...xxoo, Dawn


it looks fabulous! I loved seeing little peeks into your cabinets! The story just cracked me up and then reading Beths comment...even funnier!

Jean Eakin

Karla, I have been trying to get caught up on your postings and all I can say is wow for everything. Silver bella photos were wonderful., and I just love the treats cabinet redo. You have a wonderful weekend.
jean in virginia


I have a dining room that is a non-dining room right now due to all of my art projects and antiques that I sell. I feel so bad when I look at all the blogs with pictures of beautiful tidy homes. I remember when...anyway, thanks for sharing the good, the bad, and the crying cabinet! I appreciate your genuine-ness (is that a word?). I'm inspired to go clean up my dining room right now. Or maybe after I finish one more project... :-)

All the best,


Thanks for the pic to download, love those saturated colors!


Karla you have such a beautiful home, thank you for sharing it. They say that ambiance makes or breaks a gathering...you amor, have it in spades :) I know you will have a beautiful Thanksgiving. Besos, Rose


Karla I just love your home it's so fun looking. Great pics and especially love the little Dorke running by.

Sheila R

I just love your studio and could get lost in it for hours.


That cabinet is such a treasure! And it highlights your beautiful collections and creations perfectly! ~ Angela


It's all so pretty and girly and gorgeous. I'd love to have a rootle around in your home, it looks full of treasures. :O) xx

Cathy Kizerian

I love your workshop, messed up or neat!! You haven't seen MESS until you've seen mine! Wanted to let you know how much I loved your Paper Doll tutorial on Artist Class. My sweet granddaughters are now one month and three months, so they're a bit young. But I'll probably be playing with some in the meantime, LOL. Hugs, Cathy


Yay for redos! It's is definitely a sign that Karla is easing back into her home groove when reading about a new furniture look.

Your home is a stream of creativity, shaping and being shaped into new wonders as you go along. Thank you for sharing the wonders of your home!

It is also nice to hear a story about things starting out nightmarish, then ending beloved, like your big china cabinet. It gives hope that bad times can become good.

Putting decorations over mirrors so they reflect light but not the viewer = Brilliant! I want to remember that trick.


I wish I had a china cabinet like that!

king louis ghost chairs

You have a magic wand when you had the redo on your place. Awesome!

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