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December 04, 2009


Paula Kay

have a great sale & happy treasure hunting as well:) thanks for sharing the vintage calendar, what a treat!


Geeeeee! I'm with you, Karla, the lace is absolutely beautiful. Again, I wish I could be there it looks like a great sale! We are having the same kind of weather here in San Antonio, today. It is supposed to get down to 24 tonight! Brrrrrrr. That's one of the reasons I don't live in Kansas any more. My arthritis screams in the cold! Hope you post more pictures of all the goodies. I'll be sure to put a bib on before I read that post so I don't drool all over myself!! Thanks for sharing.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla!! i cannot imagine no heat! I cannot stand to be cold, it literally hurts me. Part of my Thyroid disease is intolerance to cold. I am glad you decided to wait until it warmed up!! Everything looks just amazing! I would LOVE to be able to go and shop. I love the ornaments and everyone's details are just over the top amazing! I cannot wait to see yours, I know it will be to die for!!
Love ya sweet friend,

Thespoena McLaughlin

I love the little December calendar page. Thanks so much!


Karla, thanks for the peeks...it looks like it is going to be just as or more fabulous than last year...good luck on getting the panels, they are TDF!!!


Karla...Isure hope you get those gorgeous curtains...Hate the cold anymore...thats why I come to California from B.C...brrrrrr..Lorraine


Looks fabulous, Karla. I know you know people around the world are inordinately envious! Good luck -- hope the sales rock!

Jean Eakin

Karla, What exquisite lace panels. I hope she lets you get them. I know you will do fantastic this weekend. I can't wait to see photos since I can't be there in person.
Have fun,
Jean in Virginia

Brenda Kula

It is a lovely moon you captured! I wish I was there to shop and visit you all!

Suz Reaney

I love those lace panels, Karla. I hope she does decide to tell them. they would be lovely to live with.

Thank you for the giftie...that is too cute!

Hope the sale goes well!I have a five person home show tomorrow...in my home!


Oh my... ring around the moon is ice crystals in the upper atmosphere... I am *not* a fan of winter. Weather here in the Ozarks is typically 10-15 degrees warmer than y'all up there, but not this week! LOL! Down in Shrieveport, they are expecting that nasty 4 letter word- SNOW.... I wish I could be up there where you are, for the sale. I was supposed to come to Olathe but it is too cold for me. I haven't even dug out my winter coat yet.

meleen dupré


can't wait to see more miss frenchie photos!!!!...

and i hate having cold feet(and hands)(seems to happen a lot while watching soccer games!!)so i keep a box of those warmer things that skiers put in their boots and gloves handy.

stay warm!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Oh, good luck Karla, and don't forget to wear thick socks!

Mary Ann

Why does this post say Jan 3 2010?
Good luck with the sale.


Hi Karla,
Oh I hope you were able to purchase those lovely lace
panels and keep warm too!!! : )
Cute puppy pic........



That moon wreaked havoc over here earlier this week; I'm with you, I think it's a fairy ring! I'm glad you got those beautiful curtains! Love them.


That puppy Pearl is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I can't get over it. I want to hold it and pet it and cuddle it close. Awwwwwwwwww!!

Did you get the lace panels you wanted for your kitchen?

If you ever do get to go on your dream guided French Flea market tour with Gwen, we want pictures! ;->

Hope the event was a warm welcome for all involved. * extra warm hug wishes *

PS - The ring around the moon is known as a halo or moonbow. The name seems to depend on how close it is to our celestial sibling and how much rainbow color is in it. Personally I like your name of a fairy circle.


Hmm, the hyperlinks didn't seem to work, so here are the references:


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