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December 15, 2009



hi karla,

what a sweet photo of sugarwings on santa's lap! she is a little doll. candy for breakfast sounds pretty good and probably no worse than a pop-tart! LOL

love the wallpapers!

have fun at the movie. it looks great!


Nancy Stone

Candy for breakfast-what better way to start the day. Glad to hear your email is fixed. Those computers just have a mind of their own!

Bunny Rose Cottage

What a cute post Karla! I love the picture of Sugarwings looking up at Santa, so cute! I love holiday fudge too :)
I need to get some more wallpaper, I have been using so much of mine lately!
We cant wait to see the movie either! It looks so cute :) Have a wonderful time!

Brenda Kula

That photo of her staring into Santa's face is absolutely priceless! Get that one framed pronto, Karla!


oh, that is too cute Karla!!! she sure looks happy after she got her candy cane:) so sweet!!!

fudge? mmmm mmmm mmmm yum!!!

Beth Leintz

Ms Sugarwings got a cute little pageboy haircut- its darling-those pictures of her are great. It looks like she and Santa are having a real heart to heart.

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board

She is just SOOOO cute! And what a great Santa!! Very fun!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

Poor little thing....if she needs it that bad now, I fear later on in life when it's "that time of the month" she might knock over a convience store for a snickers bar!!
xoxo, Tiffany

Elaine L.

What a sweet story. That is one of the BEST Santa's I've ever seen. There aren't many of those around.



Your grand daughter is just a sweet, Christmas doll! Enjoy the season with her and your family!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Sea Witch

Candy for Breakfast!!!! Love that title, would make a great kids blog name. Sugarwings is aptly named. She is such a joy to you as so delightfully shared in all of your photos. Wishing you a joyful holiday. Sea Witch

Sea Witch

Forgot to mention that "Sugarwings" might enjoy visiting the daily blog I have created for my grandchildren who I call my ravioils. It is raviolisforlunch.blogspot.com. Everyone is welcome to visit and utlilize the downloads I have throughout various postings. Sea Witch


What a cute story and such sweet photos of Sugarwings. Such an angelic little face. I'm with you on the fudge!

Andrea - Faded Plains

Ohhh...I love me some holiday fudge...wanna share :o)


LOL@ Sugarwings with Santa! I can remember being her age and on Santa's lap at my dad's Elk's Lodge... and thinking to myself, "Why are there sewing stitches in Santa's beard???" My mom swears I came out of the womb with a threaded needle and some scissors.
I loved the artical about your journals in Somerset Life- they are just beautiful! Thank you for helping fuel my creativity this holiday season.


Ms. Karla, I've been so out of control and overwhelmed I haven't been able to visit, so checking down on all these posts for updates on your wonderful world. Loving the photos of Miss SW and Santa!

I'm sorry to hear Bookie is faring poorly -- I didn't see a follow-up so I wasn't sure what was happening. But my heart aches for you; it's hard to say good bye or knowing you will soon.

Warm hugs your way. Hopefully I'll be a better commenter soon -- if it wasn't for pre-posting, I'd be up a tree this month!


So cute Karla! That sounds like my kids ,they just want the candy!!


Hi Karla,
Awwwwwwww....what sweet pictures of Sugarwings and her
with Santa. Love them!
How did you do the holly boarders and also the sepia
toned pic with her blue eyes (from the other day).
Is it Photoshop? I'm not very computer photo savy....
Nope...not at all but, would like to learn.



She looks so tiny on the ole guys lap...too cute! I keep missing your wallpaper packs, always gone by the time I get over there!


What wonderful photos of your granddaughter in red! Karla, I received my "switched prize" today and I just love the paper doll - thank you so much, and for the extra goodies, too.

lisa mac

She looks so cute with Santa, and what a simple request. Mine asked for a ski boat! It is such a cute age they are all at right now, wonderful to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. Lisa


gosh, she just gets cuter and cuter!! What adorable pictures!!


Oh, that is precious! Children are wonderful in knowing how to appreciate simplicity. Hope she had a good time with her candy cane!

Oooooooooooh, I think I gained two pounds just looking at your fudge. Oh, my...

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