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December 06, 2009


Suz Reaney

That looks like a fantastic event. One of these days, it is time for a visit to see my brothers and I will have to plan it around something as special as Miss Frenchies.

My sil and I used to go estate saleing in KC and, my gosh, you have some great sales. We do, too, but there are different kinds of things than I see in Minneapolis. It is, without a doubt, my favorite actiivity...next to making things!

Your booth (and Beth's) look great and I agree with you on Beth's prices...though yours ere also really good.


that all looks good enough to eat Karla...i LOVE the baby doll in the first photo, she looks very much like one that i have and adore...the change purse is super cute too...i definitely would have snatched up one of those!!! Beth's booth is gorgeous!!!


Oh it looks like so much fun -- I want a coin purse with a flower in it on MY tree, too!


Glad to hear the event was a success. And congratulations on getting the curtains you wanted! Sounds like you had much fun, and want to do it again for more.

Don't think you've gotten out of showing pictures from your booth. For all of seeing the creativity of others, we come here to see YOU and YOUR creativity, Karla. ;->

Hope your poor toes warm up soon and painlessly!

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh wow ! How utterly wonderful! Such a pity you were freezing your little tootsies off!
YOur pictures are lovely, they do make me wish I had been there in person but they are the next best thing.
Sometimes it is hard to purchase things when you are taking photos and vice versa, so even though you missed out on some pretties...WE still got to see them!
Thanks for sharing!
Kiss Noises Linda


Karla, I need a bath towel instead of a bib I'm drooling so much!! How wonderful it looks. Glad that you had such a lovely time and WOW I'm glad she sold you the curtains. Thanks for sharing for us poor unfortunate souls who missed out!

Brenda Kula

So glad you got your coveted curtains! Can't wait to see them in place. Hope your toes warm up real soon. I made taco soup today and it just warms your tummy. Wish I was close and could bring you some!

karen young

Wow Karla, what a sale. I would so love to attend sometime. I do hope you toes are finally warm. I know how cold you can feel when your feet are cold.

Hugs Karen


Hey Karla; Wow what a great bunch of photos..... I love everything.. what a fun time you all had... I hope your poor little toe's are warm now........ the barn was so pretty looking with all the white lights and all the booths,, thanks for sharing..... have a great week....



wonderful pics Karla, I love the foot warmers! Glad you had fun.


Karla, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos. What an amazing event. Now, if only y'all would become a traveling show. That would be wonderful, huh? Nah, so much work goes into your event, and it definitely shows! Could you imagine traveling with that? Have a wonderful and WARM week. ~ Angela


Gasp! What a beautiful spread! I coudl die happy in there lol!

Vicki Chrisman

Constant glorious eyecandy over here!!!!

Elaine L.

You lead such a charmed life!

Thanks for the gorgeous photos.


Sheila R

Oh, how I wish I could have been there! My kiddo's and my schedule kept me hoping all weekend.

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, I'm so happy you got those dreamy, gorgeous curtains! The show looks fantastic!


It looked so very cold. How did you manage. I can't operate in the cold. I guess all the goodies would warm me up. Amazing stuff. Alas, I am too far away to enjoy the visit to such an awesome shopping treat.

Merry Christmas


Oh Karla, it all looks soooo very lovely. Well, except for your poor gloved and carpeted feet!! I sure hope to make it one day. Thanks for sharing all of the great photos with us. Hope your piggies are warm now!!


Hi Karla...great photos as usual...we need pix of your booth...glad you got those super curtains...sorry you were so cold..once your feet get cold..your bladder gets cold..well we know the rest dont we???Lorraine

Andrea - Faded Plains

Everything looks amazing...what fun!


It looks like a fantastic show full of magic!

linda marcov

Karla... Thank-you so much for your sweet remarks... and also for my lovely tree branches... we had such a good time inspite of the cold.... well how could I not be warm in Gwen's lovely fur coat... looking forward to more shared times.. I agree with you WOW what a talented group of designers, and vendors... amazing!!!! Carol was such a help to us... Love Linda



I laughed at your gloved toes! And thank you so much for the lovely comments...you are too kind. Linda of Willow's Nest was fantastic - wanted to snatch that entire tree right out of there and run!! I have to say, your little suitcase display was so very pretty and I just loved all the little special items you picked to display in them. I haven't downloaded my pictures yet, but if it turned out, I will show it. I am going to save for a new camera - not to o happy with mine - but those reading this, trust me when I say her little suitcase display was very cute and I zeroed right in on it when I walked up to her space :-)

Take care

hope | paper relics

swoooooooon!!! xo!


Hope you have warmed up by now!

I agree with you---that coin purse ornament is awesome! Guess what I will be looking for at every flea market and garage sale from now on?????

Everything looked so wonderful...wish I could have come!


What wonderful, elegant, Christmasy fun! Wish I was there!

Stay Cozy (especially your toes), Carrie


Karla, you poor thing...how I feel for you and your freezin feet :)I am the same way...my girls gave me an early Christmas gift..get this, Tall UGG boots with rosses all over the outside..cabbage roses at that and the inside linning...pale pink :) I am loving them lol I will have to post a pick on my blog, they are "different" but that is ok my fashion sense has always been my own lol But oh how I love all the lovelies that you showed here...although you showes peeks of what you took and I remember alot of beautiful things in thos peeks :) So I would call it "garage sale couture" Hey I know I love your stuff, If I were in Kansas, I would be in lots of trouble :) I am so glad you got to be part of such and amazing event and even more that you are sharing your great pictures with us...I love that and then the icing on the cake...you got your gorgeous french netting! Thanks for that, now I know what those panels are called, they are gorgeous! Besos, Rose


karla - such a warm, beautiful post - and what a day it must have been! i saw linda and ludmil's booth at marburger (spring show 2009) and was just captivated by all the incredible found and "created" treasures she had on display. thanks for keeping it all real - and still so lovely:)


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