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December 26, 2009



Merry Christmas!!
It sounds chaotic and absolutely lovely.
Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the rest of your weekend.
Cari B.


Thanks Cornhusker for helping my "people"
A LOYAL Jayhawk Fan!

Brenda Kula

Well, isn't he a keeper? My husband went to Oklahoma. And let me tell you they needed lots of good samaritans there! Sugarwings is just growing like the proverbial weed; straight up. That girl is gonna have legs!

Kathy Bozeman

Yours is the only blog I check every day. It's like reading a human interest book/story a little bit each day, and I just had to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate the efforts you go to with your great pictures and captions. Happy New Year to you and your family!


That is too funny! I am a Husker, out in Nebraska now and there were certainly lots of neighbors helping neighbors today. The snow is insane!


I am a lakers fan...that's it for sports for me. But! I have been to Ogallala Nebraska...does that make me fickle?? ( I was 13 and my older brother lived there with his family! I was astounded by the bunch of Moose we saw on a little island in a park) But I would definitely be a Jayhawks fan if I lived there in that snow...especially being a Californian, if I got stuck, I wouldn't know what to do! Happy, Happy Karla! karen...

Jenny @ The Red Bulletin Board

Merry Christmas!! Sounds like you guys had a blast! And the picture of Sugarwings on the edge of her feet in front of the tree is beautiful!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a bittersweet time for you and Sugarwing's family. My Kansas daughter-in-law spent her first Christmas here with us. I know she was missing the white Christmas in Kansas.


I love your red nose. It seems you made the best of your day! That's what Christmas is all about!!! ;o}



Merry Christmas... what lovelies you have in your home... the handpainted tree is gorgeous.. the children are darling and you and your red little nose are priceless.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


How sweet of your husband to rescue those on the road who doesn't have good tyres and 4 weel drive. Many propably saw him as an angel that day. Your grand child is gorgeus. Have a lovely christmas. Hugs /linnea-maria


Your hubby is clearly a kind hearted man who understands the real meaning of Christmas. :O)

Gorgeous photos as always!



The holidays are always full of surprises! I love the midwest, people-helping-people customs here in Colorado, too!


Okay, you have a seriously amazing husband. Even if to him is it play, how wonderful of him to go around doing Random Acts Of Kindness on Christmas. That's the best story I've heard of holiday spirit this year. Thank you so much for sharing!

Glad to hear while the planned party was truncated it did not damper making memories with family. Oh, and good luck eating all that food...


Great pic of you at the end! Brought a smile to my face.

Elaine L.

I love your picture!

I love when people perform acts of random kindness. We need those experiences to renew our faith in mankind, especially in this world we live in, today.


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