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December 31, 2009



Happy New Year...you go girl..fix what you can and get the rest fixed...would love a neck massage right now...take care..we are going out for a lovely greek dinner, rent some movies and cozy up to the electric fireplace lol..


There are times you are especially cute, Karla, and this post reminds me of them. Why did you wait months? Oh, could it be because you were traveling it seemed almost as much as you were home? Or maybe it was all the booths you had to prepare for? Maybe holiday decorations, parties, crafting, Etsy/Boutique stocking had something to do with it? ;-> I think you might be just a tad hard on yourself, especially when you are doing it now early as part of your New Year Resolutions.

Hey, those hand weights look familiar. Oh, yeah, I have a pair just like them getting dusty in the closet. I'd make it a Resolution, too, but experience has taught me nothing prevents me from exercising like making it a chore.

Good call on getting a professional in when other priorities don't get things done! That is such a good idea, I may just copy it for our home, too.

Hope your quiet New Year Eve goes well. Eat an extra piece of popcorn for me, please. Oh, and don't stop the picnik editing, that is a fantastic picture! They always are so fun.

Happy New Year!

Donna Anderson

Happy new year to you Karla . Donna


LOVE that cabinet in your bedroom! Get it fixed girl! Always enjoy your blog! Gotta go get my party shoes on! Going to an early movie, then supper out and I hope to be home by 8:00. I am such a party animal! Blessings for the New Year!


Happy New Year, may all your Dreams of Home renovations come true. Hugs & Kisses, Diane


What a great idea to just hire someone for all those little things that need done! My DH is wonderful but sometimes it seems like,before you know it, a ton of things need done!!

I do so love your old cabinet! Such a beauty!

You door fix reminded me of the 3 doors that need to be installed upstairs- will it be this year????????????

Praying your 2010 brings many more pretty memories!



Those are fabulous resolutions.
I made a similar resolution a few years ago.
Mine was to "finish what I started."
It really seemed to work. Well, not everything that I started got finished but a lot more than normal did.
Have a warm and cozy evening and a splendid new year and new decade.
Cari b.


Your home is lovely, as are you and your family. Many happy wishes for you in 2010.


Happy New Year, Karla. Doesn't it feel great to get those little pesky things done?



Karla, I loved this post, I have to come back and catch up on a few that I missed, have been away from the computer for a bit..taking some family time. I too have made myself a promise to finish all those lil ideas that I have in my head for my home...I am tired of seeing things in my minds eye and then seeing the items still in a box or on the floor waiting....you get the picture :) I think your bedroom looks gorgeous, so does your door! How did you get the grain in the door to be so detailed? I love it. Have a wonderful New Years!! We are celebrating our wedding anniversary today :) Besos, Rose


Hey !!Karla..The trouble is when you like old,beat up,stuff ...like we who so enjoy your blog is..that..we have only so much to work with..when you start to fix something..like your screws..they dont fit...a trip to the hardware store...so many distractions..so much to fix..you will get it done...voice of experience speeking...enjoy your evening...Lorraine


...as far as your editing being over the top...I think everything you do is over the top excellent! You continue to inspire, delight, inform and entertain through your wonderful blog...

I have been anxiously waiting for the January issues to be on the shelf, and yea! I picked up a copy of Somerset the other night, and peeked over your wonderful article and am so looking forward to curling up over the weekend and starting my year with packing as much crafting as I can into one blissful weekend.

You are a treasure!


Have a fun night with your grandbaby.

Gerry Hook

Well, you have good intentions.
Perhaps just a fraction would be an okay result by the end of '10.
Thanks for the inspirations your blog has given us.

Brenda Kula

I will be having a quiet New Year's Eve as well. I always do. Don't like champagne. Can't stay awake late. (I'm very much a morning person.) It's like being married to a doctor, I suppose. Can't get them to do "doctoring" when they're home. Robert is my handy man. Had him for over a year. Know him well enough to fuss with him, go to battle with him, and feed him. Sort of like a second husband. My way to keep him coming around? Starbucks coffee freshly brewed. Maybe try that on yours and you'll get a LOT done! Happy New Year, knobless or not!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

I just love your bedroom Karla!!! It has such a peaceful look to it...I know what you mean about getting things done that we just let go and wonder why when it's repaired did we wait so long?! I wanted to wish you a very happy and blessed new year!! hugs and love, Dawn

Mitzi Curi

Happy New Year, Karla! I've got a fire going so my two Westies can toast themselves, and I can diddle around on the computer. My hubby is waiting for some sort of football game....I guess we're all happy here!


Karla, i wish i had a Don to do some things around here...i swear my hubby never looks farther than his dinner plate or the tv...and if i mention something more than once that needs his attention i am "nagging"...hmmmmph...i love him though...he has other good qualities...i hope you have a wonderful time tonight with your little Sugarwings...and Happy New Year to you and yours!!!


I am so with you on needing to do the little things...it is so easy to just walk on by but it adds up after a while...I think you should mail that cabinet that needs knobs to me in California and I will fix it for you .... and mail it back (ahem) unless it sadly gets lost in the mail getting back to you... it's really ugly you know and wouldn't look great at all in my bedroom or living room...no siree..... hee! hee!
Just playing! It is gorgeous! Happy New Year's sweet Karla! karen...


You have such a beautiful bedroom.. love the cabinet. We are staying home too,, watching a few movies eating some shrimp and cheese,, your's sounds so nice,,nothing better then spending the New Year with family...

Happy New Year to you all!


Eileen Elder

Karla, Happy New Year! Today I received a wonderful treasure from your boutique, and a fabulous way to end this year. Your ceiling is beautiful, and I am sure you will have it all done in 2010. Did I say 2010? Goodness, it is hard to believe. Thanks again for sharing your life with us, and I am happy to have found you. Now I must go and get ready to bring in the New Year, by taking a shower and going to BED! :-) Have a good one!


Miss Rhea

Your bedroom is Gorgeous !! But...as an ex faux finisher, I am looking at your ceiling and my neck is freezing up just thinking about the work you put in there, lol !! It is LOVELY ! Happy New Year !!!


Good luck with all your fixing-up projects!!!

Your bedroom is lovely, but the first thing I noticed was the set of weights!!! What size are they? They look rather heavy! Mine are three pounders (in an awesome shade of purple!) and I just LOVE them!

Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year Karla!!! I never noticed your doors anytime I've been over. :) It is nice to have a handyman to fix everything at once. Corey's dad is our handyman. He comes down about once a month. Take care and we'll see you sometime soon I'm sure. :)


Happy New Year Karla! One of the things I look forward to in 2010 is reading your blog, seeing the sweet pictures of your fairy grandbaby and your projects!!

LiLi M.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy 2010 Karla, seems that you are on the right way with your resolutions already!

Elaine L.

You crack me up! You accomplish about ten times what any normal human could do. You live big.

But, I know exactly what you mean about letting the little things go. We get used to living with things that aren't finished and live with it, then suddenly, one day, we get a bee in our bonnet and these little things scream at us.

Hope you had a peaceful new year's eve. My daughter got to see the Rose Bowl Parade in person! Last May she moved to an apt. that is a half of a block away from the parade route. Talk about fun! She enjoyed walking and seeing all the people who camped out New Year's Eve.



Happy, creative new year Karla xoxoxo Clarice


Happy New year Karla. heres to another fun and creative year in blogland!


I LOVE your ceiling. I never though about decorating the ceiling, until we moved. My craft room is in the basement with ceiling tiles. So I've hung so many thing on it. I'd love to do the vines in my bedroom. New year, I'll see. Have a great New Year!!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR SWEET FRIEND!!! ah yes...2009..was quite the year for change by us...downsized into another home..but have kept the favorite findings and passed many on to new adventures...we have a new kitchen ceiling in the new place and NEW FLOORING!!! my kitchen will have a sidewalk cafe theme...one wall is now a black chalkboard, wainscotting covers the lower 1/2 of the other three..then the uppers are painted roasted pepper!

I just finished hanging new white curtains in the dining and livingroom...and i have white sconces on either side that i was going to drape lace thru...BUT decided to get some birch branches and thread them thru then perch little hand made birdies on the branches!!!!
2010 is going to be so much fun!!!! new directions!!! new art!!! new smiles!!!
sending you out a big smile!!! and hugz

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