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December 27, 2009



I am glad you found a good home for the little doggie! I hope you have a good new year Karla !!


Nice to hear that Janice and her family as safely together.

Prayers that the funeral service brings peace to all who knew Sugarwing's Nanny.

"Let's all have the happiest of New Years!" And all the days after, too!


Karla: You and Rich are 2 very kindhearted people, that was a very sweet thing to do. How old were the kids getting the dog? Happy New Year.


hi Karla, I'm so glad to her that sweet little Janice will have a wonderful home again. I'm so sorry to hear about Nanny and I hope that the family heals from this loss. You and your husband are so dear to make sure that her sweet dog is once again loved and safely delivered to is new owners.

Dawn gahan

Love the doggie story. A family loss and a family gain.


Hello Karla...great the wee dog has a new home ..you folks are so kind to take the time to deliver her...I cant believe you went somewhere with out your camera!!!Have a good one...Lorraine

Cindy Is Crafty

Karla, that is fabulous! I am sure that Nanny was watching over you all the way on your journey. It makes me think, too, of this quote:

"To the world, you are one person but to one person, you are the world."
Author: unknown

Sheila R

Am I the only one that has trouble getting to your boutique? I haven't been able to shop for months. Do you have any vintage millenery? I would sure be interested if you do!

Sound like Janice is going to have a wonderful life because of you....

Have a wonderful New Year!


What an adventure for the family and dog to get together.

Brenda Kula

What a wonderful story with a finally happy ending. That photo of Sugarwings with her hands daintily up at her mouth is just precious, Karla.



So happy to hear that Janice is with a good family and so very kind of you and hubby to transport her to her new home.


beautiful pics of sugarwings!


Such a wonderful ending to such a sad story.

Bless you all!

christina slocum

What a heartwarming story. I bet you wanted to give the family the world...and looks like you did.
May days of Joy fill your holiday and 2010

Daisy Cottage

I can't tell you how much I love your giving spirit and your beautiful heart - you and your blog bring all of us so much joy.... Thank you for being you and for all that you share with us Karla!

You are such an inspiration. Everything is beautiful as always in the most magical way. Sigh.

Much love,


I have tears in my eyes - I am so happy for Janice and so happy for that dear family. Love goes a long way, doesn't it?

Susan G


Thank you for sharing such a sweet Christmas story...it brought tears to my eyes thinking of that sweet little girl so happy to receive her bundle of doggie love.

Beautiful pictures of both Sugarwings and her Nanny.

Oooh, and thank you for the sale too...you make it hard to resist a little New Year's treat! :)

Gumbo Lily

I've been catching up on your blog. You've certainly had a very memorable Christmas... both happy and sad things. I'm sorry to hear about Sugarwings' Nanny. How sad. Time is fleeting and we just never know how much of it we have left. Live in the moment. (I know you do)

Blessings in your new year,



So glad that story had a happy ending! Thank you for sharing you stories with us. I love your frank take on life. Not to mention your endless creativity! Happy New Year!


What a beautiful Christmas story. Sorrow and joy go hand in hand in life don't they?



What a sweet story Karla, I'm so sorry to hear about Sugarwings Nanny.

Primary Work at Home

Wow nice pictures. I like the dog too. So adorable.


what a sweet CHRISTmas story! Love my furry family members. What a wonderful give-a-way. I am now headed over to etsy!

Elaine L.

What an old fashioned Christmas Story! It warms my heart.


Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, this post just warms my heart! I am so glad sweet puppy got such a wonderful new home to live in. It sounds like she will get so much love and she and this family needed each other! How perfect.
I love these pictures of your Christmas :) Sugarwings hair is SO CUTE like that :) Curled under, what a little doll! I feel so awful about her nanny :( You have all been on my mind a lot this week.
Much love,


What a sad but sweet story. Thanks so much for sharing you heart and your LOVE.

Happy New Year!

Elaine L.

Wow! Half off is quite a deal. Thanks for the gift. I ordered two items for my daughter. I think I'll give them to her for Valentine's Day.



What a lovely story for lucky Janice!


That is quiet the sale I'll have to so some shopping to check it all out and hopefully get me out of the winter blues...doesnt help when 3 of 6 of us have had a MEAN flu...still recovering....
I'd love to be entered in this sweet drawing I have 3 girls and always looking to do little things with vintage hankies...

Janice In Missouri

Maybe we could all pitch in and send items to the family who adopted Janice.


WHAT A LOVING TRIBUTE!!! little girls...little girls...nothing as sweet as little girls..(and little boys...who at a moments notice say, nonnie i need a hug..do you?)


That IS a happy ending after a lot of sad things. Glad you made the trip safely and everyone ended up with smiles.

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