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December 07, 2009



I am so admiring the JOY with the cabinet card holders and rhinestones.....so very pretty. You are quite clever with your ideas! The curtains are also very grand and I can see why you were on the hunt for them. Thanks for the reality check on decorating the house, as I needed to hear it. I am trying to do too much, because like you , I love the pretties. We will get done what we can and enjoy it. Have a great breakfast with your friends!!


I love the banner and the gorgeous curtains, too!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

Ooh, I can see the letters now! I have enjoyed your last few posts so much, and especially want to thank you for the bottle brush tree idea!! I dyed some in really bright colors, and sold every single one at my sale last weekend. Folks think that I'm brilliant, thanks to your inspiration. Thank you Karla!


I love your attitude! (and the curtains and the banners, but attitude is what makes us unique)


Now I know what to look for - French Netting!!!! Lovely, lovely. Joy also has to be one of my favorite words, great idea on how to showcase it! I jus' luv dis post!!


Karla, I love everything about this post! Your curtains(french netting)...they are gorgeous and they look beautiful up even on your tension rod :)Your Joy garland...I just love, love it, especially the jewels to match the letters, that was a great idea...But I especially love how they look infront of your gorgeous french netting. And my stars how I appreciate what you said about not stressing out...makes me feel alot better...you have no idea...Besos, Rose

You should do a tutorial on that Joy banner, I can never find those album pages here, I know I would buy that tutorial in a heartbeat :) ooh and maybe even hang a lil chandelier crystal from the bottom, to catch the light...oh please do a tutorial :)


Karla...I love your Joy Banner!....how absolutely beautiful...I think I know what craft I will adapt to my supplies...I don't think it's possible to have too many wonderful banners around :)...now if only I could find some of those beautiful album pages :)...Thanks for sharing your day...I am sure a day with Sugar Wings hands down beats the best day decorating...Decorating will always be there, but babies grow :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Karla, hooray!!! you got your curtain panels...they are just stunning...so delicate looking...and the color is perfect...your joy banner is really pretty too!!!

Mitzi Curi

Karla, I know how much work goes into a show, (that's why I don't do them anymore), let alone decorating your home and having guests over. You are in the 99th percentile when it comes to getting things done! I think your "Joy" banner is delightful, and I'm already cooking up a variation in my mind. I have quite a few album mats mouldering away in the basement!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, those French curtains were made for you! They are stunningly beautiful and just perfect in your home. I LOVE the garland you made!


Ooooh La la! Love those beautiful curtains, I can see why you are so excited about them! And you are so right about all the decorating and the house being perfect! I needed to learn that when my parents were both very sick and my children were little, it took a while of struggling but when it finally hit me...it became my mantra. I try to keep a nice house but not to the point of sacrificing time with family and friends! Hugs and have fun at your brunch!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla!!! I am so excited for you about the curtains!! They are just gorgeous and meant to be with you :)
I LOVE that banner SO MUCH, I cannot even tell you!!!!!! It is the prettiest ever. I would love to have one :)
Big Hugs,


What a beautiful curtain! So lovely arranged with the cards. Have a wonderful week. /linnea-maria

Julie Ann

What a gorgeous window frame!! Those curtains are so elegant and I just adore your Joy banner!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love the curtains, very etheral and French looking !( I would know ~Je suis Francaise)
So happy you enjoyed your day with Sugar Wings, you have the right idea, live each day with Joy in your heart !!
Words to live by!

Karen Young

Karla, your curtains are lovely. I really like how you did the JOY banner.
You are so right, pretty does matter but some things like making memories with Sugar Wings and enjoying the season are so important.

Hugs Karen

Thespoena McLaughlin

I do love the "JOY" decoration and those curtains are fabulous!


Your past couple post have seriously been filled with so much eyecandy... I really wish I lived closer..Although, I think I'd be filing bankrupt.. I love that beautiful lace panel and that Joy banner...

Rochelle Gaukel

Congratulations on getting those gorgeous curtain panels! And, I love your JOY banner - so clever are you with the materials you have on hand!
Have a great get together lunch!

Sea Witch

I would be jumping for joy too. What lovely curtain panels you have. I had similiar pieces in the old Queen Anne Victorian I lived in years ago. We had 48 windows and not one was the same size. It was a challenge finding unique lace pieces but a wonderful treasuare hunt. Your Joy cards are striking and a wonderful marriage with your lace panels. Sea Witch


The curtains look quite lovely! I really love your banner!


Looooooooooove your new curtains! So beautiful!
And I whole-heartedly agree with what you said about what's important. I want to ENJOY my decorating, not stress about it. What I get done will be enjoyed, what I don't doesn't really matter!


Beauuuuuuuuuutiful!!!!! So happy that you got them and love the Joy banner.!


What a cool banner idea and of course the curtains are gorgeous.

Andrea - Faded Plains

Your curtains are gorgeous...and your banner is adorable.


Hey Karla..curtains look awesome ..new they would...cant wait for the next pix ...Love it....Lorraine

Brenda Kula

Honey, you look sooo happy with your curtains draped around you! You have the right idea. Don't stress about the decor. Enjoy the company. The moment is really all we have.

Joyce Gilpin


The curtains look WONDERFUL in your kitchen. I'm so glad that you love them and got them. It was just meant to be. I love your banner too. I'm still so tired after the show and had to work all day yesterday at the Mall...and I STILL don't have my car unloaded from the show either. Oh well..it shall get done. We also have a huge snow today. It's beautiful to look at from the inside of the house. *ha!

Have a glorious week!


Suz Reaney

Those new curtains are INCREDIBLE!!! The JOY banner is GREAT! I also love the word "Joy" at Christmas!

I am glad you are relaxing and just being comfortable with your friends...i work on that one, too!!!


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Karla, I just love the curtains!!! You are so adorable having them draped around you sweetie, looks like something I would do!!! And I love your attitude too, we must slow down and enjoy our lives, our friends know we are not perfect ~ enjoy the moment....hugs and love, Dawn


Love the curtains! I wish there was something like a Miss Frenchie's in my neck of the woods! Hope you had a great breakfast with your friends!


The banner is lovely and I'm so glad you pointed out how you chose the jewels so I'd take a closer look. The curtains are to die for. It's so fun to finally find something you've been looking for, forever. I am doing the same thing with decorations - whatever didn't get put up before my husband's birthday party Saturday got put back in boxes, and now I'm thinking it's already enough and I'll leave it as it is!

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Karla! I LOVE the curtains and they are obviously so functional..not just for hanging! LOL!!! So so beautiful!!!
Hope you had a lovely day with your friends. Is it your birthday??? You banner turned out lovely! You are a genius when it comes to using the most wonderful & unique items in your work. Let me guess...it took you 5 minutes to make? tee! hee! Happy Holidays sweet friend! XO,Jenn


Cute curtains!!! I bet your house looks beautiful! It is funny to see wee ones decorate. Our tree is a bit lopsided with all the decorations hanging off the branches that are "Bethany" high :)

Oh by the way we're having a boy!!!

meleen dupré

french netting....ooh la la!!!



They are gorgeous, both on the windows and on you, :))!!


Now those panels are just lush, Karla!!! I sooo understand why they came home with you!

Angelic Accents


Beautiful, especially all layered together with your joyful touch.


I am soooooo glad you enlightened me about "French Netting" because I bought one beautiful piece when I was in Round Top the summer. And I like you thought it was a lace curtain... silly girls. Now that we have that settled do you have any idea where I could find a couple more? Did you buy them all? If you have info you could share I would appreciate it. Thanks for sharing & I LOVED you banner but, more than that your attitude. You were right to go to the book club.


How awesome are those curtains? Just gorgeous! Love, love, love the JOY banner. I may be copying that idea (just for me). Do you mind? Thank you so much for your beautiful blog. It just fills my heart with, well, joy! I know it's hard, but you manage to post A Lot. Much appreciated. And you are always so positive, and even your dimple-faced smile makes me smile. Your little Sugarwings is so beautiful. So, thank you for sharing with us. It really does enrich our lives, too. What did you read for book club and what's up next? I'm always interested in what people are reading. You should share about your book readings, too. Thanks Karla. Mona

Linda K

Yep! You definitely have your Priorities straight! And, you are still young enough to get it all done anyway. I am always amazed at how much you accomplish and have the energy to do. Those days are past for me! :)

Jennifer Wolfe

Very beautiful, Karla!
I love the curtains!!!

Mary Green

LOVE the banner!!! (oh, and the curtains too!)


oh karla
have been reading all about Miss Frenchie's sale and love all the posts and pictures. Your lace curtains are so very pretty and am sure one of a kind! No wonder you were coveting them!!


New curtains are fun! I never really appreciated that until this month. Congratulations on the window makeovers.

It's inspiring that you enjoy decorating so much. Even more so that you put it second to enjoying friends and laughter. Good priorities to follow!

Winfred Eibach

That's good reason to jump for joy, I think. The curtains kind of remind me of a veil, particularly one that seems to be a family heirloom of some sort. Well, if it was a veil, it's doing a good job at being a window curtain!

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