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December 14, 2009



Oh, I can hardly wait for pictures of Sugar Wings in her Ballet class...Thank you again for sharing! ....and how nice to know that I am not alone in my beginning of Christmas journey this year...tree just up, and now on to gathering wishes :)...Have a wonderful day :)


As uusual Sugarwings is adorable. How did you do that photo? I love that look. You're not too late, there are people who don't start until the 24th. Think how far ahead of them you are!!! Have a great day.


It looks like they were having a great time!

Suz Reaney

I will be watching for more wallpaper. Please put me on your list if I am not there. I didn't get an email but I got the smaller pack.

Os, that Sugarwings is going to be precious in her ballet getup. It will be unlimited photo opportunities, Karla! I can't wait.


Whenever my grandson jumps on the bed, I want to jump on it too! Looks like so much fun! Oh to be little again!


those girls look like they are having the best time...what little cuties!!! i love the last picture there of your beautiful sugarwings, she looks so sweet!!!


So very sweet of the 2 girls. Thanks for sharing the pretty images as well.


Oh good - email's fixed! Those pictures are just so cute -- I especially love the one with the kitty playing with ribbon in the mirror!


Hi Karla,
Love the pictures of Sugarwings and Pixie Pie and
Thank you for the pretty images too!!
Hope your Christmas shopping went well.....

I felt so bad when I read about your sweet Bookie.
I have a 14 year Lab and it is getting harder and harder
for her, especially in this cold frigid weather.
Sending warm Hugs to Bookie.



Sugarwings and Pixie Pie look like they're having so much fun jummping on the bed.. I remember doing that as a little girl..
Those wallpaper packs look sooooo pretty...
Hope all is well..


Karla, she is just going to love her ballet classes...as much as we will love seeing pictures of her dancing in her outfit...you are sharing pictures right :) Your wallpaper packets are great :) do you think if I fold some w/o ironing to send to a friend that they will be ruined? I am ugh to lazy...busy yeah that is it...to do it the correct way :) When you get a chance please visit my blog and see my new rose covered boots, they are ever so warm and I think you would love these the next time you are at a cold place showing your beautiful wares...I actually think of your toes in those gloves each time I put them on :) besos, Rose


so much to catch up with, I will have to come back later, when Gorgeous Girl is asleep. I utterly agree, little girls are such fun to have around :o) but I am totally biased!

Your tiny doggies are so sweet. I realised with absolute shock the other day that my cat Dudley Darcy Dickens is now 7 years old, which means not only is he grown up (I still think of him as my tiny kitten), but probaby halfway through his life. I need to stop chasing him out of the kitchen bellowing 'GET OUTTTTTTTTTT' when he constantly hangs around for food, and start having more snuggles. He's a gorgeous little thing. Not so little actually, people are always commenting on his size. Not fat particularly, just BIG. He's like a scaled down tiger. This is he... http://www.flickr.com/photos/8100824@N06/2961451764/

Time I was off. Enjoy your week. xx


I love the last photo Sugarwings blues eyes are so sweet.


YES YES YES...DANCE CLASS!!! maddy is in her 4th year...and loving every minute!! next year we can add classical ballet to her list...(tap jazz, ballet and performing...now..) the studio she takes classes at is a disney affiliate..so they can do all the disney trips..for dance...

sugarwings will be such a lovely ballerina!!! and i'm sure, like i do...you will cry at all the recitals!!! they grow sooo fast!!!


Glad your email was fixable!

Pixie Pie's room is cute, indeed. Made all the cuter by the pair of non-stop girls. ;-> Hope Sugarwings's ballet classes go well.

And again, love the great picture you compose of Sugarwings at the end.

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