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December 25, 2009



It seemed like everyone wanted to, or missed doing, last-second shopping this year. I'm glad you had the very best that money can't buy: Family close.

And, oh my!, those roses are lovely. They almost look like blown bubbles in your picture, or spun light. What an amazing shade.

Here's hoping the traditional Christmas Dinner (especially that golden corn) is a great success and that all family who come for it are able to travel safe. And may I just say that your centerpieces and decoration clusters look lovely? The white and silver look you chose for your home this year is a great classic match to the meal.

Plus once more I must say what an amazing Nanny you are. I know you made Sugarwings's Christmas extra special.


The pics that you share of your home and studio are always so magical but this time of year they are especially magical!



Merry Christmas dear Karla to you and your family. I know this is a bittersweet time. I am glad you are finding the moments of joy and making the most of them xoxox Clarice

Sea Witch

all the best to you and those you love. Sea Witch

hope | paper relics

Merry Christmas Karla!

Suz Reaney

Merry Christmas, Karla. Thanks for the joy and pleasure you bring to all of us, sharing your beautiful creations and your interesting life.

sherry goodloe

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'm glad you are able to have loved ones with you especially after the sudden loss recently. May God bless you and your family.


Merry Christmas to you & your family...your all shining through even in your saddness...your day sounds wonderfull ...enjoy!!!!.Lorraine

Brenda Kula

I've been playing catch-up, as apparently I'd missed a few posts (and very important ones full of life events!) I'm so sorry about your loss, and especially that of Sugarwings. Life is so utterly fragile. Takes us down roads with spins and turns we never expect. Peace be with you. Your home and vignettes are very appealing and speak to me today of the warmth your haven radiates. And the love you so generously give.


...THE MERRIEST OF CHRISTMAS' TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY...and here's to the new year granting a bit more time to visit blogs and old friends a bit more frequently!

hugz and love


What a wonderful family you have and I really hope Sugar Wings Grand mothers family will find peace some how. I wish you all well,Pearl


May the magic of the holidays sparkle throughout the coming year! Lovely decorations! Lori

Elaine L.

I'm so happy that Sugarwings mommy spent Christmas with you. It has to be so hard losing ones mother at such a young age and especially at Christmas. God bless you All.



I am so sorry your family has had such a sad and unexpected loss so close to Christmas. What a terrible shock.

Despite the sadness, it sounds as if you have all made the best of things and made sure Sugarwings had a wonderful time.

Your home looks like a magical fairytale. Sugarwings is blessed to have such a fabulous start in life.

Lots of love xxx

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Merry Christmas to you, Karla. Sounds like you really know how to make a loving holiday no matter what the conditions. p.s. your home looks just magical!

Primary Work at Home

Merry Christmas! I love the Christmas decors too.


I love your silver and white display! So glad the doggie found a home. Your Christmas sounded lovely, unconventional or not. It's the people that count!


All that really matters is the care that we show for one another, at Christmas, and at times like this, when you lose a friend, or a loved one. I often think of what a very large heart that you have Karla, and no one could be a better person. Your Christmas was filled with caring, for those you love, a little dog, another family, and each other. Your home is always lovely, but it is your spirit that shines through here.

Take care.

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