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December 19, 2009



I love, love, love it!
Merry Christmas if I don't write before! I so enjoy visiting your little blog every day!
hugs! karen....

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Your home is gorgeous Karla! It looks like a winter wonderland!

Bunny Rose Cottage

KARLA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Oh you have the most beautiful home! Thank you so much for letting us see your whole room! It is stunning, so warm and cozy. So inviting and I LOVE that mural! WOW!! You are just amazing! I wish I could come see your home in person. I love the silver tree too! I dont really care much for gigantic trees, lol! I think yours is just perfect!
Happy Holidays!


What a welcoming warm home you have. I love all the white and glitter and creaminess. It's a place to just relax and enjoy.

sherry goodloe

Oh Karla, your home is just gorgeous! I love everything you've done here. Merry Christmas to you xoxo


Morning Karla...I think your place looks stunning...very festive...I really love how you recovered the lounger to the right in the first photo..you must have that camera in you hands all the time!!!your pix are great...Lorraine

Marietta Hoschak

You home is so very lovely and inviting... The tree is beautiful... I love smaller trees... Enjoy. It's so charming....


Your home looks so serene and lovely with all the dreamy and creamy whites. Gorgeous!!


So pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have that same tree topper, found mine at a yard sale this summer for a quarter! And I love it! Your house is so pretty! Maybe you can help me with my living room, it doesn't seem to "flow" to me???Hope you have a merry christmas, on monday I will be having my birthday giveaway if you'd like to come by! I also recieved my PRETTY papers from you and I LOVE them so!xo Andrea


Oh I have a white tree...but that silver...wow! Love it. Everything looks so festive and beautiful! I can see why you wouldn't want to take it down "too soon".

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Brenda Kula

Karla, it's so beautiful there in your festive space! I think next year I might just get a little white tree to go with my little green tabletop ones. Good idea about getting Sugarwings her own tree!

Furniture Stores

Love your living room and Christmas decorations. BEAUTIFUL!


I love the decorations. I so miss having a tree, but I have too many kitties that won't cooperate. So, now I have to have cat-friendly decorations! :)
Happy Holidays!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Etheral is a word that comes to mind..... and just soo damn lovely !!!
You have such a way with things !!
Have a great weekend

Jean Eakin

Everything is so beautiful Karla, I just still don't know how you get everything done. You are an amazing gal with energy to spare. Happy Holidays,
Jean in Virginia


Your tree is so beautiful!!! I have a silver tree as well. Thanks for the wonderful ideas for decorating it!



Your home looks amazing Karla! Love the colors and the sparkle.

Mitzi Curi

Your pictures are so sparkling and beautiful! I love your winter white palette with the touches of metallics. I hope you and your family have a joyous Christmas! What fun you must be planning for your granddaughter, she is at such a great age to enjoy all of the magic that Christmas brings!

Freda Butler

I just love your silver tree and all the decorating you have done. think just back a few years ago people thought the colored rees were tacky and now they are back and all over the place. think I will have to invest in one.



Valarie Kraft

I love that silver tree, and all of the amazing ornaments you have on it. Your house is absolutely lovely. I hope Sweet Sugarwings and the rest of your family has an amazing Christmas.


ooohh...so warm and welcoming and serene. perfectly done, in my humble opinion:)

happy holidays!


I have to renew my Somerset subscription, but I think a necklace I made is supposed to be in this issue. Hmmmmmmmm. I emailed Amanda my new address- but who knows??


Everything looks so pretty!! I can't wait to see it next week! Merry Christmas!


oops that was really me above Karla hehe

Vicki Chrisman

Totally GORGEOUS Karla!
Loved scrolling through and catching up. Boy Sugarwings is growing up so fast. What a little doll she is. Those photos on Santas lap are ADORABLE!


Morning Karla ..thank you for your post on recovering your lounger..very helpful..my problem is I hate cutting into my vintage fabric...I recover vintage lamp shades when I`m home in Canada...& i have loads of old tableclothes..curtains..& fabric...I like Magnolia Pearl 7 hopeing to get the book for Xmas....I wish her blog was faster...you have to wait to long ...Lorraine

Barbara Jacksier

Your home looks luscious in white. I understand why you don't want to take it all down so soon. Happy Holidays.




I wish I could just sit around in your creamy dreamy room and gaze at all the splendor! I am late decorating too having had too many irons in the fire but I got quite a bit knocked out today. Your decor as always is exquisite. Have a wonderful holiday!


Beautiful, Karla, and you're really putting that new camera to good use. Your photos are wonderful.

Miss Maddie's

So beautiful and who says you have to put the little white lights away... they could certainly set the mood for the next celebration, Valentine's Day.
Congratulations on your upcoming Somerset Life appearance.


Oh Karla ... not over the top - it's simply delishous. Stunning. Gorgeous. Grand. Oh I love it!!!

Andrea at My Feathered Nest

I don't know where to begin. I luv luv luv your walls. The tree is over-the-top gorgeous. The mirror is genius. The dog is adorable. The ornaments are charming. Need I say more? All the comments before mine..ditto, ditto.

Merry, merry Christmas!!


Hi Karla,
Love, love, love your decorations! Everything is
beautiful. I am still secretly coveting those chairs! : )
Merry Christmas and Hugs,

Autumn Clark

Love your two chairs mixed with everything snowy in the room. Lovely! Thanks so much for sharing.
Merry, merry Christmas


I am SOOO glad I came across your blog! It is wonderful! I was doing a search for putz houses and your blog came up! Well will need to bookmark you so I can follow you from now on!



I think your decorations are beautiful!...not over the top at all! Maybe it's just that over the top appeals to me? :) Anyway, your home looks gorgeous!
I can finally leave comments again...Yay!


Hehe, it seems that surprise at it being the week before Christmas is the trend this year.

"And since it is so small, I can overload it like crazy!" That is funny how with it being smaller, it can actually hold more. Life is funny that way, isn't it?

Oh, and it was fun to spot you reflected in the tree bulb. ;->

large wall mirrors

I really love your room its so peaceful and the Christmas decors are so fabulous. You are so adorable!

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