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December 29, 2009



I know, I totally have the winter blues here in Colorado, too. (I just shopped your shops, though, and that helped for a few minutes!)

Brenda Kula

I headed into my favorite antique mall today and strolled around a few hours. But I ended up not buying anything. I just realized that SOMEWHERE I have snowflakes like that! I wonder where they are? I wish I was close by and could come for a craft day!


Hey Sweet Karla! Belated Merry Christmas, and early Happy New Year! I have been looking at your gorgeous photos and reading...I wanted to email you about SugarWing's other grandma..have decided to just say how sorry I am for the baby and her mom, and let's all remember that life is just too short. Thank you for getting a home for Janice. Her death is the sort of thing I see all too often in my work, and why I get so worked up about loving our families and friends every minute we can...Anyway! The dress you got SugarWings is an unbelievable find! I fought the need to go thrifting all day today, and now I'm sorry I didn't! As always, thank you for sharing your life with us. You rock! Your Friend, Bobbi


Karla, that dress you found for Sugarwings is so beautiful!!! she will look like a fairy princess wearing it...i love the little dance costume too, it is so sweet!!!


Karla, That dress looks like it should have a hoop under it or it just came right out of Gone With The Wind. I love the pastel pink and it will certainly look good on Sugarwings. I think part of the problem with all of us that we get a big letdown after Christmas. Have a craft day and maybe it will lift your spirits enough to get through all the crumby stuff you have to do, like taxes, etc.


Etsy link to your shop doesnot open... says 'address is not valid'. Boutique opens. FYI


The pink dress is just perfect for your grandchild!
My granddaughter surely would love to wear that beautiful dress also.
Stay warm and cozy in all that snow and cold weather you have been having. Time to relax! Love that hiatus myself between holidays. Happy New Year to you and your family.


Yeah, girl. I think you got it figured out. Craft day and shopping. Sounds like a plan.

I can't believe that dress was only $18! What a steal!

And now I'm wondering if I have some crocheted medallions around here somewhere.


I wanna come! I wanna come! Do you think it would take me long from California if I started driving now? hee! hee!
Sugarwings will look like an angel in that beautiful little gown! hugs! karen...


I want to come to your house for a craft day! I haven't been out of the house for 6 days! Can we say 'stir-crazy'! Are the items that are already on sale in your boutique also half price? Lovin that recycled watch necklace!


I love that dress she'll look adorable in it! Oh and to pair it with those pretty wings she has! I'm so up for a craft day since we missed the last one. Let me know we are always around. (Finally done with the dog pukeys and poopies.) I'll even make marshmallows :)


I wanna come to the craft day, TOO! ha...I just looked up the distance between Bangor, Maine and where YOU live, and it is like 1400 miles!!! I guess it will take me a while to get there! oh dear......I will just have to read your blog and DREAM.....:D deb from Maine...:D


Hello Karla; What a gorgeous sweet dress for Sugarwings.. she will look so pretty in it.... OH a craft day sounds so fun,, gosh wish I lived close,, and shopping too,,,, sigh,,,
don't forget to take photos of your craft day and shopping,,,,, would make me feel like I was there......

Happy New Year


Beth Leintz

I know- it feels like forever since I did something fun- this week inbetween Christmas and New Years feels like nuclear winter - I don't really know what nuclear winter is, but the name seems to fit- no sunshine, cold, wet, dirty snow and worst of all- no new junk. A craft day or some good shopping would help.

Eileen Elder

Hi Karla~ I DID get into your boutique today, and bought a wonderful treasure. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I just found your blog, and now it is in my "FAVORITES" for sure. I live in AZ, and it is nice this time of year. I really feel for you in Kansas. Been there, done that. Happy New Year to you, and I fell like I found a new "friend" to welcome in the New Year! Love EVERYTHING about your blog, and thanks for sharing!

Kathy Bozeman

Even though I live on the Gulf Coast in lower Alabama, I still identify with that feeling you're describing. Your blog is such an uplift to me. Thanks again for sharing!


What time should I come over?!?


A Craft Day sounds fun...


Karla: Your blog is such an infusion of beauty each day. I appreciate having it available to read. Thank you for the effort you put into every post. Happy New Year to you and your family. May the new year bring you many new joys and opportunities.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

Thank you for another wonderful idea, Karla! I have a ton of sweet vintage crochet, and they would look so pretty on my tree. It's dreary, cold and yucky here in Dallas, too. Makes me just want to go back to bed! Maybe some shopping or crafting would be a more productive idea. Cleaning up Christmas stuff, too, although I don't want to do it yet either!


Beautiful little gown...won't S-W look like the sweet little princess in it!!
This new wave of snow is just too much--shopping and/or crafting sounds like the way to go;)


Dear Karla,
I am catching up and was so sad to read about Sugarwing's
other Grandmother. I'm so sorry. Please know that you
are all in thoughts and prayers.

Many Hugs,


Hi Karla....love ..love...love..the sweet little Sugarwings dress..we need a pix when she wears it!! I adore vintage clothes..I volunteer,when I`m home in B.C. at a thrift store..oh! the goodies...Happy New Year to you & your family...Lorraine


Sorry to hear that the holiday buzz is wearing off so quickly. Hope you keep finding ways to stave off the slowing cold!

I sure am looking forward to seeing pictures of Sugarwings in her new dress. ;->

The snowflakes look great. Who wouldn't want to see your decorations some more? We're going to leave ours up until at least New Years Day. Maybe longer, depending on the laziness factor.

PS Both shop links worked for me just now.

Andrea - Faded Plains

How darling is that lil' dress! I know what you mean about needing some vintage shopping and craft therapy...sounds like a good idea to me.


Karla, what a gorgeous little dress. I love all the white pics today, too. I've spent a good bit of time reading many of your past posts, trying to get caught up. So very saddened to hear of Sugarwing's Nanny's passing. May God bless your entire family.

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents


the dress is just adorable! It will look so beautiful on her come Spring!
Your family had had a rough week....I'm so happy it had a somewhat happy ending in the pup finding her new forever home!
Best wishes for health and happiness in 2010 Karla!


Oh Karla, I'd love to come play at your house! It must be fun! I hope you had a good Christmas, still in the event of such a loss. Wishing you a wonderful 2010!!


Also, Sweet Karla, please include me in your crafting day. I need a day of glitter and foof, and I figure I can drive out there in, what, 2 days, foof awhile and 2 days back. Sounds perfectly reasonable!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

meleen dupré


i love those antique gowns! when my daughter was christened she wore my christening gown but somewhere over the years the slip was lost so i went and found an antique one to pair with it. you would never know they weren't meant to go together originally!!!

so, i have some craft goodies all packed up....what time should i be there??? (-:

stay warm...and a very happy new to you and your family!!

Jennifer Hayslip

Oh my heavens! The antique dress is sooo dainty, pretty, and precious! :) I want to wish you Happy Happy New Year! Much love and joy! XOXO,Jenn

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla!! I LOVE that dress!!! Oh it is just pure perfection! Every picture you have shown in this post is amazing!
I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!
Love ya,


Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.


Wonderful idea about the starch and the glitter! I may do that with some medallions I bought in France!


I'm drooling on the wallpaper!

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