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January 19, 2010



Well you were feeling spunky today! Bless your heart. I suppose I am a bit of a new follower so I do not understand what the wallpaper packets are for? Can you direct me on a path of understanding? :) Much love to you this week, Cherie


So nice to have time to create with a friend. What could be better.

JoAnn S

love the birdies, i have been painting mine cause i cant find the right color when i go shopping. yours are more shabby which i like. they are great. looks like she is having fun ! lol


I so wish I had more time for some creating- my crafts are all a disarray - I so need to get some kind of organization going!

Love what you have done to those sweet birds!


Ashley Schott

I love the wallpaper and the gorgeous birds! Your little granddaughter is the cutest thing ever btw!


She is the cutest flower plucker.

LiLi M.

200 rolls of wallpaper sigh....


Karla, i didn't realize you were a wallpaper whisperer as well...that's a lotta rolls...how clever to paint those red birds...now they look all shabby and delicious!!!

Julie Marie

Hello Karla... oooh, your birdies are just precious! I especially love the ones that are in love! Yes, please enter me in your giveaway... I woud soo love to own a pretty little birdie... xoxo Julie Marie

kathy lowry

Karla - how fun !! love to see what you two were creating -- Love the birdies -- also Sugarwings and her hats - too adorable -kathy - ga ♥


Sounds like a fun day spent with you dear friend Beth. I love what you did with the "love birds" - and they look wonderful as a flock!

Enjoy this day too!

Thespoena McLaughlin

I love how those birds turned out! I had some red feathers birds that I didn't like too much but they were from the 60's and had a plastic body underneath so I ripped all the feathers off and pasted on aged paper. I'll be posting the project I did with it tomorrow. I do like very much how your birds turned out. I love the crackle paint with just a hint of the red showing through. It softens their harsh red look. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Karla, I love the birds, and would love to have one. Mona

Bunny Rose Cottage

I LOVE everything Karla!! The birds are wonderful as I am so ready for spring! I want to be Sugarwings and play in your millinery!!! YUMMY!!

Sammy Girl (Betty)

Hi, Karla! The sweet birds are lovely, but even better is having Sugarwings as a helper! (Makes me miss my own cuties so far away)
Hugs -
Betty :)

Barbara Jean

Would love a foofed and glittered bird!!

Please enter my name. =0)

thanks for coming by for a visit


barbara jean


I am sure you and Beth had a wonderful time! Where did she find a pink knife?! Hope it works well. When my family visits, they all hate my dull knifes. I have been using them for 20 yrs of marriage and they seem to work well for me! The wallpaper looks great and I do like the painted birds!

Rochelle Gaukel

Those birdies are so cute! And, with that hint of red peeking out from their tail feathers they would go so nice in my home! :)


Hi Karla sweet little birds..sweet little girl...love the wallpaper...200 rolls?..think I need to take some home to Canada...we are in the middle of a huge rain storm..well huge for California..not huge for B.C. kind of normal for me..Lorraine

Suz Reaney

I would love to win a bird! They are so cute, Karla. I loved my November prize! I was so lucky. I didn't realize how many names you had at the time!

I thought i missed your wallpaper sale again and I came back and reread this...whew! I am so glad I didn't!

Hear you have ice there...we are getting it tomorrow. I like to say that I live on the only hill in St Paul (this being a prairie!). I need to get down that hill to go to the warm water pool!


nice pressie exchange with Beth, I like the sound of a pink knife! Rachaelxo


Sounds like you girls had a wonderful day! The birds turned out so cute and look at that sweet little thing playing with the hats! She's a knock- out!


Hello Sweet Karla! Would it be wrong to tell you that I have absolutely nothing to say but really want to win a lovebird??? :) I really like the ones on Etsy, too...and SugarWings is your best advertisement, digging in the millinery cupboard! How did tai chi go? I guess that your fingers are still agile, hope the rest of you is, as well! Your Friend, Bobbi


What beautiful Birds!!! And what a fabulous idea to paint them. Love, love, love them!!!


Love the birdies!


I enjoyed hearing about
your time with your friend.
The birds are beautiful.

Alison Gibbs

The birds look gorgeous and oh my all that gorgeous wall paper


Well, those are some darn sweet birdies! I had an art day with a friend today too, I get so much more done when we're together!


I would love to be included in this giveaway! Thanks, Pearl

Deborah Woodrow

Love the new creations. The birds are gorgeous, and the tree you made your friend Beth is lovely too.
Wallpaper, in 11 x 14 ??? we need to talk !
Wow ! Blessed is not the word ! Take Care.

Jean Knee

those birds are divine


Looks like you and Beth had a wonderful time crafting. Your little love birds are so adorable, and what a helper!!! Too cute! Wish I had a sweet little helper around again, mine seem to be too big to "help" anymore!!!


I love to be entered in your giveaway, Karla!!
The birds are so pretty!!

Autumn Clark

Each of your birds are so lovely! As is baby girl!!!
~ Autumn Clark


Pretty birds! Looked like they were ready to perk you up for spring.

Hah, the picture of overflowing millinery flowers was cute. How fun to be drowning in your happy thoughts. Good luck to you and Sugarwings in sorting through the blossoms.


I am new-to-you and am loving what I'm seeing. Sure - toss my name in the hopper because one can never have enough birds. Ever.


Hi there :) I am new to your blog and am in love with your beautiful little birds! So please do enter me, I'd be so thrilled to win one (crossing fingers lol)~

PS - I think your vintage creations and projects, decor etc is simply wonderful, Thanks for all the great inspirations!!!


The little princess in your studio is just adorable! Your birds are so sweet and Thank you for the chance to win one!
I enjoy your blog so much.

Mitzi Curi

Your painted birds are splendid! I have some vintage cardinals that could use some toning down, so I might try painting them too. I'm also a fan of your wallpaper packets, and agree that even the smallest scraps of vintage wallpaper can be used for something. I just made a decoupage/collage picture frame using wallpaper scraps and it turned out really great.

Laraine Atherton

I would love a little bird. I will put him on my Christmas tree and he will be passed along to my daughter along with my other "vintage Christmas " ornaments.

Janice Rehmeyer

HI Karla,
I had computer problems these last couple of week. A new provider and email address and now i am back in business. I missed not reading your blog. It is so good to be back.
Were you in the snow/sleet area this past week???
Hope all is well.

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