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January 12, 2010


Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, I am so happy you got out of the house! And you found some amazing things too! The second I saw that first photo, the clock jumped out at me! I LOVE it! I adore the pieces you made too, oh my are they ever perfect! Your kitchen is so pretty Karla, you have done an amazing job with your home :)


You've inspired me yet again! But this one I can do. LOL I'm loving what you've done with your kitchen and our counter tops and colors are so similar. I've been wondering which way to go with mine. Now I know. Thanks for sharing that!

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla you blow me away all the time! Painting at midnight??? LOL!!! WOW! YOu got some fab goodies and I am DYING over the Cinderella carriage clock. SWOON! If you ever.....(hee!hee!) Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!!! Im glad you've filled your cold days with great bargain shopping! ;) XOXO,Jenn

Elaine L.

I LOVE what you've done in your kitchen. I especially like the neutral colors and all the collages you've made and embellishments you've added.



Love all the clock finds- the carriage one especially- so very sweet!!

I love the metal tile backsplash - is that a wallpaper?


thank you for the pictures I loved seeing the "all" of your kitchen!


It looks so pretty, I love the clocks! Can you come over to my house??


You sure sound SUPER charged after your day out!! I guess we need to get out, spend money and be with friends to keep a bit of sanity. I really like the 3 clocks you purchased, especially the one hanging in the kitchen. It all looks great. I vote for the rug with the writing.


Wow you kitchen is looking so beautiful,, love all the changes you have done... So happy that you finally escaped from your house... sounds like a really fun day.... love all the beautiful pretties you found... and made,,you talent is never ending.... have a great week.



That's my kind of day!! Love all your fun things, especially the clocks. :)

Maija Lepore

Great stuff Karla! I love your shopping adventure!!!!

Beth Leintz

The Cinderella clock is a totally awesome piece- not a splurge at all for something so one of a kind. Love love love it.

How come there's only ONE cookie on the cake plate?


What a fun tour, Karla. I just love all of your inspirations and creations! You have a wonderful eye!

Such a cute kitchen...I like things a little crooked anyway.... hmmmm little chairs...that's next!

Stay Cozy, Carrie


I know exactly which rugs you're talking about and I COVET them too. Unfortunately, they're not practical with a 140=lb dog. A girl can dream, however......


Dare I tell you that a tiny town just a little higher up in elevation than me in the "Black Mountain Hills of Dakota" hit 71 degrees today?!?

And that we were up to almost 60....

We may get tons of snow, but we also get some warm winter weather once in awhile!

Love your new clock faces....so cool!

Ashley Schott

Oh I just love it all. Can I please move in to your house? My mother-in-law introduced me to your blog and I'm totally hooked. Your home is so beautiful and romantic but at the same time totally homey and warm. I love it!


Love it!...the clocks are a wonderful edition to anything, how fun to find such a special Cinderella Carriage! I can't wait to see what rug you choose...What a spectacular way to spend a day! thanks for "taking us along" :)


love, love, love it! love the new look kitchen, love the kitchen clock collection, love your new picture with the clock face (but think you need to paint the frame!!) and love that you got out shopping!



Karla, how fun that you got out and did some shopping...i love the little carriage clock that you found...and your assemblage piece looks so pretty, you have a cute mix of interesting things in there...i have a crooked house too...


you did good.......your kitchen is SO inviting........oh, to be talented....:D deb from Maine :D


Wow, you got alot for not alot of money and you did so many creative things with it all! Looks fantastic!


Oh my - I love it all!! You're collages are gorgeous! Sigh,,,I've been to Curios Sofa. It was one of my top things to do when I visited KC a few years ago - love it all!! LOL about old crooked houses - I have one too. :)


Karla Nathan

Beth Evans-Ramos

You got so much done in such a short time. And it looks finished - not a half-baked project to be found. I am so impressed!

Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a nice comment.

Beth of Salvage Studio

Nerissa Alford

Just Beautiful! I enjoyed the tour! And that Cinderella carriage is so worth it.

JoAnn Salyers

Karla, I am so jealous, an entire day out shopping,even in midst of great midwest cold spell. I am getting cabin fever. your house looks great!!keep up the decorating on a budget. As for painting at midnight, yikes!!


Wow!!! Your kitchen looks great...a beautiful AND frugal makeover...I love it! And your collage/assemblage is so gorgeous!
So glad that you were able to get out of the house...hopefully the "warming" trend will continue. :)

Brenda Kula

I do believe that little outing was just what you needed! Look how much creative inspiration it has brought about. You are a bundle of inspiration most of the time however. So I'm not in the least surprised. I see you have a dog in one photo. Abi seems to think it is her job to make sure she gets in mine! Oh, and I love both those rugs you're eyeing. I can't imagine actually getting to shop at that store in person!

Mary Isabella

WOW you found some great things...m.


it look fabulous. We just got one wal dry-walled, but need to sand. Then I can paint!


I LOVE the way you tied that little frame! It makes it so unique!

Alison Gibbs

Karla that is some great shopping you did

karen young

Karla, Fantastic makeover, I love the new look of your kitchen. This whole process has been so inspiring.

Hugs Karen

Sherry Williams

I love new look, Karla! The clock faces are wonderful & I love your kitchen cabinets. For more Zero Dollar decorating you could paint Sugar Wings' chairs & cover the seats or make some slipcovers with pillow cases & trim them in some ecru lace or other pretty trim...just a thought!
hugs, Sherry


Love that carriage clock! I was watching one much like that on ebay last year, it kept dropping in price every 30 days and I thought I'd wait to see how low it would go, I think it was down around $28 when the seller just stopped listing it. I was sorry I hadn't bought it {hate when I do that}. Yours has a beautiful face and lovely patina - well done girl!


Hey Karla...love the new look..think it is kind of pared down & clean looking...I still love the roses though...I swear that clock belonged to my Mom..in Canada!! Thats the neet thing ..were does our stuff come from....the mystery of it all..right...Lorraine


Hehehe, knew it had to happen sooner than later. Actually I think you did remarkably well taking your Zero-Dollar Decorating to the limit before switching back to out-and-about Decorating.

Friends really are the timeless treasure, aren't they?

Look forward to hearing which rug you decide on!

Brenda McBryde

hey karla,
love the new look. I've been eyeing a carriage clock at a antique mall here, in Michigan. They want over 100$ for it. So, I'm extremely envious of that buy :) lol.


Karla, your kitchen is soooo doin' it for me!! Is that anagalyptic wallpaper on your backsplash and ceiling? I have been looking at the paintable plastic faux tin ceiling tiles at Lowe's but yours are even prettier!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Oh what a delightful look you have created....just beautiful... and so very cozy.
I am fastenated with your DARLING curtains in the breakfast nook...are they antique..?? If not, can you tell me WHERE you got them...they are exquisite.



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Larissa Dobbin

Thats SHOPPING!! Haha! Hmm, you do deserve to go on a shopping spree since you've just finished your zero-dollar decorating. The clock in the first photo looks vintage and elegant! But I did wonder why it's placed there. Is it used for hiding with the condiments? :D

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