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January 14, 2010



thanks for going shopping for me..weather wet and raining here..well at least you weren't on the phone at the same time..were you??? take care..love the hats...

Jen R

OKay, someone told me KC was only like 6.5 hours from IL... I might need a road trip!


you be green with envy and froth at the mouth over Carol's house...i am going to do it about you and that FABULOUS purse!!! that is THE cutest darn thing i have ever seen...don't even get me started on the hats...Carol's house does look gorgeous...i am leaning more towards natural/sepia/creams right now myself...it does looks more sophisticated...and it's more soothing...

Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, I LOVE that purse so much! And those hats, oh my goodness!! I wish I could go to Jenn's retreat too :( So many bloggers are changing there styles to the Scandinavian look. I dont think I will be able to completely do my home that way, lol! I love pink and whimsy and bunnies too much. But in my living room, I have been adding the neutral touches and am really liking how soothing it is. The Curious Sofa looks amazing!!


hey, my google reader is empty now...so i was clicking on your links...your pretty places link page is so cute Karla!!! i love how you have your friends grouped together like that...it makes your blog main page look so much nicer also...and clutter free...

Brenda Kula

I'm glad you're able to get out and about. Raining here. Been dribbling and drabbling rain all day.


Oh how fun! Thank goodness for the nice weather! Now I'm hoping I can get out in it one of these days. I fell down the stairs and have a nasty sprain :( Carol's kitchen is gorgeous I miss her and all you girls!!

Linda Lilly C

yes well that looks more like the kind of second hand place we have around here...no beautiful antique malls for us...though we do have beach and shells, perhaps that makes up for lack of antique malls ( or not).
You know I do am liking those colours, especially when they have the touch of whimsy as well...can't go past whimsy no matter what your colour scheme!
Well done on your hat whispering skills once again.
Kiss Noises Linda


oh, I am loving your friends house...we will definitly need to see more of that!!!! I would love to go to The Curious Sofa, I love visiting her blog...thanks for the tour


Amazing-er - I like that, good word!

Rainbows! What a treat to help inspire happiness through the winter.

I know a lot of people's back yards/storage sheds/basements that look like the hodgepodge mess of that last photo. Places like that are what get me so adamant that if it's not being used I don't keep it.


THat purse is beautiful and I can't believe all those hats...but you are the hat whisperer.

Freda Butler

Hi Karla

I got a good chuckle out of the Income Tax sign. I will have to show it to my husband. He is a volunteer with the IRS and AARP and does taxes 2 days a week at our local library for senior and low income citizens.

Your hats are wonderful. I found oneat the flea market quite a few years ago and am still using the flowers I removed.




Hi Karla; OH how I adore that sweet purse... and all those great hats,,, what a haul you made... Love your friends house so gorgeous,, and speaking of gorgeous,, the shop is just full of gorgeous things...



Wow carol's house is fab!!! I love all your hats you got too! You have been doing some great shopping girl!


To everything, there is a season....don't be surprised if your beautiful flowers emerge once again from the softer, "sophisticated" tones...You have such a beautiful sense of style...my goodness I think you could make magic out of old tennis shoes and shoelaces, you have a gift for charm :)


Oh my becareful driving and snapping away:)

I have to tell you that I read your blog like a magazine. I enlarge all of the photos and scrutinize them like a magazine photo for inspiration.

Enjoy your weekend!

Shellagh Selee

your friends house looks totally amazing! I'm green too! ha ha! Love all the little things you bought & your decor!!



You are too funny about the income tax! I am definately loving Carol's dream house....the wooden posts, the table and that chandelier! Wonderful!!


Fourteen hats in a week is, I don't know, obscene? Crazy? Great? Careful with the camera work behind the wheel, OK?

Elaine L.

I love the shabby chic neutral rusty look the best. I like a balance of the masculine and feminine.


Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

Oh my...I NEED that parasol purse! it matches my dress for the event!!! To bad you live all the way in the midwest, or I might have to break in late at night and steal it!! :)
xoxo, Tiffany

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