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January 21, 2010



Morning Karla...save me a pack of pinkie ..creamie wallpaper...allsizes..let me know price..we can do the check thing again...little early,but,maybe the bottle should have been a little wine instead if pomegranet juice..have a good day..we are literally under water here in Desert Hot Springs..Lorraine


I haven't got to get the last somerset yet I may have to peek at it when I'm over next week. (This darn foot won't let me shop the way I want too!) Oh that little birdie is gorgeous! It is the fun things like that, Bethany and I like to dig out pretty dishes to eat on too for some reason it just seems to cheer up the day :)


Congratulations, Karla! I still haven't bought my copy yet, and now there are at least two blogs I frequent with work in this issue (you and Robin "Bird Tweets").I think a weekend field trip to the bookstore or Joanne's is in store!

LiLi M.

Even I have this issue of Somerset! Congrats on being in there Karla, I loved the article! That small saucer and the shadowbox are both too cute too!


Guess I'll have to get out into the rain tomorrow to get my copy of Somerset from B&N.
Great Snack Break, Karla !


Karla, congrats on being in Somerset!!! i love your little birdie box, the pussy willows are such a sweet little addition...


Aw, I'm sorry! It's no fun when fun becomes a chore. Good luck with the paper preparations.

And, oh!, that breakfast looks yummy. Hm, no bagels in the house, but have some hearty wheat bread I can toast and add peanut butter and sunflower seeds to. You know what? That sounds like a brilliant idea. I'm going to go do that now. Thank you for reminding to pause and enjoy a simple pleasure today.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love your little creations !
Looks like a good snack !!
Take care

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I never realized what work was involved with the wallpaper. They are so gorgeous, and I'm glad you take the time to give them their proper respect. what a beautiful blog you have!

Brenda Kula

Well Karla I enjoyed sitting down to lunch with you! It looked so good too. Yes, it is the little things that make up life and make it so sublimely special, isn't it?


How exciting it must be to have your name and an article in a magazine!!! So glad for you. I really do love the birds you are foofing up!


Sherry Williams

I really love visiting your blog...you are such an inspiration!
hugs, Sherry


Congratulations on your article. I'm going to look for the wallpaper next. Come for a visit next time you take a break!



Busy girls deserve a lovely snack like that! I am popping over to see your goodies at your shoppe.

I will pass the word on your giveaway...on my blog.


I loved your journals in 'Life', what a dream to be published & in such an awesome mag as that! I love your newest creations. I'm heading to the shop to see if I'm too late for wallpaper. Lisa


I just never realized that they awarded trophies for wallpaper!

First Beth and her swine trophy, and now this!


Seriously, congrats on your appearance in "Somerset Life"!!!

Anne-Fiona and Twig

I can't find that issue locally, and I really *need* it!
Both you and my friend Laura from 52 Flea are in that issue!

I'm off to visit your Etsy shop in a sec, but first....peanut butter and sunflower seeds? That sounds good, I'm going to try it tomorrow! :-)

Happy Friday!


yum yum.......the only thing missing from your bagel is honey....I always add some to my peanut butter...:D I look forward to reading your blog every day....you are by far my favorite one to read.....:D it brightens up my winter days....with all our SNOW...........deb from Maine

Eddie Ross

Congrats on your article! You are such a dedicated worker!

I would love your support on the ELLE DECOR window that I decorated for the Big Window Challenge this year. As we all know, AT doesn't make it easy, but you can vote TWICE a day. Once online & the other by texting "1" to 89800.

Your support means the world to me!!



I just got my copy ... can't wait to carve out some quiet time {when the 2 little men here are resting perhaps!?} to sip something warm and savor every page of it. Of course it takes me DAYS to actually read it cover to cover and those days take place over the course of 3 weeks usually, but honestly the publication is so yummy I love taking my time and not missing a single morsel of it. I'm always sad when I get to that last article. I'm excited to see you are a part of this issue! YEAH!!

Thespoena McLaughlin

Delightful post as usual. Congrats on your aticle, I look forward to seeing it. I just got back from lunch and B&N and picked this up not knowing your article was there. I'll be searching for it when I get home to indulge. Have a happy day!

Suz Reaney

Karla, I keep forgetting to tell you that I loved the article. I can't imagine having done lots of magazine articles! You are really a rock star!!!

I am starting to realize what it takes to get this wallpaper together. It does not look like much fun!

Also...I just loved the pieces you did. They are really nice! I can see why the first one sold right away. Good work!


I got the magazine a while ago and read it quickly and have not been able to pick it up again. I LOVED the article also! I can't remember if I told you about it but it was just beautiful! I've got it tucked away to read again tonight before bed...can't wait to get back to it!
The little bird assemblage is so sweet!


I love the music fan adornment...how pretty:)...but then again it always is...thanks for sharing your break with us :)


I saw your post on RMS and have bookmarked your blog so I can come check it out more.


I am so excited! I got Somerset since the apron on the inside front cover was made by a friend of mine Suzy from Georgiapeachez (see my side bar) but now I get you read an article from you too!! WOOHOO!!!!

Reyna M

I just found your blog tonight, love it! You are very creative! I just love the little pink glittered birdies!


Beautiful photo's love the bird!!~


I just bought this issue of Sommerset! Beautiful issue! Loved seeing some of your stuff in it! gorgeous! congrats!!


Karla it is always a treat to come to your place and be inspired by all the beauty I find here. I'm so glad that you could have a little break from your labors and boy, does that look yummy! I just love the sweet little birds in this post today.


Hi Karla,
Congratulations on the Somerset Article!!!! Your well
deserved break time snack looks delicious and healthy.
I wish I could find that Italian soda here! Looks
wonderful and it is one of my favorite flavor combos.
Hope your weekend is great!

katie struckhoff

Enjoying the Somerset article and your blog tonight! Your photos are amazing! Blessings!

Peggy Jernigan

I have not blog surfed in a long time. Your blog has evolved into something so wonderful! I love visiting here. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us. I want to see your whole house. It inspires me!

Peggy Jernigan

Somerset article? Oh, my goodness! I need to go find it!

Suzanne Duda

Hi Karla,
Just got my copy of Somerset today, and wanted to say Congratulations on another great article! You are an amazing talent, and you never stop inspiring me!
xo suzanne

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