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January 15, 2010


Suz Reaney

Awwwwwww!!! Those are the cutest kitties. I agree totally about the nice people out there and I love the term, Blogarita-ville. Sounds like a place where one would have fancy pink girly drinks! From now on...that is my home town. Though Bloglandia is not bad for fanciful affairs!

You have done so much blogging lately, Karla, and I love it! The weather is finally bearable and I am able to get out of the house but it has been a long, bitter spell here in the Midwest (and elsewhere). My friends in Blogaritaville keep me sane!



the kitty mommy and baby are the cutest things...what a sweet gift for Sugarwings!!!

Wanda @ Just Vintage

And let me add my awwww. I bet she loved them.

I have a little, plastic heart box very much like that that I've had since I was a little girl. I'm not sure if doll shoes came in it or if I just kept a pair of shoes in there. High heels, if I remember right. That my Madame Alexander fashion doll wore.


How sweet the kitty is cuter than cute! Lucky little sugar wings!!!


Hi Karla...I keep thinking about the Cinderella clock...I think when my Mom brought her`s was in the very early `50`s & she being British , it was a replica of Queen Elizabeth`s coronation coach...might be something to check up on..my Mom`s is long gone,I`m sure it didnt make it`s way all the way to Ka. I do wish i knew where it went...so amazing how things bring back old tapes isn`t it...gad I love old stuff..have a warm weekend..Lorraine

karen young

Hi Karla, What a sweet Kitty and baby. I also love all the eye candy.

Hugs Karen


Cute kitties!

Thai Chi! That has always interested me but no where around here to take a class....

So...I have to know....how stiff were you?????

Ashley Schott

If you're sore then you know it's workin'! I love all your pretty things:) I especially love the kitties! I'm very partial to anything kitty...


Those handcraft toys need to make a comeback. They are much more fun than the florescent plastics at the stores.

So it's tomorrow. How are you feeling about your Thai Chi class? Either way, congratulations on getting things done in your studio and listed in your shops.

Here's hoping Old Blue gets safely drivable soon.

Sherry Williams

The little kitties are so adorable! I'm sure little Sugarwings loves them.
I still can't get over how busy you are. Do you think you could bottle-up some of that energy & send it to me????lol
hugs, Sherry


Thanks for the comment on my 'mannie'.
I am jealous, I have wanted to go to Curious Sofa for the longest time. If I ever get out your way that is my 1st stop. Love the new pics of Sugarwings, she gets cuter everyday. Also am loving the new look of your kitchen. It's cool, I've watched the evolution of your decorating from that fuzzy scan on your earlier post to now. Lisa
PS I liked the 'county' look too.

Kerryanne English

I always like watching Tai Chi. I'm imagining you doing it Karla.
Last year when I used to wait outside my daughters school for afternoon pickup, there was a tiny little chinese lady who did Tai Chi in the gardens. She made it look so effortless and peaceful.
Hope you are not suffering today Karla and good luck with your tai chi adventure.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


I love your Valentine's items! I haven't even started any, so I'm way behind. But then, I still have 3 projects from Artist's Class (the last one!) that I want to do!

Veronica Mackinnon

I love your blog. It makes me feel good to look at all the pretty things. I adore the kitties; i am a cat lover. Your kitchen and breakfast nook is so pretty.

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