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January 10, 2010



Precious and priceless! What a perfect way to spend the day. You are amazing! and Sugarwings is always a delight!


Beautiful story, even more beautiful little princess. That first picture really made me stop! Hope the cabin fever doesn't get to you.


That child is just plain gorgeous! Watch out in a few years...you and Sugar Wing's Daddy are gonna have to keep the shotgun loaded for all the boys that are going to come prowling! Of course, MY little boys would be perfect gentlemen, but I mean those OTHER boys!

Hugs and WARM wishes,

Kerryanne English

You are the ultimate fairy grandmother Karla.
Memories are made of these days.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Sweet Karla! It's the winter version of the Grumpy Fairy! Make another book! It would be so pretty! (I figure you can do this with your spare time and the secret Swiss bank account, right?) But you have to admit, it does have the makings of a beautiful book, complete with snow crystal sparkles! Your Friend, Bobbi


A simply beautiful and magical day!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a wonderful second book this will make, Karla. You must find the time to make another fairytale book, somehow squeeze it in amongst all of your crafting adventures...


What a fun way to spend a cold day! Great time for both of you, creating memories. I'm jealous. The only one around here is my crabby old husband who's idea of fun is channel surfing.


Beautiful story for a beautiful princess !! What fun the 2 of you always have !! Love it.

PS LOVE the chandelier in the kitchen !!!


What a beautiful little fairy you have to play with. My little granddaughter lives in FL. (a long way from St.Louis)and oh how I wish she were closer!! She was here for 2 weeks at Christmas and we had so much fun. Thanks for sharing your sweet fairytale too!

Lynn Kreizl

The sheer beauty and wonder in the face of your precious granddaughter brought happy tears to my eyes. I get all emotional when something beautiful touches me. What a wonderful day you gave the princess. What memories you created. I just happened on your blog and reading this has given me the most blessed morning.
Blessings to you both. BTW I love you kitchen, love that tall glass cabinet. I have to go back and read more of your wonderful blog.


Oh to be a grandma and tell fairy tells. Oh to have the imagination to tell sweet tales like you shared with your sweet sugarwings! Ok heck I'll take, just being a grandma!

I love the picture of your kitchen area and the new/old chandy! What a lovely lovely home you have! How blessed that if you have to be housebound it is in a home like yours!



Well, now, Missy. You've gone and written yourself (and all of us) another lovely little Sugarwings story! I'm seeing another book - AND, you know....2 books about the same character is now a series!! This was lovely. - Kathy (who is wishing the sun would stay out for just a bit longer!)


I feel another book coming on. Maybe you should write a whole series like one ofthe other readers said. You truly have a gift for this. The pictures of Sugarwings are breathtaking! That child is soooooo beautiful!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I hope those memories stay with her forever !
My daughter still remembers her tea party she about Sugarwings age .
Love your little story, you should think about writing!

Valarie Kraft

I hope that your Granddaughter knows what a lucky little girl she is to have you!! From what I have seen, you are truly a wonderful Grandma. I love the memories that you two are creating.
Hugs, Valarie


Morning Karla....love your story & Sugarwings pix...especially love you very becoming outfit... great drawers...Lorraine

Brenda Kula

She looks positively angelic, Karla! What a gift you are to that little girl. Wonderful story. Fabulous photos. Frame them!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla, you tell the best stories! This one is beautiful. Sugarwings is darling in her fancy dress! Lucky girl, I wish I could wear things like that. I think a tea party with dress up is the perfect way to spend the cold winter day! And making wonderful memories at the same time :) So glad you are feeling better too!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That was so sweet! Aren't you lucky to have a little fairy princess to play with!

LiLi M.

I think everybody wishes to be Sugarwings, at least I wish! So good looking and having the best grammy in the world!

Deborah Woodrow

Dear Karla :
How Enchanting ! You are a wonderful Grandma !
How can anyone top that ???
Happy New Year !
Deborah Woodrow


that dear little fairy princess is so blessed to have you for her grandmother - Rachaelxo



Suz Reaney

Oh my gosh! This just makes my eyes fill with tears. That is the sweetest story and I think the picture of the "Snow Princess" at the top is just breathtaking!

Thanks, Karla. This warms my heart on another bitterly cold day!


ohhh!! she is beautiful!! maybe our little 3 year old snow princesses will meet one day!


Precious....such a lovely story with a lovely Grandmom and her grandbaby! I have missed her pictures and she is so pretty in her gown with those blue eyes!! Hope it warms up soon. It was around 9 degrees in Nashville over the weekend.

Elaine L.

You have a natural knack for telling stories. You could have a whole series of tales.

I love those pictures of your little Sugar.


Sherry Williams

So adorable! You remind me so much of myself with my granddaughters...tulle tutus, princess crowns, stories & tea parties! Isn't life wonderful!!!


She truly is a precious little pixie! The perfect winterblossom!
HAppy New Year Karla!


WOW! your so creative Karla and what a cute and lucky little girl to have you !!I love the white vintage hat she has on!!

Amy P

Since you girls like princess stories here's one you might enjoy! My daughter got this book for Christmas, although I can't find it online right now. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Princess-Sparkle/Nicola-Baxter/e/9780760767313/ Princess Sparkle Synopsis

Princess Sparkle loves glittery, shimmery things. She is shocked when she finds that the world outside her palace is often not beautiful at all. Something must be done!

It's a cute story, as is yours! :)

Jonny Petros- Salone Di Petros

Beautiful pictures of your granddaughter. It looks like her on your boutiue banner, beautiful artwork. Love the pictures of your home and your collections. I have enjoyed your site will stop back to visit. Best wishes Sincerely Jonny


Your stories are amazing. In years to come, when sugarwings is *old as the hills*, (what is *that*? 50? LOL!) she will be telling stories to all her tiny li'l sugarpunkins. And she'll begin them with, "My grandma used to tell me what I am going to tell you..." and the stories will be handed down generation to generation.... oh what joyous days we make with our babies!


I do think you should make this into a book......your granddaughter is one lucky little girl to have so much fun with you as a Nana.........:D some day......if I have a grandchild...I want to make THEIR time with me as magical as you do for your grandkids.....:D glad you are over your bug.....I had one, too......NO fun.....deb from Maine

Mitzi Curi

You seem to be thriving on cabin fever! What a wonderfully creative post. And the pictures are so lovely. It's always a pleasure to read your blog!


Your beautiful little princess is so lucky to have a grandma who does all the important things with her that she will remember when she is older!


What a great grandma you are!!


gayle olson

You are such a gift to that darling girl! I have 4 grandgirls and I have never given them a day like this. I think I do well but I need to reassess my talents! love, G.G. (gramma Gayle)

Jen R

Karla, you are the most fun ever! I am coming over to your house to play! Love the chandelier!


Does Sugarwings know she has THE best grandmother Ever?!


ahhh so lovely, the pictures, the story and a beautiful grand baby..thanks for showing me how it can be done...take care..


Aaawww Karla, yet again another beautiful story for sweet Sugarwings. I enjoyed reading it very much. Thanks for sharing for it brought a smile to my face. YOu really are good at story telling and I am sure every children would love to hear them. It's full of magic, fun, imagination, lessons and of course Love :-)

Wishing you a blessed New Year!



have I told you lately what a wonderful grandma you are?? Love the story the pictures and the love...
xoxo, Tiffany


I love this story - what a lucky girl your precious Sugarwings is, to grow up in such an imaginative and loving world. You are a treasure Karla!



Hay, at least you look warm and cozy! As pretty as Sugarwings looks, all that bare arm in the cold temperatures makes me want to stick on an extra sweater, too.

Sweet story! That is amazing the way you two create such flights of fancy with no more prelude than being inside too much. Wow!

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