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January 08, 2010


Freda Butler

Karla that was a lot of fun looking through your pictures of your great stuff. I too like old and would rather have a piece of this and that then a whole set.

Received my trees today and opened them then put them up on the shelf for next year. They are so pretty to place around. Thanks.



ps - I bet you can never throw a box away.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I do hope you feel better soon,not fun to feel sick.
I actually went out today it was day 7 of staying in, I had cabin fever badly!! LOL!
Love your pictures , I am with you I love putting out my favorite things, most dont really match and I dont care they make me smile, and that counts !
I esp love things mom gave me or my Grandma's they mean the most to me,I should blog about my pretties too !
Take care of yourself


Beautiful Pictures, thanks for taking the time to share. I sure loved looking through them all. You sure have a great touch, If you are ever in California, come on over (: Hugs, Diane

Linda Lilly C

Oh I do hope you feel bettr soon. Your photos are so lovely, I would love to visit you and fix your cabin fever. If you think it would help you are most welcome to fly over to visit me, it is hot hot hot and muggy here. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
Kiss Noises Linda


Karla, This is your house!! I have been seeing it for years in the different magazines!!! It has always been one of my favorites and in fact, the first few photos you showed that were in magazines I cut out for inspiration!!

Thank you so much for showing us around!!

I do hope you are feeling better. I had the flu/cold bug earlier this week and still have the stuffies but at least got the decorations down and some cleaning accomplished- you spurred me on with your posts!


Beth Leintz

"Memories, misty watercolored memories of the way your kitchen was" (insert Barbra Striesand's voice). This was like a trip down memory lane. I've been looking through all the pictures for things I've seen before, was with you when bought them, or remember when you sold them. I had forgotten the dark chair with the flowers on the back-I really like that one.

I, too, am strangely attracted to the bird with real feathers.

Sea Witch

That lovely corner cupboard is filled with treasure. I could spend hours looking at all your lovely things. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. Sea witch


Love all your goodies! I have some bluebird things that I love I can't believe no one bought them. Love all the rose things, also. Everybody keeps telling me I have a lot of stuff but I can't even compete with your collections! Except maybe with my blue and white China.You've done such a great job, a visit to your house could take all day just looking at your groupings I love the carving on the front of your cabinet, too. Thanks for sharing. It is suppose to get into the teens here tonight and that is really cold for South Texas! I'm just glad I can stay in my warm bed tomorrow and don't have to get up and go to work.!!
Hope you are on the mend really soon!


I've heard that too much decorating can cause joint aches and stomach cramps, but I could be mistaken....HA!

Great fun to see all your pictures from other years.

Here are my {wonderful} thoughts after seeing them:

a) Yes, too bad you sold that cool, cool metal and glass table!
b) I like your new burlap curtain under your sink!
c) Noticed the oval platter with the roses on it again and I still love it!
d) Your bluebird china is awesome!

Feel better soon!


Hello, Sweet Karla! First of all, I am sorry you don't feel well, of course it will pass, but, bleah, in the meantime. I have wanted to tell you that I have old, old decorating magazines, and long before I "knew" you, I loved your rooms and stylings...not long ago, I opened a really old one and thought, "gosh, that looks like a Karla room!", and sure enough!...anyway, of all the lovely goodies, I loved the funny feathered bird and the paint-by-numbers the best. Like you, I always think of the person who put all that love into the project, even if they may have been misguided! (A lot of my stuff would get that reaction!) Your Friend, Bobbi


These pictures are breathtaking indeed! Your home has certainly inspired me. About the table, I too had sold an old vintage mirror that I loved long ago and always regretted it. Lo and behold 5 plus years later found the same mirror at a thrift store and bought it back. Truly an answer to prayer;now daughter has it in her home. Your home is just so lovely, thanks for sharing. And, hope that you are feeling yourself very soon.

Joie de Vivre


I loved your rooms and styling!


I like both the old and the new! I love seeing all of your treasures! You have such a knack/artistic flair for arranging things. Also love seeing the old articles of your hours... and would love to see the country ones, too!

Hope you feel better soon!

karen young

Hi Karla, I have been enjoying your zero dollar makeover. Beautiful eye candy.

I hope you feel better soon.

Hugs Karen

vicki Boster

Karla - Your blog is beautiful. Your antique dishes are a treasure and the pictues are splendid! I share your interests in vintage dishes as well - unfortunately, I have run out of room at my house for any more!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a nice little note in my knitted birds nest giveaway. I had NO idea they would be so popular.

I will revisit you again - soon!

Vicki (2 Bags Full----)

Suz Reaney

I am sorry you are not feeling good. Isn't this weather supposed to kill all those bugs? It seems not. My family and friends have had a long series of colds and flues...work year I have seen.

I think paint by number pictures are kitchy fun! I have always wanted to have a wall of them...especially ones as pretty as those! I can tell you about how long they would last with Mr. Jud...haha! Much more traditional than I am!

I even liked your country pieces. I think they even have "potential" now!

Thanks for all the fun...better than a magazine and I get to "talk" to the author!

Brenda Kula

There's many a table I wish I hadn't taken to a consignment shop or a garage sale. I read that the paint by numbers are a huge comeback hit and are collectibles. Oh, they are beautiful. Well, I hope you feel perky soon. My carpenter Robert has had the swine flu this week. His doctor said he's seeing folks come in WITH BOTH FLUS! Can you imagine? Me, I've been in most of the week. It's downright cold for this region! Take care of yourself.


Morning Karla....no wonder you have the dreaded lurgie..all the shifting & painting & filling & moving around..you need to lump up in front of a warm fire...by the way love what you did with the cupboards...all the kitcky things..even love the paint by number...my kids call our style of decorating Early Salvation Army..love it..take care of yourself..Lorraine


Feel better soon! Looks like this week we have no snow falling! If the weather guys are correct that is :)


How fun that you have pictures from through the ages! Just beautiful!!


Your kitchen is so beautiful! You have such a sense of style!



That's a great idea to buy what you like, so that regardless of if it does resell or not you can enjoy what you have around. It also sounds like it staves off buyer's remorse.

Your comment about having a couple of pieces of sentimental things influence a whole room reminds me of the way some outfits grow from a purse or a favorite piece of jewelry. Sometimes the accents become the centerpieces.

Thanks, as always, for the parade of pictures. It was fun to see memories of years gone by.


Wow that was fun, seeing your old kitchen photos! I would be crying over selling that first table, too. But there will be more wonderful tables in your future, I just know it.

I finally came to the conclusion that I had to love everything I've bought, too. I still have many unsold things leftover, though, from before I came to that conclusion. What do you do with them?!


Hello Sweet Karla! I hope you see comments on old posts, guess I will see if I hear from you! Wanted to tell you that Ijust bought my daughter a pair of framed paint by number rose pictures very similar to yours! They are so pretty, and whoever did these certainly took their time (I never had patience for the oil paint to dry!). Your Friend, Bobbi

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