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February 09, 2010



Karla, your own little Alice is adorable!!! i love those puppies too:) how sweet!!! congrats on your three years of blogging...my 3 year is coming soon, i am just not sure of the exact date...should have never deleted my precious blog...


Hi Karla! Every now and then I check your blog to see how my old "mom" is doing. You still inspire me. I can't wait to try some of your ideas out on my own place once Matthew is doing better. One day you'll have to meet him. -Q.


Count me in!!!


I really want that Grumpy Fairy book for my grandaughter. Thank you for the chance to win.


wow! Thats alot of posts! Please include me in the tag swap!


Congrats on your 3 years of blogging...Sugarwings is adorable, as always..I love when you show pictures of her...and I hope you will be getting more puppies..

Valarie Kraft

Congratulations!! 3 years goes by fast!! I would love to be included in your giveaway. I have a granddaughter who will be 4 on the 17th, and it would be a sweet treat for her.
Have a wonderful day.
xxoo Valarie


I already bought your precious Grumpy Fairy book, so I don't need to be in the running for that, but please do count me in on your Alice Tag Swap. What fun!!


Oh I would love one of your Books to read to my grand babies! So do count me in. Hugs, Diane

Rochelle Gaukel

Congratulations on your 3 year mark...can't wait to sign up for the tag swap - had fun making the puppy tags last year! And, hope that the deed was successful and that you will have little dorkies soon! I am waiting for our younger yorkie to "be ready" because we have a little gentleman who wants a date! :)


We too have been waiting on the release of Alice in Wonderland since the first notices that it was in the making...though we are much more likely to have Mad Hatters than Alice's in attendance.

Your little Sugar Wings Alice is as precious as always...and I can't wait to see your tag creations!

Hooray for you for 3 years of blogging, thank you for enlarging my vision of what can "be".

LiLi M.

3 years of blogging? Has one year passed since the puppy tag swap? Time surely flies! Sugarwings is supercute as Alice (is there anything that doesn't suit her? NO!) I'm so looking forward to the new Alice in Wonderland too, I believe it will be in 3d as well I just cannot wait, like you said the previews are tdf! A tag swap sounds like music in my ears!
Oeps, almost forgot to congratulate you AND to thank you, as I always enjoyed my visits here very much!

Julie Ann

Oh my gosh- Sugarwings in that little ruffle-y apron!! She is sooooo Darling!!


I can't wait! Count me in for EVERYTHING!!


I already bought the book The GRUMPY FAIRY.......so...you don't need to count me........it is a great book......artwork is darling....:D congratulations on your 3 years! I haven't been reading THAT long....happened to stumble upon you one day.....and am very glad I did! please keep it coming! :D deb

kathy lowry

COngrats -- on 3 years -- I do love your blog and follow daily . Loved our puppy tag swap last year -- so an ALice -- How fun !! can't wait for the info - Kathy - ga ♥


I love your Blog! I think Sugarwings looks adorable as Alice. And I would love to have a copy of your book for my grandbaby!


This month is an exception for you, Karla !
The most significant event of your Son and Granddaughter moving to their own home.
Your Puppies expecting another family of pups.
And all Your Blog milestones; i.e., 3/700.
And your Blog Swap.

Your posts have been an eye-opener for me. And really gives me something to think about.

Lucky for me was the day I found Karla's Cottage


More puppies! Oh what fun, last years photos were terrific! Congrats on your 3 years, I've loved getting to know you and your love of life. And of course, please throw my hat into the ring for another copy of the Grumpy Fairy - I love the copy that I bought and would love to give one to my girlfriend - she just became a Grammy this past year!

We're getting another 12-18 inches of snow - yeah - SNOW DAY!



I can't believe those puppies were a YEAR ago! Yikes!


would enjoy being in the alice swap!! can't wait to see puppy pics too!


Your Fairy book is sure sweet! You can toss my name in the hat for sure!


Gosh, Karla, so many things going on! Congratulations on the puppy loves to be, your blog & post anniversaries! Wow, you've been such a blast to follow!

Would love to join the Alice tag swap!! Also would love to win the Grumpy Fairy book!

Your Romantic Valentine vignettes were so beautiful - you always inspire!

Jane - Jacksonville

Grace P

wow lots of great fun blogging! Congratulations and thank you so much for such wonderful inspiration and fun cute blogs. You share al your loves and that cute grandaughter.
Can't wait for the swap sounds fun! Hugs Grace


Congratulations, Karla on your 3 year anniversary!! Still loving your blog! Beautiful posts as always!!


Wow! We started roughly the same time but you are waaaaayyy ahead of me in posts! Congrats!

Nancy Stone

Congrats on three years! and 700 Posts! Count me in your giveaway please.


Well done, three years! I have enJOYed following your creative spirit for quite some time now. I would love to be a part of your upcoming swap-please count me in! Thanks so much, Kimberly


Yes, I think I would be up for an Alice in Wonderland tag swap! Very proud of your 3 years/700 posts accomplishment! You are so prolific (even if not so much in the studio right now...:))

Carrie W

oh i was hoping someone would do an alice swap!!!!

Charmaine Deadman

I have a vintage Alice book as well. I was thinking about using it for the pictures to frame and put up on my daughter's bedroom walls... it would seem a shame to cut it up though. I'm still waiting on that one. Maybe if I was as talented as you I would know what to do with it!


I think the Alice tag swap sounds like fun! :)


Congratulations on 3 years!!! Your Grumpy Fairy book is a great magical way to celebrate.

And the Alice swap to also celebrate here and the upcoming Disney movie is fun, too. Will Sugarwings be going to the movie with you? Look forward to hearing all about it and how the swap goes!

Karen Young

Karla, congratulations on your Third year of blogging. I have enjoyed every one of your inspiring posts. Love the picture of the dogs and little Sugarwings is getting sweeter all the time.

Hugs Karen

Suz Reaney

That sounds really fun...and I have two friends that I will write to right now!!!


I was just looking at my puppy love tags the other day.....wow....Twinks and Teddie decided to expand their family! So exciting!
Sugarwings looks so adorable in that little dress....she is just so photogenic!
Congrats on 3 years and 700 posts! What a diary you have to look back on! I might have to go back to the beginning and start reading!


Congrats on 3 yrs and your blog is just a delight for me! I would love to win your sweet book! I better pass on your swap, as my daughter is graduating HS in May. But, I think it is a great theme!


My friend, Suz Reaney gave me your blog address to see if I wanted to do the tag swap. I'm glad she did-your blog is so fun!! I would love to participate in your swap.
Thanks, Lynn


Can you have a pup swap! Sweet dogs. WOW Congratulations on 3 years in blogland,many many more.........


well as someone who has just been reading the Grumpy Fairy for the millionth time (!) I can safely say that whoever wins the giveaway will be utterly delighted :o)

Congrats on all the posts!



Hmmm I wonder who will deliver first me or Twinkle?? :) Bethany is so excited to see the puppies she wanted to know why twinkle was in the heart with her friend :) Oh how I love alice in wonderland you'll have to give me the details on when it's due I may be able to play. See you next week!


Wow! Now THAT's a prize! Please count me in for that and also as an interested participant for the swap.

AND, that top photo of "Miss Alice" rocks. Gorgeous!


Three years and 700 posts!! How wonderful, and what a pleasure following you--congratulations!!

Cathy Kizerian

Wow, your life is never dull! Sugarwings and her dad moving out (bittersweet), puppies on the way (joyful for sure), a tag swap and 3 years of blogging. I've been a reader for about half of that time, and have enjoyed each and every post! May you have many more years of blogging (as long as it's fun, right? Not meant as a life sentence, LOL). Please enter me into your delightful giveaway. Hugs, Cathy

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, How adorable is Sugarwings??????
Twinkles and her family also are so cute. I remember last year after Christmas when Twinkles had her puppies.
Got over 50 inches of snow in the last week here in Pa. Two huge snowfalls a couple of days apart.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!

Congratulations on 3 years and 700 posts!


Congrats on 3 years..I would love to be included in the giveaway for your book...thank you..

Jennifer Hayslip

Holy cow Karla!!! 3 years and 700 post??? WOWZERS! I will be 3 years this July and I dont have 200 post yet. LOL!!! Congrats sweet friend! Love the pics of Sugarwings! ;) XO,Jenn

Maria Leon

Congratulations on 3 years... You have a beautiful blog. Sugarwings looks so adorable as Alice, she is beautiful. I don't have a blog but follow yours frequently. I will love to win your sweet book for my grandaughters. Thank you

Maija Lepore

Please count me in on your giveaway!!


Karla, loved reading about all your new decorations, and the grumpy gairy book give away sounds great.
Love your new creations.......love to hear more about those up coming puppies ! Keep me posted !
Deborah W.

lisa mcilvain

Congrats on 700 girl! I think I've read at least 680 lol. Like I said before, I have watched Sugarwings grow up. I would love to enter, although I already own the book I would gladly donate it to a needy child. Lisa
PS I emailed you about the swap


how fun!!!! sweet sugarwings has been growing so much...it seems like yesterday that she was a babe in arms...how time flies...i'm so happy to have been part of the journey! hugz


Please count me in
for a chance to win.
Thank you.

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