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February 04, 2010


Sheri and Sophee~a

I enjoy your Valentines day/Romantic tips....and will be sure to use some too.

I enjoy seeing pics of your home...I have tile very similar and am tempted to tile the whole house...or better yet~rip up the carpet and paint the cement...can't afford hardwood at this time.

With a daycare and a spoiled poodle who still potty's in the house on occasion~I need easy clean~up~

As always......it has a been a de~lite visiting you :)


Everything looks so nice and pretty. I just love when my whole house is sparkling clean at the same time...a rarity over here! :)
Maybe they'll (news) ask you to do some regular segments if this one goes over well...how cool would that be? I'm off to check out "rate my space". Have a lovely rest of the day!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, your home is gorgeous! It is so elegant yet romantic! WOW!! Thank you for showing these pictures!! I LOVE your home so much, you have done the most beautiful job with it!! I love your Valentine tips too! I adore yellow because it is so bright and happy. I am actually about to do a bunny in BRIGHT yellow. I am so ready for spring!


Spinnin' 'round doin' 360's? I'm so jealous! YOU were the one who taught me to kick things out of the way! Cropping out the messes is my favorite thing to do! Your kitchen pic with all the creamers holding sweetheart roses is awesome!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Lovely posts, lovely home you have!!~ I love that stained glass piece, it reminds me of a piece we have, ours is a church window about 100 years old and huge!!~ Cute blog~ Do you have a follow option?

Lorraine Bell

hey Karla..as usual every thing looks so spiffy..I have to quit looking at your site..I always want to go to my really home in B.C. and start decorating..but..I`m so loving the weather in California..Lorraine..P.S. I`m not going to quit looking!!!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

You have a pretty home !


There's not a bad angle in that house - it all looks beautiful. (and I hear you on the unnatural tidiness ... I don't know how people keep their houses looking perfect while they're living in them. Unless they have a staff. Or no kids and no pets.)


Karla, how fun that you are doing a segment on the news!!! i guess i missed when you announced that...i have way too many blogs that i visit...and i admit it...i skim sometimes instead of reading everything...very bad of me...your home looks just lovely...i took a peek over at rate my space...and you are right, it does look addictive...i am staying far away from it...i don't have enough time as it is to keep up with my blogs...


It is all "Oh, so pretty!" You are amazing:)


I have a fireplace screen at the shop that makes me think of you every time I look at it! There are two pretty fairies on it!


Wow, this post is really full! I loved the Valentine decor tips, and the views of your house. It's so pretty. And what a great idea to take a photo and then evaluate how the room works.



Oh your house is so dreamy! I always feel so good (calm) when my house is picture worthy (which isn't very often)!
Thanks for sharing from ALL angles!
p.s. I got a blog makeover! Stop by and check it out if ya get a chance! ;-)


Oh, Karla! Your home is looking especially beautiful today! Your photos are wonderful...everything looks so dreamy!


Your house looks like an angel lives there! Have to pass along the info to my KS friends to watch ~ and to shop! One of these days I am going to actually come visit!

Sherry Williams

I love your spotless, clean house! It is such a wonderful feeling to have your entire home clean & shiney, but I, like you, can't keep it that way for long. There are granddaughters & cats that like to play here. It's all fun, though! I love reading your blog!!


Karla, what fun! You on TV! I wish I could get that channel.... Yiur home looks beautiful and your tips are fab!


Beautiful, as always Karla.......you have no idea how blessed you are. Love everything !
Deborah Woodrow

lisa mcilvain

I love your sweet house! I totally understand the big bulky kid stuff, I am going through a real decorating hiatus until my kids tire of Lego's and Dora. My fav is the dead birds hanging from the chandy! I wish I was in Kansas so I could see your TV show, how cool is that! Will you be sharing the remainder of the tips on your blog for us Texans? Lisa
PS I blogged about you today.


What lovely pictures! Wow... I love looking at your home...very inspiring. I love how you mix fabrics and colors but they are all soothing. Don't you love the clean look?



What is that???

I don't think my house has ever looked that clean!

LOVE the stained glass half moon thingy!!!

It has already been snowing here since mid-morning.......


So beautiful! Someday my house will look that pretty - once the boys are up and out of the house that is! I am going to check out that new antique show tomorrow if we don't get hit by snow. If you get the chance, you should come by Curious Sofa on Saturday and say Hi and check out all the amazing artists that Deb has put together for her Valentine Peep Show.

Lee Laurie

I just found your blog and I love it! I can't believe that I am just now finding it.(Via My Romantic Home) I love your style. Your kichen and dining room are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.I will be following now!


I enjoyed the tour of your beautiful home. It's amazing. Thank you for sharing.

If you have a moment drop by for my show and tell. Wishing you a great weekend.



I think it is amazing how we can see things more clearly through the camera lens....I totally use that method now to make sure my displays look like I think they do!

Teresa McFayden

So many pretties!! And wow, you can do 360's, too?! Lucky you!! :)

A Vintage Mood

Judging from the photos, you're tv spot must have turned out fabulous. It was so nice meeting you last weekend, and a fun, fun day indeed!


Well, first of all, I bet I know why you had to replenish the M&Ms! And great tip on the flowers! Don't worry -- not that you are! One sad day, Ms. S. will be too big for her toy kitchen. You'll be glad you had it there, not just because it was a lifesaver, but because she loved it so much! And you could be together!


What a beautifully decorated home you have. I love, love, love your kitchen. Rosie


Thanks for visiting! I know just how you feel about having everything in it's place and clean all at the same time. Now that I have a larger home it seems I only get to deep clean one area at a time - it's never sparkling clean all at the same time because it just takes too darn long.I don't want to spend the entire day scrubbing, I'd rather be blogging! But we do keep it pretty neat and tidy, so that's something at least!
Your home is very romantic and so pretty! Just right for valentine's day.
Wow, 700 posts, that's a real commitment! I'm impressed.
Have a great weekend.
Heidi - Heart and Home

katie struckhoff

Very inspiring and romantic looking! Yellow roses are the color for friendship and I think they go beautifully with your arrangement! Happy February to you Karla! It looks like you are all set for a wonderful one! Blessings!


Congratulations on the cleaning, however fleeting. It does seem that a spot in the house cleaned is incapable of staying that way for even two hours, doesn't it? No wonder it is such a frustrating endeavor.

Hope the candy bar was tasty, that at least is a sweet way to celebrate the accomplishment and keep thoughts happy through the upcoming snowstorm.

the wild raspberry

that sale sounds fun :)

your house looks absolutely stunning.


Karla...the blog book is just like your blog. You download it and they print it out. You can choose from a few different covers...and what pictures you want on the front or back. You definately should try it....


I get warm, fuzzy feelings just looking at your beautiful house! deb :D

Susan Freeman

Nothing like having television cameras arriving to get the cottage all clean and tidy! Your cottage is romantic and magical. I have really enjoyed visiting your charming home. One suggestion though, next time show some more photos of Sugar Wing's kitchen.

Love to you and Sugar Wings and Twinkle too!
Susan and Bentley


I'm chuckling away here. Why? Because your so called 'blah' view is just beautiful! I honestly don't think you realise just how exquisite your home is, even the bits that you think aren't that exciting. Believe me, your home is gorgeous.

Humbug has a play kitchen, also about the same size. I had to rejiggle the dining room slightly to fit it in! She plays with it every day, so it's going nowhere!

And as for getting tired of your top display photo - tosh! I love it. Could happily look at it every time I visit. Actually, I see now that it totally inspired me. I made a vintage style choccy box from scratch, and see that I have decorated it in a similar manner to the medium sized one in the centre. So see? Even if you don't realise it, everything you do and show is inspiring!

Have a lovely weekend, and stay cosy in all the snow headed your way. I see we have a dash of fog this morning, and it looks a bit frosty. Apparently we have cold temperatures and a dollop more snow to look forward to this coming week!

stove pipe

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed. Really a nice post here!

Denise T. Riche'

Your home is the ultimate in beautifully romantic decor. I absolutely love your home. And as Sarah, I have just this moment found your blog via Cindy's Romantic Home blog. I WILL be coming back for more. Ah, I love everything you've done. My 4&1/2 yr old Grand baby has a beautiful "pink wooden play kitchen" that she enjoys extremely. Her Mommy is a wonderful cook, so she loves to emulate her. Enjoy every moment of SW's playtime, because before you know it, you'll be a Gan-Gan like me!! You'll be wondering where did that time go? :) Your home is SPECTACULAR!! PS Your woodstove & screen are awesome!

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