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February 12, 2010



Ah, childhood. My favorite cartoon to cuddle up and watch with my Benjamin Bunny was "Little Bear." I know with all that lovin' she'll be much better, soon. Your sister made a gorgeous calendar, please thank her for me!


Fevers are No fun.
Hope things improve SOON !
Love your Sissy's calendar
I've saved it and turned on my printer.
off to print.

Thanks, Karla


Hi Karla,
The calendar is so pretty. Thank you, and Thank you to
your Sister!!!
I hope your sweet Sugarwings is feeling better.
I'm trying to get over some "bug" myself and have
to catch-up on reading your Blog that I ALWAYS enjoy. :)
Healing Hugs to Sugarwings.

Susan Freeman

Ear infections are so painful. Give Sugarwings a big hug from me and from Bentley too. If Bentley were there he would sit in her lap and gives her lots of cuddles!

Love to you both!
Susan and Bentley

Suz Reaney

I think my friend, Donna, is going to want to join but she is out of town. I have sent her a note and she will be back Sunday night. I hope it is still open.

Poor Sugarwings...I hope she is better soon! Ear infections are the worst. I had one as an adult and begged for painkillers. I honestly don't know how kids make it through.

Hugs to you and Sugarwings,


Sadness! So sorry to hear Sugarwings is sick. No. Fun. Prayers that she gets better soon, and hope you enjoy the movie snuggle time.


I haven't been over here in awhile. What a fun swap! I have to think it over for a bit, I signed up for another Alice swap but this sounds like more than I can resist. Poor Sugarwings! Hope she feels better soon. Sad when they have to be sick to get good snuggles isn't it?


That was so sweet of Sissy to share this! It's beautiful!
Poor Sugarwings! We feel so awful when they feel awful! Hopefully by now the antibiotics have kicked in and she's her little self again!
The tag swap sounds very intriguing! I don't think I really know enough about Alice to be inspired to create.....yes, I led a sheltered childhood I guess! I'm off to get some inspiration and will email you to sign up!


oh isn't that cute!!!! 6 tags is perfect! I think I'll send you an email and sign up. Hope she feels better it's going around. Oh have you ever melted crayons?? Goodness it is fun check my blog. I bet Sugarwings would love to do this and you can add glitter :) See you on tuesday.


Beautiful calender! Sure hope Sugarwings feels better soon!
Little Grandson just got over an ear infection, too!

Happy PS and Happy Valentine's Day!
Angelic Accents


Oh, I'm sad to hear that Sugarwings isn't feeling well. I hope she's back in the pink soon!
Thank you for the beautiful calendar...and thank your Sissy too!




Hi Karla!
Thankyou and Sissy too for sharing the calendar.
It is so pretty!
I do hope Sugarwings is feeling better real soon.
Have a great rest of the weekend and week.
PS Congrats on your blogaversary!


Hi Karla; What a beautiful Calender so sweet of your Sissy to share it.... I hope your sweet Sugarwings is feeling better.. Happy Valentine's Day


Karen Young

Oh what a lovely calendar. It is wonderful that Sissy wanted to share this with all of us. Please thank her.

I do hope the little one is better soon

Hugs Karen

Wanda Contreras

Dear Karla:
Thank you for the calendar and the giveaway!!!
If your book is as pretty as your manequin/birdcage it will be and honor to win it.

Happy Valentines!!!

best regards,
Wanda Contreras

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