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February 16, 2010



Hi Karla

Thanks again for hosting. Can't wait to get started myself. I just posted about the swap on my blog.

Have a great night!

Vicki Chrisman

oh how I've missed getting over here to see your pretties. It was wonderful catching up!!!

Mary Green

It was LOADS of fun! Thanks again for inviting us!


This swap is gonna be such fun. I'd better start reading those books or I'll never be finished in time.


haha! the comment about Alice not being a ZOMBIE is a riot! looks like you guy have so much fun at craft day.....wish I lived nearby.....:D deb


Zombie Alice. You know, there is a Zombie Jane Austen book. I'm thinking Zombie Alice could be next! Loved seeing your Alice tags. I've been working on mine and have had a great time doing it! I can't wait to see these books finished. Thanks for hosting, Karla! - Kathy

LiLi M.

I was just at Beth's and I love what you both did! Looking forward to start myself, hey what am i doing behind that computer again?! Have fun with Sugarwings!


Thanks for having us Karla. I sure love our craft days!!! I think a tea party would be fun. Bethany's idea is to have a jammie tea party :) Your tags are gorgeous!!! I think everyone will be so pleased!


What a fun craft day! And the food sounds like it was great! As always your creations are beautiful!


I really love your Alice tags!

(It was such a fun day, as it usually is:) Thanks so much!!)


These are look adorable! I can't wait to see the covers! I'm so happy to participate.


Karla - I just love you and I don't even know you! It is such a pleasure to read your posts. There are a couple bloggers that are just such special people, that everything they say is fun and interesting, that seem to be such special people - kind, caring, considerate, that do such a good job of making things nice and special for others - yep, that's you in my book. Thanks!


Your tags look so pretty! When is the mail in date, i missed that! By the way my giveaway is everyday so be sure to come by , there will be different winners for each day!


Your creations are lovely and I can see that you have a lot of fun and spread joy. I am glad I stumbled into your blog.

Cami @ Creating Myself

Love your tags Karla! I tried to click on your link to enter the swap & got an "invalid address notice". Does that mean it is no longer open to join? Bummer!


How fun your craft day sounds!! And homemade pretzels...what could be better?? I can't believe you are going to do all the book covers. But I'm so happy to see what comes my way. Can't wait to get moving on the tags. I don't think I have ever read the book all the way through. Might have to start!


That food sounds scrumptious. Doubt anyone went away hungry.

Hope you and Sugarwings had fun! Maybe as soon as she can reliably use a computer she can help do the listing while you sort the paper? Hey, as long as you dream, might as well make it a good one!

kathy lowry

WOW both the fun and food and friendship - + creating =
yummy times -- Love Little ALice -- Gotta get busy on mine also -- Kathy - ga ♥


I've turned into Homer Simpson and am sitting here thinking of your scrummy munchies and making 'mmmm' sounds!

love your tags, you, Andrea and Jen Hayslip all have such unique styles in the work you do, and I love seeing them.


Your Alice artwork is just wonderful! You are so clever with your designs. Have fun!


Oh, craft day sounds fun -- food, friends, art - does it get better than that? I'm hoping to do my Alice tags this weekend. Will be excited to see all the others!


Sounds like another fun craft day. I was just over at Mary's and she said it was great. Love the tags! I found a vintage piece of ephemera the other day that looks like the queen of hearts from one of the old Alice books. Hope you have a great evening.


how fun is craft day?! the funnest! sounds yummy, too.



Hi Karla,
I wish I lived closer to you to join in on your
craft day!! It sounds like it was so much fun
and I love your Alice tags. What great "goodies"
to nibble on while crafting too!!!


Stephanie O.

Karla...So excited to join your swap that I had to blog about it today. You are so kind to give your time to host it!

JoAnn Salyers

Hi Karla, i love your idea of the vintage red roses wallpaper, neat idea. would love to join a swap sometime lol yours look great, can hardly wait to see entire collection and book covers. hugs JoAnn S


These are AMAZING!!!! Looks like a wonderful SWAP. I will watch for future SWAPS on your BLOG:)

Take Care,


Joyce Gilpin


My gal pal, Beth tells me you've been sick. I just wanted to come by and tell you to get better soon....and that I'm thinking of you. I guess it was the Frozen Charlotte flu...right? = ) Well...whatever it was or is...I hope you are all better now.

Take care....


P.S. I'm sad that Miss Frenchie's has been cancelled. Now I won't get to see you. = (

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