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February 15, 2010



Karla, that is a beautiful tradition!!!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, I LOVE your tradition!! It is so beautiful. I agree that the little things are so important! I am glad you all had such a nice day :)
Love and hugs,

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Family traditions are the best and are looked forward to by all members.I think they are important too.
I have been married 38 years and I know my hubby does little things for me all the time, and I do lots of little things for his comfort and happiness too.Its just part of what makes 38 years later still work for us.
Have a great day !

Susan Freeman

I agree, the little gestures, especially when made day to day, are what keep love alive!

Susan and Bentley

Kerryanne English

I agree with you Karla ~ a relationship is all about the little things we do. I still put little love notes in my hubby's lunch box - LOL.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


It is the little things that keep a good marriage! Love your toad in the hole valentines breakfast!! I just got done making some wisconsin beer cheese soup and pretzels for tomorrow!! Now let's hope I don't eat them all before craft day :) See you tomorrow!


Cute little heart toast! Just wanted to invite you over to my week long giveaway!


Thanks for your comment on my blog. I visit yours alot and love your art work. Sugarwings is so pretty. We are lucky to have granddaughters.I babysit mine 4 days a wk and dont get anything done much. Sally


what a lovely Valentine's Day! Love the breakfast. I should have made more of an effort really, rather than booting my husband out to visit his mum! She's a widow, and I thought that even though my late FIL wasn't the most romantic of men, she'd feel the loss of him more. I was fine with my little Humbug, we had an afternoon tea, and I even made Red Velvet cupcakes. My first time and they turned out well!

Love, love, love the portraits in the previous post. What a wonderful idea. And Sugarwings' artwork is fabulous. I love seeing what children come up with. I find that if they have a crafty example (i.e you) then it makes them more creative. My little one loves nothing more than getting handy with the glitter and glue, mainly mixing it up together, but this is a treat for her. You can imagine how the house looks afterwards!! ha ha ha!


A heartshape breakfast. Now why didn't I think of that! And you are so right, if you are only 'romantic' and 'nice' to each other on Valentine's day, it is not going to work. I didn't get confirmation on my sign up for the Alice swap, I hope you got my email.

LiLi M.

Yes you are totally right! After 30 years those little gestures, a hug and a smile are most important!


congrats on your almost 30 years of marriage! WOW, you don't look old enough.....I will celebrate 32 years tomorrow! :D and yes......it IS the little things...:D deb

Kitty ~ Reflections From The Stone Nest

Yes, I do love the little gestures. Part of hubby's valentine's day was a Hallmark card that you record your voice. He absolutely loved it. Something so small, but made him so happy. :) :) :)

Congrats on your blog anniversary. My 3 years is coming up in a few months.


kathy lowry

kATHY - GA ♥

Suz Reaney

We are moving toward thirty-seven and never forget Valentine's Day. I still love my husband so much.

The little day to day things mean a lot...sometimes we e-mail each other during the day. Jud has this new love of poetry and if I see something I like, I send it off to him with a few xoxoxo's

Did Donna get ahold of you for the tag swap? I hope so! I know Lynn R. did because I see you badge on your site. I am really busy right now but would not miss it!!!

Lorraine Bell

Morning Karla..you are so right..it`s the little things that count...just like ..dont sweat the small stuff .. have a good day...Lorraine

Suzanne Duda

lucky me!!!


What wonderful stories of your family's day of romance. Thank you for sharing.

Oooooh, and thanks for the marriage tip: "small kindnesses like these are what keep you married for 30 years!" Always a good reminder.


How lovely! I imagine your house is filled with love and pretty -- and not just on Valentine's Day!

Michele Askeroth

I am so excited to join in the fun with the Alice and Wonderland tag book. I will get mine to you by the date specified. Thanks for doing it. Check out my blog if you wish. I am sure we have a lot in common. askmichelesomethingspecial.blogspot.com

Maija Lepore

What an extra special Valentines Day your family gets to celebrate!! Congrats on all the love!


Beautiful Alice and millinery!

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