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February 22, 2010



You bet I'd love to make some Alice tags. At least, attempt to.
I don't know how you do it all.
I know you'll enjoy your time alone with no time schedule.
I am amazed with your blog.



Well Karla....... Time does fly when you're having fun! Busy is Best I say ;o)

I'd absolutely love to have some of your fabulous GOODIES. They are the sweetest.

Happy for Sugarwings and her Daddy!



Would love to be included in the giveaway please!!


Dee Ann

Hi Karla,
Hope you enjoy your time alone to relax and recharge in your studio. Please count me in on the giveaway.
thank you.


I am so glad you get a Sugarwings fix...especially when that means WE get a Sugarwings fix :)...Love the little ballerina candle holders, so sweet :) Have a great week!


Wow it's hard to believe Easter is almost here! I can't wait to see the pics Carol takes and the magazine!!! You are so sweet hosting a baby shower for me :) We'll have fun I'm sure with plenty of food. Now to get finished on my Alice tags!

JoAnn S

I am glad you get to have some time with Sugarwings. Its hard when they leave the nest. Just remember you are lucky they are still in the same area!! mine are tooooo far away.grrrr You have taken on a big job in the Alice project, can hardly wait to see it finished. hugs JoAnn S

Michele Askeroth

Wow you sound as busy as I am. I think it is wonderful of you to do the tag thing and the february giveaway. I would love your little giveaway. Please put me in the running.


everything Alice is a great theme right now. would love a chance to win. love those ballerinas!

Rochelle Gaukel

Looking forward to seeing all the tags that the other bloggers send in too!
Cheers for a productive day!


I would love to win some Alice goodies - please put my name in the hat for a chance of winning your lovely goodies!

Thanks so much, Karla.



Honestly, Karla, I'll bet we're all just having so much fun peeking at (and marveling at) all your activity that no one noticed the giveaway thing. And, goodness, you have so many, who can keep track?! I'm sorry to hear you have a lousy cold. I am impressed that you are able to function and create when you do! (I am a big baby when I'm sick and all I want to do is wallow. Things of beauty? Forget it!)


I think you have the coolest things! I love your little helper, you can't go wrong with your sweet helper.


Ouch!! Colds are no fun. On top of everything else, too. That you can even type says much for your willpower. Hope you feel better from the "week off". Remember, spring is coming!

75?? Wow, that did grow quite a bit more than 60. You have an amazing following of friends to gather that much interest. What a treat for everyone involved, including those of us who get to watch the pictures evolve here. ;->


Oh, I would SO love to create a few fun Alice tags with those fabulous goodies! And those little glitter critters are absolutely WONDERFUL!!!


So many lovely treasures - and so many already sold!


I have never been to one of your give-aways!! I am sure glad that I am here now!!! Lovely things.

Maybe things will slow down enough for you to get a good second wind!

Love your shop!



I can't wait for the tag swap, I love all the easter goodies too!

Wanda Contreras

Dear Karla:
First of all, hope you feel better soon. I love to be enter on the giveaway and I'm going to look at your store to see if my hubby buy me something.

best regards,

Wanda Contreras
(Every day I'm more and more in love with my mannequin. My husband just bought me an antique dress form and I've them close to each other and both of them look amazing!!!)


Wow!! You've been busy. Me too... I feel like I missed out on so many wonderful posts in the last couple of weeks.
I hope your feeling better.
I absolutely love the tag.
Have a wonderful day.
Cari b.

Karen Mathews

Greeting from Ireland. What a busy lady you are. I have just found your wonderful blog and will be checking in regularly to see your fab creations.


Hi Karla,
I'm trying to catch up again on your Blog. I do hope
your feeling much better!!!
Ohhhhhh yesssssssss, I would love an Alice Tag kit!
The glitter animals are cute!! I so enjoy your creativity!!
Hugs to You, Sugarwings and Sugarwings Dad,



Someday I SWEAR I'll win a giveaway! Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy everything!

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