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February 27, 2010


LiLi M.

Great photo of the two girls, I love how you captured the expression on Pixie Pie's face. Twinks looks simply adorable. Have a nice weekend!

Sherry Williams

Such adorable little fairies with their new wings!! Twinks is adorable, too & how nice that she is expecting little fairy babies!

Sea Witch

My heart is always filled with joy and a smile reaches from ear to ear whenever you have Sugarwings photos and stories. I always think of my sweet granddaughters when I see your posts. Blessings. Sea witch

Beth Leintz

Twinkle sure cleaned up nice- she is bee-you-tif-ful.


As usual, there is great joy at your house. All of the girls look so adorable! Sounds like Valentines day was a great success! Congrats Twinks!


Awww...springtime puppies, congratulations! All 3 girls look darling!


Also, like one post above, My heart just smiles when I see a picture of SugarWings and this picture is so adorable with the 2 of them playing together with their new Sparkly Wings...

Twinkle is so adorable too....she is so pretty with that bow in her hair and Congrats on her bing pregnant..


Love those Sugar Wings and Pixie Pie pictures! I wish us big girl could wear pretty fairy wings, but I'm afraid my family would institutionalize me!

Stay warm,


congrats to Twinks. The girls look so cut in their fariy wings.


How fun! Everything is so "Girly" on these pics. I love girly things and wanted lots of girls, when I was having children. Bows, ribbons, sparkles...they are so much fun.
I love your other baby is about to have babies. Enjoy the precious new puppies when they come too. :+)


Karla, your little fairy girls look like they are having a wonderful time in their brand spanking new wings...and Twinks looks beautiful indeed with her new 'do...i hope you are having a super fabulous weekend!!!


Hi Karla,
What lovely pictures of the very special girls in your life!!
Love the fairy wings and Twinkle is quite the fashionable
Mama to be. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! : )


how cute are both your little fairie and pixie!.....they are lucky to have each other to play with.....and you are SO lucky to have them........Twinkle looks great, too! :D deb


I understand the grooming issues! I have 2 Havanese and it's really alot of work and takes so much time..... time aways from our "creative-ness".

Can't wait for my goodies to arrive! Thanks Karla for your speedy shipping.

Ruth ;)


Hi Sweet Karla! The pups are so pretty...my kids are mange-y looking with all the snow and dirt! When are the babies coming? What fun!!! Your Friend, Bobbi


Awww! Your pup is going to be a mum again!!! I can't wait to see the pictures of your new additions!


How blessed you are to have a house of faeries!!!


Cute wings on cute girls! Plus matching cuteness that is dorkies!

Susan Freeman

What a lucky little girl Sugarwings is! You make every moment so magical for her and for her friends. I admire you!! Bentley had a visit from our mobile groomer on Friday. He really hates being groomed, but he looks so cute when he is done. Twinkle is as cute as can be. I am so looking forward to seeing her pups! Wish you lived closer!

Susan and Bentley

Michele Askeroth

Hi there Karla, That is a familiar site as I have 6 granddaughters all 7 and under. We have lots of fairy wings around. Please come visit my brand new scrapbooking paper crafting blog. I am having a brand new giveaway with lots of scrapbooking goodies.

Michele Askeroth

Forgot to give you the link for the new blog. askmichelespecialpaperprojects.blogspot.com or you can get to it from Something Special. thanks

Ashley Schott

You're little puppy is sure cute but I think those girls have her beat:) They are just too precious with those wings!

I also wanted to let you know I'm having my first giveaway if you'd like to check it out:)
Hope you're having a great weekend!


Well all of your "girls" look wonderful. Nothing like a quick makeover to make a girl feel special.


Jean Eakin

Twinks is so so pretty with her new bow. I have trimmed Or hacked on my Maggie mae and then when our groomer would see her when I would take her to doggie play day he told me not to quit my day job. I just couldn't beleive he did not think I had doggie grooming talent. I love the girls fairy wings too. Have a wonderful evening,
Jean in Virginia


There is nothing cuter than fairy babies and furry friends. I putting up a sneak peek at my tags tomorrow if you want to take a peek before I finish them up and ship them out to you. This was a fun challenge. I hope you have a really great week.


The "fairies" are so cute and love the furry friends! I need to take Oliver to have him groomed -- he hates having me brush him!


What a lovely picture!
I send you an email regarding the Alice tag book swap. Did you get it?


Pretty darned adorable no matter who does the cut!

Rochelle Gaukel

Twinkles is adorable...oh, and so are the two little girls! :)


The girlies look magical, as does the pup!!! I love it!


Oh...I like the little furry princess too!

Suz Reaney

Oh, Karla...I am so sorry you are sick! Please feel better soon.

I love my charlottes. I can't even explain how they made me feel! Everyone who does vintage art has charlottes, right? I am so excited thinking about what to create. As usual, I gasped when I saw how you had wrapped them...always do.

We have a new blog. Come and see us if you feel able. It's still a little rough around the edges but I was so excited.


Karla, I heard you were down for the count! Take care f yourself, really you take on way too much girlfriend. You must slow down...feel better soon. Hugs, Diane

LiLi M.

Beth told me that you caught the nasty charlotte bug, now that doesn't sound good. You know that you have to take at least two full spoons of glitter a day. Beware of vintage millinery you'd better send that right off to someone who is resistent to that bug (me).
And living amongst more than 10 roles of vintage wallpaper isn't good for you too, but we both know that you would never gather such a ridiculous amount. ;-)
Take care Karla, I would love to see you back here asap!


Well.... I just have to post this. If you haven't shopped with Karla's Cottage, you are missing out! Just received my goodies and what a treat!!
The sweetest packaging ever! I'll be posting photos of my treasures on my blog.

Thanks and Hugs Karla..... Ruth ;)

Jennifer Hayslip

Awwww...your lil fairies play the part so well! So sweet of you to even let your Dorkies have some extra pampering! ;) Have a wonderful week! Big hugs! Jenn


Heard you've been sick and just had to stop by to give you some get well wishes. Hope you're on the mend now...it sounds like a nasty bug!
Oh yeah...thanks so much for the charlottes...they were wrapped adorably...I'm sorry they gave you charlotte flu. :)


Karla, i just read at Beth's that you are sick...i am sorry to hear that...i hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Karen Young

Karla, I heard you were ill and I want to well wishes to you. I hope you are feeling better soon. Just rest and take good care of yourself.

Hugs Karen


oh no! I just read Lori's comment and see that you are not feeling well! I just scooted over to Beths blog and see you are really sick! I hope you are starting to feel better! Sick is NO FUN!


Hi Karla

Just read on Beth's blog that you weren't feeling well. Hope that all is well and you are starting to mend.

Got my Charlotte's in the mail today - AWESOME!!

Big Hugs and warm wishes!


Hi, Karla - hope you're back on your feet and glittering everything in sight soon. Get well!


Hurry and get well. Lawrence Memorial isn't the place for you, you belong back at home among all your treasures. I'm sure Sugarwings and Twinks miss you terribly! All my best wishes are coming at ya...


Hey Karla! I pray that you are back to your normal "sweet" self, feeling better and getting pampered!
As you can see from all the comments we love and miss you!


oh my goodness, are you STILL getting snow???
Twinks looks awesome, and the girls look like they are having so much fun!
xoxo, Tiffany


I hear from Beth that you aren't feeling too chipper.

I had been checking your blog every day and knew something was up when you went "missing in action"........

Feel better soon, ok?


So sorry that you are not feeling up to par!! As one of my boys' fave childhood books was entitled "It's no fun to be sick"!
Take care; feel better soon!

Jane Palmer

Karla, we all miss you so much! Hope you're on the mend and feeling much better very soon!
Jane - Jacksonville


Miss ya so much! Get well soon..... Very soon!
Ruth ;)


Hi sweet Karla!
Here I was going to leave you a silly note about my withdrawls from your blog and then when I went to visit Beth, I find out you are sick!
Take your vitamins and do everything the doctor tells you to do! (my mother-hen coming out)
You are greatly missed but that is because we all love you and want you to feel better!
hugs! karen....


I know Beth is calling it the frozen charlotte flu but maybe its the "I made too many Alice things and now I'm faaallling down the rabbit hole ailment"
hee! hee! Just being silly!
Get well!

Michele (Mitzi) Hargis

Noticed you were missing in action. I was surprised. You are a faithful blogger! I read Beth's blog and found out that you are ill. I hope all is going well and that you are back home with your family. I received my little Charlottes Monday. Thanks so much, they are adorable. Mitzi


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