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February 08, 2010


Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love the pictures, very sweet suggestions !
Sugarwings looks like her Daddy!
Have a great week


Oh Karla! I can just imagine how sad you are to not have Sugarwings living with you!! It is for the best, I'm sure, but ugh!

Your home is beautiful! I love the stairs! They look great! I'm sure your segment will be great. How wonderful that you were asked to do that!!

Just received the little scrap pack of wallpaper pieces I ordered from you. They are just beautiful. Thank you so much!


Karla, your home looks gorgeous...and very romantic...i can't imagine how much you are going to miss having Sugarwings and her daddy living with you!!!


It will be an adjustment to them leaving..on many levels, I'm sure. But comforting to know they'll be nearby. Besides Sugarwings, are you going to miss your son's cooking the most? ;-)


I Love your display of milk glass...I did a post last week about how I can't figure out a good way to display mine!! Love your stairway!


Thanks for the inside look at your Valentine's Day decorating tips. Your home looks (looked?) dreamy and romantic.

Yeah, dust does have a way of collecting no matter how fast and furious we battle it. At least when it collects on your dried flowers they make a convenient holder for dispensing in the trash. ;->

Glad to hear that while SugarWings and her daddy have moved out they will still be an active part of your life. It is obvious she loves the magic of your home and its resident magic-maker: Karla.


your home is so beautiful...I love your stairs! Did you hand paint the roses, or is it wallpaper? is it even possible to put wallpaper there? LOVELY house....:D deb

Suz Reaney

I am so sad about Sugarwings but I know it is the right thing. I know you will miss the daily connection but nothing will ever erase how deeply connected the two you are.

I adore the angel wings on your chandy. I have never seen anything like that! You do the cleverest things!

I am going to watch daily for the paper...


Awww, that is so sad little Sugarwings is moving out.
The flowers in the sheet music covered pot is darling!


I've enjoyed looking at all
your beautiful pictures of
your home and what you have
been up to. Your home is
filled with love and SugarWings.

sherry goodloe

Awwww, SugarWings won't be living there any longer :( But you're right . . . it's a good move with her daddy, and you'll still get to see her.

LOVE your decorations/style. Such eye-candy!


Your home is so very romantic and cozy. Very beautiful.


your home is so beautiful..I just want to curl up on the chair, cup of tea and a good book...take care..you are such a caring grandmother..


Hi Karla- thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment! This is my first time visiting your blog- and I love it! What a beautiful home you have! I'm looking forward to reading more!


It will be good for daughter and daddy...but that doesn't lessen your pain. You have gotten so used to having them around all the time...Your Valentine ideas look stunning!


Praying for you as you come to a new reality of time together with Sugarwings...what sweet weekly reunions you will have :) You have a special treasure in her, and she has a special treasure in you...it's a precious gift to the heart when love works both ways :)

Kerryanne English

It all looks lovely Karla but I especially like those terracotta pots - magic!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


You know what has struck me lately? Life goes along at a pretty good clip, things remaining the same, you've just gotten used to the day in - day out banter and then Poof! Big change! It seems more-so since I've turned 50. I'm 53 and have had more changes in my life in these past 3 years then the 15 that were before it!! That pic of your son and Sugarwings is just gorgeous. It's funny how your heart will ache but you'll feel happy - all at the same time.

Stay warm! - Kathy


much to say, but with fidgety noises coming from the room next door, I know I have to be quick!

Your home is simply enchanting, and your Valentine tips simple and perfect.

The book arrived today! Thank you so much. I must compliment the speedy delivery. I ordered a few things within the UK last Monday, and they have not arrived yet!!!! So I am impressed. Even more impressed with the book and the way it was wrapped.So lovely. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I must tell you, when Humbug goes for her Rest & Relaxation time each day, she takes a few bits with her. Naught-Nee her pink and white cat, a few other toys, magazines and a few books. Everything is carefully selected, she wants things that will interest her and keep here awake. Anything to avoid a snooze! (This is fine, it's R&R time rather than nap time). Today she took her new Grumpy Fairy book. I'd already read it to her, and she wanted to take it so she could peruse at leisure! As Sugarwings is about the same age, I know you can relate to how significant this is!

So thank you again, I am very pleased with it, but more importantly, so is my little Ratbag


Gorgeous, Karla -- that flower pot especially rocks! I bought some of those wings and I sure wish I could remember where I got them, because I'd go back a lot more!

Your house will be a quieter place right now. But I know her visits will be all the more sweet!


Thanks for coming by and letting me know that you are a beat up faux painter also!!!! I see touches of faux around your pretty home.

Your boutique is full of wonderful things!!!


lisa mcilvain

That would be so cool to see the segment on your blog. I've seen fifi tv, this could be karla tv! Love all of the tips. I didn't realize Sugarwings & Daddy lived with you, I just thought you cared for her during the day or something. I'm sure you will miss her, and her you. I'm sure that night she stays over will be filled with all kinds of fun stuff! Lisa


Karla, your home looks lovely as always! I've done the lights in the birdcage thingy, too, and it is so easy. My kind of decorating! I know how you are feeling with Sugarwings moving out, I've been there. I always say, "You cry when they leave, you cry when they come back!". That has happened to me twice. It always makes you feel abit empty, but you actually CAN get so much more accomplished. Just focus on that.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Zita-Mlle Magpie

Your home epitomizes romantic decorating, Karla. I wish I could see the tv segment - maybe you could do a little video of it for all of us who would love to see it. p.s. it's nice that Sugarwings will still be close by.

Cami @ Creating Myself

Oh Karla, your Valentine's decor is over the top beautiful...love the subtle, yet festive touches!

It'll be a hard transition for you (& Sugarwings too, bless her heart) but you'll both appreciate the times you spend together even more. As well as the time you have apart. ;o) I know... I've been there, done that.

Ashley Schott

That staircase is the prettiest thing ever!!! So much gorgeous things... sigh:)

Valentines Flowers

Beautiful. Simple yet elegant. Now you just gave me an idea what to do next Valentines

Michael@ barn plans

I love your designs, looks really elegant. The dining room is so gorgeous, the chandelier is just perfect.

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